Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"When ever the world hate us it is because they hate God first, but Jesus has become our peace by declaring our good future in spite of the bad present all around in this peace less world which is ruled by Satan and his demonic cohorts. Because Jesus overcame the world of Satan and his deception completely, we as His followers need not fight against the world to claim victory again as we are already under God's Kingdom rulership. But rather we only need to stand by faith in the victory of Jesus who actually overcome the world on behalf of us as our substitute. As Jesus is in us and with us, the world can never be able to defeat and overcome us. Now what is our victory then? It is nothing but our faith. Our faith is our victory. We need to boldly stand by faith in the victory of Jesus over the world. We do not fight to win again over the world, but declare by faith that they can never defeat us, and then see the demonic enemies flee under the authority of our command in Jesus name because of our faith in the Word of God. Once we declare the truth of Jesus to be the actual reality, it shatters the lies of the devil and reinstates the fact of the victory of Jesus on the Cross to become as real as once again done in the present time over the world. Each time the Cross is lifted up, the defeated world under the leadership of Satan steps backward, and we along with Jesus step forward to enjoy the freedom that comes through the authority of heaven." — Abraham Israel

"What the world reads upside down the Christian reads it downside up because the world government ruled under Satan and his demonic cohorts have inverted the salvation message so that the blinders will not come off the eyes of people for them to come and experience the Kingdom of God and its glorious liberty. But thank God for the witnesses of Jesus like us who are his saints around the world, we are turning the world upside down again because we see from heaven's perspective that the world is downside up and needs a downturn by the power of the Holy Spirit." — Abraham Israel

"The very center of the Bible clearly portrays a picture of the very purpose of the Book in no uncertain terms by saying that it is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. Men die and cannot fulfill their word that they have given to someone, but when we have trusted God for something, we can be sure that God will keep us alive and well even just to fulfill our desire and expectation because we have trusted in Him and Him alone. What a confidence we have when we are trusting God for anything and everything!" — Abraham Israel

"If we know that all our sins have been carried on to perfect finish on the Cross where God accepted Jesus sinless sacrifice on behalf of us and declared the bad Friday in human terms to become good Friday in God's term where He promised never to remember our sins anymore, then because of the finished work of Jesus we can choose not to carry the guilt of our sins, faults, failures, weaknesses and besetting sins upon ourselves but unload it all to Jesus who is our Eternal High Priest and Mediator of the New Covenant we are in by confessing to Him that we have sinned and then believe that His blood has cleansed us from all sins. That is a full stop to all curses of the earth and we can start afresh each time by the grace of God to conquer sin and its evil effects of sickness which leads to death both spiritually and physically. Like Jesus rose from the death by the quickening power of the Holy Spirit and walked away as though nothing has happened to Him actually, like that we can choose to rise up in Jesus name every time we are oppressed by sin and death to draw near to God as though nothing has happened and receive all the blessings of heaven as though we deserve it all the way. We owe it all to Jesus!" — Abraham Israel

"It is not just enough to say that Jesus died and rose again for me, but it is equally important to declare and make it a resonating reality within us by saying that I shall arise and will live with Him for the Glory of God forever and ever. Life is more of a living reality than death to all Christians who are followers of Jesus." — Abraham Israel

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