Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When ever the world hate us it is because they hate God first, but Jesus has become our peace by declaring our good future in spite of the bad present all around in this peace less world which is ruled by Satan and his demonic cohorts. Because Jesus overcame the world of Satan and his deception completely, we as His followers need not fight against the world to claim victory again as we are already under God's Kingdom rulership. But rather we only need to stand by faith in the victory of Jesus who actually overcome the world on behalf of us as our substitute. As Jesus is in us and with us, the world can never be able to defeat and overcome us. Now what is our victory then? It is nothing but our faith. Our faith is our victory. We need to boldly stand by faith in the victory of Jesus over the world. We do not fight to win again over the world, but declare by faith that they can never defeat us, and then see the demonic enemies flee under the authority of our command in Jesus name because of our faith in the Word of God. Once we declare the truth of Jesus to be the actual reality, it shatters the lies of the devil and reinstates the fact of the victory of Jesus on the Cross to become as real as once again done in the present time over the world. Each time the Cross is lifted up, the defeated world under the leadership of Satan steps backward, and we along with Jesus step forward to enjoy the freedom that comes through the authority of heaven." — Abraham Israel

"What the world reads upside down the Christian reads it downside up because the world government ruled under Satan and his demonic cohorts have inverted the salvation message so that the blinders will not come off the eyes of people for them to come and experience the Kingdom of God and its glorious liberty. But thank God for the witnesses of Jesus like us who are his saints around the world, we are turning the world upside down again because we see from heaven's perspective that the world is downside up and needs a downturn by the power of the Holy Spirit." — Abraham Israel

"The very center of the Bible clearly portrays a picture of the very purpose of the Book in no uncertain terms by saying that it is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. Men die and cannot fulfill their word that they have given to someone, but when we have trusted God for something, we can be sure that God will keep us alive and well even just to fulfill our desire and expectation because we have trusted in Him and Him alone. What a confidence we have when we are trusting God for anything and everything!" — Abraham Israel

"If we know that all our sins have been carried on to perfect finish on the Cross where God accepted Jesus sinless sacrifice on behalf of us and declared the bad Friday in human terms to become good Friday in God's term where He promised never to remember our sins anymore, then because of the finished work of Jesus we can choose not to carry the guilt of our sins, faults, failures, weaknesses and besetting sins upon ourselves but unload it all to Jesus who is our Eternal High Priest and Mediator of the New Covenant we are in by confessing to Him that we have sinned and then believe that His blood has cleansed us from all sins. That is a full stop to all curses of the earth and we can start afresh each time by the grace of God to conquer sin and its evil effects of sickness which leads to death both spiritually and physically. Like Jesus rose from the death by the quickening power of the Holy Spirit and walked away as though nothing has happened to Him actually, like that we can choose to rise up in Jesus name every time we are oppressed by sin and death to draw near to God as though nothing has happened and receive all the blessings of heaven as though we deserve it all the way. We owe it all to Jesus!" — Abraham Israel

"It is not just enough to say that Jesus died and rose again for me, but it is equally important to declare and make it a resonating reality within us by saying that I shall arise and will live with Him for the Glory of God forever and ever. Life is more of a living reality than death to all Christians who are followers of Jesus." — Abraham Israel

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"We can neither make our self holy nor keep our self holy except by receiving the true grace of God. The true grace of God that comes from God in heaven is that which gives us the spiritual immunity power to oppose and overcome all evil wickedness of the world, Satanic deception and our own sinful self. Even though unholiness surrounds us like pond of water around a lotus flower and tries to drown us within it all the time, as God's children under His grace we will be focused towards the sunshine of Jesus and reveal the Glory of God to all those around us which will make people marvel to see that the water that touches us could not drown us as we stand apart by grace. This true holiness is not attained by our effort, but it comes to us by the power of heaven that works from within us when we increase in our faith through the Word of God and it keeps us spiritually intact by acting from inside out. True holiness does not come to us from outside in, but rather inside out." — Abraham Israel

"Our test for the authenticity of a born-again experience and the assurance of it within our heart can only be know by ourselves when we start to hate the sin which we once loved, hate the world and its passing glory and hate our self for the sin nature within us that tries to operate through us and bring us back in to its bondage. If ever we want to test whether we have the true faith of salvation? By the change in our behavior and the assurance that comes by the Word through the Holy Spirit, can only help us stay concretely in the hope of eternal life that God has promised to all those who love Him, live for Him and let their light shine for Him. God never takes back the gift of salvation once He gives, but we should make sure that we have received the gift by believing the Son of God Jesus Christ who is the Savior for the whole world! Never stop short of the assurance of salvation, because it costs as much as eternity if we miss it!" — Abraham Israel

"Prosperity Gospel is truly for those spiritual dummies who are prone to wander seeking earthly things with an perishable earthly focus always, the true Gospel of grace is for the spiritual dons who seek for heavenly things using their earthly life for the service of God and continue to collect imperishable heavenly treasure with heavenly focus always in their foresight." — Abraham Israel

"No human born on this planet earth since the beginning of the creation of it can ever miss God's eternal friendship and salvation from sin if only they had looked for Him in gratefulness of heart for the beautiful life and all the blessings that He had provided for them when they were alive. In others words, no human can ever say to God when he meets Him after death, nobody told me about you because his very heartbeat brings the consciousness of a eternal God holding Him alive on earth, as the very breathe that he breathes is something of God's miraculous working from within him. God has set the eternity of God's Spirit within Him to make Him inquire of God, but man's own schemes to replace God within him with himself always leads his life to eternal destruction. If God's Spirit chooses to withdraw Himself from humans, immediately breathe would stop and the body of dust will return to the ground from which it was taken by God in the beginning to create our forefathers and then through them decree has been given supernaturally to procreate us through their intimacy within a marriage. Are we looking for God in this life, or are we replacing God with our own selfish schemes of religion, materialism, atheism, terrorism, casteism, etc...which are all hell bound for eternity? Those who search for God in everything that happens and have happened, will find God's wondrous activities in everything that are going to happen in their lives, because God has promised to reveal Himself to all who search for Him sincerely! Look for God's thumb print in everything and you will find the reflection of God through everything that He has done for His Glory." — Abraham Israel

"Repentance towards God turns us from kingdom of Satan to the Kingdom of God once and for all time. Appropriating the power of the Cross helps us free ourselves of the burdens of our own selfish life to share the lighter burden of Jesus through getting yoked with Him. Then following Jesus path of self-denial and cross-carrying daily moment by moment to stay in the will of God makes us hold on to the right narrow but steady path of heaven's pilgrim journey to experience on earth itself the eternal life of God in heaven and stay assured that we are moving rightly towards our eternal home in heaven. The road ahead may not be easy for all the followers of Jesus, but the foretaste of victory and the view from the heaven's perspective once realized, makes us move steadily towards the eternal benefits and the glorious positions of crowns that are awaiting for each one of us which far outweighs the temporal discomfort of our pilgrim journey and the small sacrifices we make in our earthly life to achieve the eternal dream become a reality for eternity ahead. We do not work for salvation, we work by salvation to eternal victory, honor, glory and satisfaction by walking pleasing to God through faith! You can never miss the narrow road which leads to all the benefits of eternal life when you do not just work for Jesus, but rather work with Jesus, day in and day out until the very end of your life on earth." — Abraham Israel

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"For every Christian faith is the beginning of the supernatural life in God and death is the end of that supernatural life to enter in to a heavenly life that will be naturally supernatural. Death is not the end of a Christians life, but just a beginning of stepping in to the reward for all that he has ever worked and lived and fought for to gain it. Death crown a Christian as he shouts back to it with a last laugh, 'Where is your sting O death?' and then enters in to an eternal rest in God which is full of bliss, serenity and tranquility of a eternally undisturbed joy, peace and righteousness which only the Kingdom of God pervades. Between one's faith and death is the race of faith which is set for all believers by God so that without partiality together they as God's sons and daughters could divide the uncountable eternal riches of God among themselves in hierarchy based on their performance on earth that will qualify them to deserve it for eternity ahead. The tools given for the race is quite simple, prayer for empowerment, a life to demonstrate and a test to evaluate oneself. As each of us believers use these tools for living abundant life that Jesus promised, automatically we will be collecting eternal riches in heaven on our account to spend and indulge in it for eternity ahead! O what a privilege God has given us to inherit His riches!" — Abraham Israel

"For all those who have believed to receive salvation, to them dying is gain because they have the assurance within them that a celestial reward from God for all the sacrificial work they have done for God is waiting for them personally, if God keeps them alive and well more and more each day they know within them that each day is an opportunity for them to let Christ work Himself out through them to acquire more reward, honor and glory for the Glory of God spiritually on earth for their future life of bliss in heaven with God." — Abraham Israel

"The miracle of praise resonates only in the land of the living, so with a thankful heart and praising lips let God be glorified for the breath in your nostrils today. Cause when you think deeply, you will come to realize that the gift of life sustained by the breath in our nostrils is the greatest gift from God individually to all of us who are alive on this side of the universe, without it life itself will come crashing to an halt on earth. Praise God until death because the more you do the more God comes to sit upon you and enthrone Himself upon your praise so that life itself will become an rehearsal of heaven on earth even before you enter it." — Abraham Israel

"The gospel of health and wealth that only says, 'Sow your seed gift, tithe, sacrificial gift, partnership gift, one time gift, and so on and so forth [i.e. with all kinds of names and soulishly clever schemes saying that they are raising funds for God's ministry] and God will bless you with more money, things, cars and all kinds of things you desire to live a luxurious earthly life of extravagance, after all God wants His children to be blessed. With faith you give your money to the ministries, God will give good supernatural health to your family. Give money, give money, give money....give more money, give more money, give, give...and you will get.' What is wrong with this gospel, this gospel takes real God who is rich and worthy to be worshiped for who He is out of the picture and makes Him a money multiplying machine who needs to worshiped through your money so that He will give His favor to multiply your money and thus fulfill the desire of your soulish heart to indulge in all kind of earthly extravagance. Believing and walking with such belief will only make you greedy and covetous in your heart attitude, which will then make you constantly deplete in your spiritual life, and by desiring to become rich and richer constantly you will wander away from the faith and pierce yourself with many griefs. We cannot serve both God and money. If our heart is after money and riches, Satan has blinded us to serve him and his will to make us useless for God and His Kingdom. God allows Satan to use His anointing by allowing him to fill the anointed vessels of His with wrong motives when they desire it, and then use the same money to filter out His true servants followers who will follow Him where ever He leads them in His way and will. Those who truly receives the real highest blessing of God which is all the spiritual blessings of heaven from the Lord are those who have not lifted their heart unto vanity of living their best life now through the gospel of health and wealth, but rather live as a living sacrifice by giving their life, will and their physical bodies for God to use it the way He wants to, and thus living for His Glory by exhibiting His Glory through their lives on earth as it is in heaven. If you have not yet realized that through such gospel of health and wealth God has allowed His anointing to manifest in these end times to filter the mediocre from the hungry real spiritual people who want to live sold out to God as a slave and be a sacrifice now to inherit eternal riches of glory and honor, it is better to realize it now rather than latter because then it will be too late to repent back. Time will be no more once we die, as a believer we will receive the reward for what was done in our body whether good or bad. The true spiritual people are those who lift up their personal Cross of giving up their own will and seeking God's will to be done moment after moment. It is better to suffer with Him in His will now and later inherit His authority to reign in glory than to enjoy covetously all earthly blessing and have no treasure in heaven at all!!!" — Abraham Israel

"We can neither make our self holy nor keep our self holy except by receiving the true grace of God. The true grace of God that comes from God in heaven is that which gives us the spiritual immunity power to oppose and overcome all evil wickedness of the world, Satanic deception and our own sinful self. Even though unholiness surrounds us like pond of water around a lotus flower and tries to drown us within it all the time, as God's children under His grace we will be focused towards the sunshine of Jesus and reveal the Glory of God to all those around us which will make people marvel to see that the water that touches us could not drown us as we stand apart by grace. This true holiness is not attained by our effort, but it comes to us by the power of heaven that works from within us when we increase in our faith through the Word of God and it keeps us spiritually intact by acting from inside out. True holiness does not come to us from outside in, but rather inside out." — Abraham Israel

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Today's Bible Verse To Ponder Over

✞◎∂αƴ❝ṧ ฿їßℓε Ṽℯґṧℯ ✞ℴ ℙøηḓℯґ ϴṽ℮я :

"He who has knowledge spares his words." (Prov.17:27, NKJV).

"When there are many words, sin is unavoidable, but the one who controls his lips is wise." (Prov 10:19, HCSB). I believe the more we multiply words without thinking, there is always increase of sin. So thinking before we start to ink our words is good because words have power of life and death, once we speak we cannot take it back. When we feel like we want to speak out our opinion, that is the time we should ZIP....OUR MOUTH by the help of the Holy Spirit. Then ask the Holy Spirit to give enlightenment about it and only speak what is necessary by the help of the Holy Spirit who is our spiritual teacher who constantly teaches us to speak right, positive and life-giving words. May the Lord teach us as we maintain our teachable spirit by submitting to the ways of God which are progressively revealed by the Holy Spirit more and more as we grow closer to Him. Thanks and Blessings....

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God is never taken by surprise by our success and failures, righteousness and sinfulness, truth and lies, faith and unbelief though both extremes will marvel Him as we continue in it, courage and timidity, trust and fear, joy and sorrow, peace and confusion, good and bad, etc because everything about our life has been well planned by an all knowing God who did not allow us to come on earth by chance but rather by His choice. We are not an accident waiting to happen but rather a accomplishment waiting to be fulfilled by the hands of our Creator who has written every details of our lives in advance just to make sure that all His good plans to prosper us might come to pass by His all powerful hand of power working in and through us to accomplish it all in His time. By the way the God who knows everything and works with all power is also the God who is present everywhere at the same time to make sure that none of His plans get re-altered in the life of all His Children like you who are in Christ Jesus except that which is good, acceptable and perfect for your life as you pursue His will along with God hand in hand to fulfill that which ought to be fulfilled as foreordained by Him in your life for His Glory." — Abraham Israel

"Though the eyes of faith see not the actuality of fact it actually sees the reality of truth based on the promises of God that actually has the potential to make the the reality of truth to become soon a actuality of fact as God transforms the belief in to reality of life experience. Though we do not see God, because we see Him in our inner heart as believers in Christ Jesus who has made a way for us to experience God on earth itself through His Presence, God's contagious and glorious joy which cannot be expressed naturally becomes our supernatural evidence of the reality of God through His Presence so that people can understand by seeing our shining face gleaming with God's peace to know that we are speaking not a theory about God but an actual reality because for God even our past, present and future are the same as He lives outside of time in eternity but also lives in our heart to set that eternity within it to make us experience the eternal, immortal, invisible and all wise God within time space limitation of this earth. Those who experience God personally in their heart will not have even a single beat of boredom within it but rather only challenges of joy that become realty of truth through their lives!" — Abraham Israel

"Our soul needs reeducation through chastisement, tests and trials to stop depending on ourselves and our limited wisdom to instead trust and cling on to God and His wonderful wisdom to let ourselves be led through good times and bad times, to thus come out victoriously as an overcomer at the end of all our ordeals for the Glory of God. Remember, everything that causes for you pain now is something that God has allowed for you to gain unusual spiritual elevation and the eternal blessed hand of His special favor to be in a special way over your life." — Abraham Israel

"It is not what we do for God that brings increase in our life and ministry, but actually what God does for us, in us and through us that brings lasting fruit and great increase in our earthly activities done for God, and accumulation of an eternal reward in heaven proportional to our faithfulness on earth in obedience to fulfill what God has told us to do." — Abraham Israel

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Every one of us as believers in Christ Jesus must understand that we need no self-improvement to attain holiness in our Christian lives because we are already complete in Christ Jesus, instead a renewal of our soul is necessary so that a transformation in our thinking might make the reality of that spiritual completeness in Christ to be seen by others as a testimony to bring glory to God for what Christ could do through our earthly lives. If a glass of water is complete and full, we could do nothing to refill it again. We could do nothing to make ourselves more holy in our Christian lives than what we are already in Christ Jesus, so the positional holiness becomes active holiness once we let ourselves work out what Jesus works in by believing who we are already in Him when ever the need for identity of expression arises to stay in that place of holiness where Christ has already attained on our behalf. If we confess to ourselves, 'I am complete in Christ Jesus,' then our faith becomes our righteousness for sanctification and holiness without which no one can see the activities of God in their lives and through their lives on earth as it is in heaven. Because we are already complete in Jesus, we can stay at rest, peace and satisfaction to know that God is already pleased with us by our faith!" — Abraham Israel

"It is God who has started to do a good work in us and through us from the moment we got saved, He has promised to continue doing it to perfection until the day Jesus comes to raise us up in a new glorious body that is metaphysical, eternal and immortal in nature. If we see until then what is our work to do for God? It is to believe the promises of God and keep believing it which carries a great reward for us now and for eternity! Why worry about your future when God is the one who is in control of it, why worry about your present when all you need to do is to co-operate with God to let Him work His work in and through you, and finally why worry about your past when God has already thrown your past behind His back and wants you to try as much as possible to work in the present with Him in partnership for a future reward that God He has planned as a surprise to give you and amaze you for eternity ahead." — Abraham Israel

"Partnership in the gospel for the giver starts with unconditional Love which is expressed by prayer for the person who is in partnership to them, partnership of the receiver with the giver extends from giving something to the one who ministers and receive something spiritual which God has given them to share with. Then again partnership for the giver to the receiver is based on forgiving people of their mistakes, weaknesses and failures and instead for it give their valuable time and all resources that God has given them for the blessing of their partners in Christ Jesus. Jesus is the perfect example of the One who had everything yet sacrificed Himself altogether for the benefit of those whom He has chosen to be His partners, He gave us all His everything and took nothing but our worthlessness and sins upon Himself to love us unconditionally which we replicate to our partners around the world. Finally why givers love to give more and only few receivers become givers to others, it is because the taste of pure joy of heaven makes the givers more blessed than the receivers spiritually at the end that they keep giving out to experience more of that joy of giving, but the receivers limit themselves from the cost of sacrifice to stay with in their limited blessedness rather than to venture out in to the zone of the blessedness of the givers." — Abraham Israel

"Jesus exchanged the curses of all the sins of our past, present and future by taking upon Himself in his own body on the cross and bearing it to death where He forever made God and us to become one without anything in between to block the sweet relationship, and then loaded us with the power of heaven to separate ourselves from the curses of sins that try to engulf us in this earthly daily life and gave us the power of choice to choose righteous thing to do which God likes and thus cause our lives to be favored by God to inherit His great wealth of blessings now and in the life to come where the reward for our present life lived for God will worth itself in diamonds and all kinds of precious stones to receive glory and honor for eternity ahead! A life lived fully for God to become broken and glued together again by God's grace to carry on is worth more eternally than doing nothing to be dusted and thrown out in to dust in the end." — Abraham Israel

"To those people who have understood that it is not just what comes from God are the greatest blessing for saved humans in their lives, but redeemed humans having God on their side and being with Him is the greatest blessings of all that makes a person to be really blessed on this earth and for eternity ahead, to such people God will come upon them like a mighty shower of rain during the spring time through His Presence and will water their soul with goodness and mercies to make them become like a watered garden and a tree planted by the rivers of water that always stays fresh lush green and that which does not fail in whatever season of life they go through in their lives. O God showers of blessing of your Presence we need, O come upon us and water us with your goodness; O may our small thinking vanish to make way for heavenly, O Holy Father remember we are thirsty for you; Quench our thirst for you by sending your dove in power to water us with Yourself! In Jesus name, Amen!" — Abraham Israel

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The greatest gift that God has provided till date and for all eternity is the gift of His Son Jesus Christ whom He sent from heaven to die for our sins on the Cross, and rise up on the third day to justify us from all our sins, and to make us all His dear children to make us live with Himself forever and ever both spiritually on earth now and physically in heaven after our death." — Abraham Israel

"God knows that Satan is constantly in the business of talking people out of the will of God by making them go in to unbelief by constantly speaking bad about God and His beautiful character. So God always reassures through His Word that His plans for your life may be risky and dangerous, but it will always be the best plans to prosper you for now and for eternity. When it comes to planning for your prosperity in your life spiritually, soulishly, bodily, socially and financially, there can be no better planner than God because He knows your end from the beginning. Trust the God of all plans who has never failed even one time until now because of impossible circumstances. God has never failed because He is the one who has planned it all intelligently to the best possible way and commands the circumstances to line up to His purpose and will." — Abraham Israel

"When we start doing the law and living by it rather than by the grace of God, the biggest test that God gives to know our shallow spirituality is to make ourselves know our true maturity in our spiritual lives by instructing us to love mercy which means not just to know and receive the mercies of God and thank God for it in our lives, but replicate it to others and not judge them by showing mercies to their failures and weakness, also along with it the Lord wants us to walk humbly with God not by obeying the law out of compulsion but rather to please God in all things out of our love for Him. A deceived religious person will fail in both the above things to walk religiously as though God is indebted to them. But when a person who is truly seeking God sees the impossibility of fulfilling both these above things by keeping the law of God, they will throw themselves at the mercy of God and calling on God to give them the strength to fulfill that which pleases Him and be empowered with His grace to continue to love mercy and walk humbly with Him. To live by law brings death by making us very judgmental and critical to hate mercy by our attitude and our false humility of religiosity than true spiritual humility, both of which God hates, but those who walk by God's divine grace will do justly because God works within them because of being pleased with their merciful attitude and true humility of submitting to God all their plans seeking His favor to fulfill it all through His strength." — Abraham Israel

"When you look out in our generation you feel a strange fear of what is going to happen to the world takes over us to make us depressed, when we look in and try to understand ourselves we come to see the evil heart of our own that deceives us because of the fallen nature within us and it makes us hopelessly broken, but if we do look up as Christ told the end generation of ours to do, then we find our true self in God and begin to reflect the peace, joy and righteousness of heaven in our daily lives no matter what goes on in the world around us or the self within us. If we continue to look up, one of these days Christ will come from heaven to take us safely to our Father's house in heaven where He has already prepared palaces for us to stay in His Presence as His dear children for eternity ahead. Glory To God!" — Abraham Israel

"The greatest gift that God has provided till date and for all eternity is the gift of His Son Jesus Christ whom He sent from heaven to die for our sins on the Cross, and rise up on the third day to justify us from all our sins, and to make us all His dear children to make us live with Himself forever and ever both spiritually on earth now and physically in heaven after our death." — Abraham Israel

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When we know Jesus the Christ is our Shepherd and we choose to live in the continuous consciousness presence of God which is God dwelling place of His temple within us in glory, then we do not have to chase the blessings of God, but goodness and mercy which is the essence of all God's blessings will chase and follow us until the end of our lives." — Abraham Israel

"As we keep cleansing our impurities by allowing ourselves, worldliness and demonic influences that keep us from further growth by our besetting sins to get broken, melted, molded and refilled again and again in humility by facing the God sent trials by faith to reach out to higher ground constantly in our spiritual life on earth, there comes a deep thirst within us for God and His supernatural life of heaven to be experienced now on earth as it is in heaven. God always responds without fail to all such vessels who thirst for the heavenly life on earth by paying a price to walk in the will of God by denying themselves of their will and carrying their cross daily. Are you thirsting for God today more than anything you hold dear in your earthly temporary life on earth? Let go and let God!" — Abraham Israel

"To honor God while we are young and energetic is the only great sacrifice a saved at young age person or some one whose faith has come from their godly parents or grand parents upbringing can do in grateful response to such privilege that God has given them uniquely in this world." — Abraham Israel

"All of us who love God have a God sized future prepared by God that cannot be even fathomed by human's puny sized brain who are all around us in the natural. But for those of us who are His children in love with Him, He reveals it within our new born-again spirit man through the Holy Spirit quickening His Word and bringing the reality of the future in to the reality of our present existence. A man with an argument is at the mercy of the one with an experience because reality is not a theory but an existence in itself. So let us learn to see the reality of our future life and begin to live in God sized existence in the present time through walking by His Supernatural Spirit's empowerment." — Abraham Israel

"The easiest way to overcome darkness is not to curse it, but instead lighten up a candle and darkness will automatically flee. God wants you to keep yourself up brightened by the Holy Ghost fire of praying in tongues always, so that no darkness of the world can be able to overcome your lives for the Glory of God! We can train our self spiritually to breathe in the prayer of the tongues of the Spirit as naturally as our natural breathing we do through our nose because both are initiated by the same Spirit who sustains it, such breathe prayers once mastered by us to pray continually over a period of time or for all the time we are awake in our attitude, it will lighten up our life to glow like a sun even to the noon time." — Abraham Israel

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