Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"The negative emotions of feeling unloved, unimportant or insecure comes out of the heart that does not stand perfect in the love of God. You cannot blame God for feeling like this, in fact God has shows his Love towards us already that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. What manner of love is this? For a righteous man, perfect man or a good man someone has the chance to give their best to defend them, but God has clearly revealed His unconditional love towards us that when we were his enemies living as sinners, God gave for us the best that filled and gave joy to His heart, so that out of that sacrifice we could become His children. So now it is our self life and the devil's lies that act as the fog to limit our visibility of the love of God. God's love never changes, but our perception of it changes according to the circumstances we face. So keep yourself in the love of God by getting in to His word and confessing to yourself who you are to God to reaffirm yourself with the consciousness of your privilege in Christ Jesus. Hearing Faith comes through the confession of the word of God, it destroys fear and demolishes all walls of unbelief. When you know to whom you belong, there will be no doubt of the reality of who you are and the negative emotions that follow the unbelief of the heart." — Abraham Israel

"When you seek the face of Jesus Christ in all circumstances of your life, the heavenly sunshine of heaven will brighten your soul like a sun brightens the sun flower and makes it bloom with colors of life at all times. When God's joy fills your heart with the heavenly sunshine, the garden of your soul will be filled with the fragrance of blooming flowers irrespective of the circumstance you go through in your lives journey. When you are positioned towards the Son-shine, not only you will be blessed, but all those who look for a blessing through you by faith will be a blessed to experience Divine blessing through being in contact with you." — Abraham Israel

"People who do not know the Bible will be surprised with what is happening and what will happen in the end of end times we are living in. The unstable nature of political boundaries, the roller coaster rides of economy and the pain of birth pangs due to natural calamities of catastrophically cataclysmic proportions with cosmic disturbances that will fill the heart of unbelievers with fear of what will happen to themselves and the world. But those who know the God of the whole universe and His word will look with excitement to see what is written in the Bible get fulfilled before their very eyes. Know one thing, what is written in the Bible must get fulfilled before the world can come to an end. God and His word are one, God cannot break His word, so begin to passionately look in to the deep nuances of the word of God and you will never be disappointed without inspiration and purpose to live this life in this unstable world of end time." — Abraham Israel

"Those who face all kinds of trials, tribulations and hardships with faith willingly expecting God's grace to carry them on during the ordeal, and not run away from it are those who see their very lives get turned from plain charcoals of purposelessness in to diamonds of great value and purpose which will be used to honor the crown of God during the time of eternity that lays ahead of all of us. It is not whether we face ordeals that matters because Jesus has promised that as long as we are in the world there will be tribulation, but how we handle these tribulation cheerfully with expectation of God's grace empowering us to overcome all such thing with God's strength that makes us spiritual diamonds of great value before God and men. Grace strengthens us equally to that of the trial we face in our lives and nullifies it oppressing power completely, so that when we come out of it, we will feel that we have been made strong spiritually than before the trial with the result of a increased vision of God's power and uplifted higher ground of visibility by faith in to the very door of heaven from where the power of God came to help us in our time of need. Handle stress humbly by the grace of God and become a spiritual diamond in the crown of God for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"You have not come to this earth by chance and is surviving on it through some kind of random supply of existential sustenance and material that has come because you have ended up in the present place that you are in. Know for sure that your life has been planned by God millions of years before itself and was brought forth out in to this world for such a time as this to live the purpose and plans that God has engineered in His blue-print for your life. These purposes and plans of God cannot be forced to get fulfilled by our strength, it can only be fulfilled when we live a life of faith and wait for God's time to come in our lives day after day until we fulfill the individual purpose of God within the whole purpose of God for our generation. When great men of God like Moses, David, Joseph tried to fulfill it by their own strength, they messed it up and finally learned to patiently wait by faith for God's timing, after which God made their lives get bloomed beautifully with the fragrance of Christ, so that the world was able to smell and enjoy the marvelous and great wonders of God on earth like in heaven above. What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for God to fulfill His will in His time or are you ready to use your talent by yourself in putting it for sale before God's time arrives? What we do by God's strength will only be counted for a eternal reward for our future life, all that we do by our own strength will have no eternal value. If ever you think that you have to do anything in your life immediately, stop it for a while and remind yourself that without God working in His time, you are going to mess it up and miss it all which God has in store for you. So wait and win, that the way it works out in God's economy where He reveals how it is all worth the wait in every step of your life when you are waiting for God to act in His time!" — Abraham Israel

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