Friday, November 8, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"The most deadly and cancerous disease of the soul is lust, though we as the children of God fight against it through our faith in the blood of Jesus, yet it can be kept at bay only when we choose to die daily to the intense craving we have within the flesh. If we live by the craving of the Spirit of God, the craving of the flesh loses its control over us. Feed your flesh now and then, you will keep fighting against it. Starve the flesh, you will be free from the deadly lust that destroys our soul and its spiritual power to rule over every area of our lives. We died to the flesh when we received Christ in to our lives and have become alive to God forever in our position towards Him. But when we die daily to the lust of the flesh, eyes and pride of life, we keep the flesh at death without giving it any power to control us. God is not just pleased by our mental assent we give to what we hear from the Word of God that creates faith, but rather the completion of the faith which He has started that gets accomplished when we work in partnership with Him to finish that which He has started for us. Faith is just a seed that God gives, but the finished product is not just the tree but the fruit that comes out of it. What God gives us are seeds in the Word of God, it is up to us to produce the fruits and give it all as a gift back to God and receive rewards that stays with us for eternity as we cooperate with Him. May our only desire in this life is to live a life fully pleasing to God in all things!" — Abraham Israel

"The heaven sized void within humans kept by Him in order to know Him and be in relationship with Him cannot be filled with earth sized dirt. Those who know the eternal God through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, will never be satisfied with the earthly and temporal life because they have a foretaste of it on earth itself of what is in store for them in the times to come! Only those hearts which are filled with righteousness, joy and peace which are the heavenly byproducts of living a kingdom life will look up with eternal expectation of the life to come, others can only look down to find the emptiness within remain in their lives despite trying to keep it filled with temporal earth dirt and its deception. Only the God who kept the eternal void in the heart of humans, to fill it with Himself when humans choose Him over self can be able to satisfy humans and keep them filled and overflowing with satisfaction always as they choose to keep themselves in Him who satisfies eternally." — Abraham Israel

"When you love God and are still struggling in your day to day life and find it impossible to fit in to this world, you are right in your your spiritual perception, you do not fit in to this world because you were never made by God for this world but for the glorious world to come. For you to get successful in the life to come through being rewarded and glorified eternally, you are trained now by God in this present world through both the good things and bad things that happen in your life. So be a good boxer against your flesh, be a hard working farmer with the seed of the word of God to sow constantly in your heart to make it consistently grow in the soil of your heart of faith and reap still more fruits and gifts to harvest the crop. Also be a good soldier in disciplining yourself to pray consistently and finally be a good athlete to train yourself to hear the voice of God and obey it more and more to achieve great spiritual muscle growth and agility to be the champion God wants you to be for the Glory of God. Above all be a bee to look for the positive nectar within whatever flowers you see in the midst of waste piles, instead of being a fly to look for a rotting garbage to sit on it and carry the sickening spiritual viruses and bacteria of worry, sin, back-biting, gossip, lust, bring death to other people who come in to contact with you, instead of spreading the beautiful abundant life of Jesus Kingdom which is peace, joy and righteousness to others constantly." — Abraham Israel

"The only place in the entire universe where you can choose to be still is in God, no matter how big the storm is. When you give your pieces to God, He gives you His very peace that passes all your finite understanding! God is peaceful at all times, no matter what kind of temporal storm that rages, History is HIS-STORY where He is the beginning and the end. That same eternal peace is what He gives us personally and keeps us safe for eternity ahead. We fear none, when we know that the God who controls the storms of our life from going beyond our capacity to bear it, is also in control of every part of our lives existence by empowering us to overcome by faith and succeed eternally to make us live as His dear children on earth for His Glory. GLORY!" — Abraham Israel

"Faith and fear do not go together. Where one is present, the other hates to stay for long. Faith overcomes fear when the word of God becomes the weapon on which we depend upon. Fear overcomes faith when our self-will and the ideas of the world remains the weapon we use to try to overcome it. Fear of failure is the side effect, but the main cause is fear itself which was allowed by us because of the wrong weapons of belief we use to drive it out of sight. As much as faith is a spiritual force, fear is also a spirit of fear. When we confess and agree with the word of God saying within us, that God has given us not the spirit of fear but the spirit of love, power and of a sound mind, we will remain fearless. To remain fearless, keep using the word of God as your weapon for victory and celebration of faith over fear. May your faith prevail and all fear cease to exist for the Glory of God in your life!" — Abraham Israel

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