Monday, July 2, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God loves us too much, and that why He chastises us and judges our sins now on earth, so that the after life will forever be a bliss without any judgment but only reward. What we sow is what we will reap applies to our sins that come out of our sin nature now, but still God can turn it all in to a eternal blessing and use it now for our own good if we choose to repent and be covered with the blood of Jesus which has already justified us as we are the children of God, who have been made as innocent by the blood of Jesus Christ and therefore He has declared us free from condemnation which we deserve rightfully if we were to stand alone without Jesus as our advocate. Jesus makes us stand between our sins and God, and the Father chooses not to see through us in to our sins because His wrath and anger against all of our sins has been atoned already on the Cross of Calvary by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He stands as our personal advocate in the courts of heaven for us now. What a loving God and Father we have in heaven, who is just and a justifier of all those of us who believe in Him through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! The Cross was God's idea to make us friends and children to Himself forever!" — Abraham Israel

"Birth is a charity, survival is a posterity, living is authority, born again is a necessity, abundant life is a quality, faith walkers a rarity, death is a surety, life is a clarity, eternal life is a necessity, so before we die if we learn to hold on to the hands of the God of all possibility, we can die but yet live with the hope of all future possibility and reunion of family, friends and people, who have likewise learned to hold on to His eternal hands of comfort, care and bliss that is waiting for us when we meet Him face to face." — Abraham Israel

"A moment with God is better than a lifetime without Him." — Abraham Israel

"To maintain a good conscience, we meditate the Word of God quickened by the Spirit of God that cuts the cancerous cells of sin and its evil habits out of us and applies the blood of Jesus over the wounds to kill those cells like using a radiation therapy, so that spiritual sin cells cannot spread within us to bring death and instead make way to live life abundantly through the very life of God that begins to take control of us. When we maintain our good conscience before the Lord by living in the integrity of our heart and in the innocence of our hands, God has the absolute power to keep us from sinning against Himself and make us stay away from great iniquity that brings shame to His name we represent as His family of which God is greatly zealous about. When we are concerned and zealous about keeping the sanctity of the great name of our Father in heaven whom we represent to the world, our God in heaven shows his favor to keep us away from sin that gives us the privilege to continually stay in His Presence, on earth as it is in heaven." — Abraham Israel

"Your salvation cannot be forfeited, because you did nothing to qualify yourself to get saved or be saved, it was Jesus who paid it all for your sins so that you could be saved. You believed and God saved you. Your were lost in the poverty of sin and its death spreading disease which separates us from God, but God showered his kindness and mercies by making you reach out to Jesus by already sacrificing his Son Jesus Christ two thousand years ago itself foreseeing all the suffering you will go through in your life, and thus it was God's idea that saved you. But you can forfeit the blessings that come through salvation because of your disobedience and unbelief that will have eternal consequence as well as temporal consequence. While salvation is a event that comes to us without our effort but only by what God has done through Jesus Christ for us, the blessings of experiencing the aftereffect of salvation is a process called as holiness which only comes to us by cooperating with the new desires that God gives through a new nature that comes with salvation. Without undergoing through the process of pruning and chastisement suffering, we cannot experience the activity of God that brings heaven to earth through our life on and on till we die and go on to be with God forever in heaven. Suffering against sin brings the fruit of holiness which in turn brings great reward for now and for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

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