Saturday, August 13, 2016

Apostolic Quotes

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"God's plan may not be as we expected it to be, but it will excite us to satisfy us eternally when it makes us what it ought to be.Trust God's plan for your life even when it doesn't make sense to your mind, because great things are always felt by heart and experienced by faith." — Abraham Israel

"When we choose to stop our worries by giving all our thoughts of anxiety to God and trusting His word, God will choose to faithfully strengthen our faith which will cause us to worship God and give glory to Him. When we are at rest through our test, turning our worries in to worship, God steps in to our lives to wage battles that will be turned in to blessings. God has never lost a battle until now and He never will, and He has already won the war for you in Christ Jesus, all you need to do now is to stand in His name and see the enemies of God flee in all direction. Faith never fails because the God who is pleased with your faith is pleased with you and will fight your battles soon enough to give you victory in His appointed time!" — Abraham Israel

"When you breathe in slowly and are filled in the full with oxygen that God has supplied freely for you to live today, then whisper the name of God saying, "JE.....SUS....JESUS..." slowly, exhaling out, thanking and praising God from the thoughts of your heart for the beautiful moment of life that you are experiencing now by His gracious hand. Repeat this 5 or 6 times slowly and steadily. When you are done, just look around in awe and wonder! You are alive and well for the Glory of God! By doing this you have stopped a moment of life and have frozen it in the records of heaven for eternity ahead because God makes a note in the His-story books of heaven whenever His children thank and praise Him. Now that God has given you by His gracious hand of His Spirit, the breath to breathe and take a rest of faith in the name of Jesus, you have done well to stop a moment by ceasing to work and acknowledging that God is the one who sustains your breath and in Him you live, move and have your being. As you have just now stopped a moment, ceased from work to acknowledge that God's finished work of the cross is that which you are trusting and enjoying, look around you to see the Glory of God in all things, and remember that the whole earth is filled with the Glory of God right now, and Seraphim is standing above Him covering their face and feet, flying with two wings and crying out near God's Throne saying, "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the LORD of hosts, The whole earth is full of His glory....," as they continue to cease each moment with rest by the glory of God. What do you see? Glory of God or Gory of man! A mind that ceases to work and rest in God's finished work of Jesus, will look around and see the glory of God, to thus stop a moment in the name of God and enjoy it with a eternal remembrance!" — Abraham Israel

"Instead of 'Why Me God?, if you say 'Try Me God and I shall become valuable and precious in your sight as refined gold!', that will decide whether you will live in a desert or oasis of God. God has promised that those who trust Him, He will turn the desert in to a pool of water and the parched ground into flowing springs. In the midst of the darkened and spiritually dry desert of this world that we all live, only because of His unusual favor over our life we can be truly blessed in this life and reign with God in the life to come!" — Abraham Israel

"When you look afar, your heart might pound hard to know the details of what lies ahead when you are not able to clearly see through the mysteries of God at one time. Don't worry, God never meant seriously for you to understand that far ahead, but simply wanted you to see how much is visible and trust Him enough to hold His hand firm so that He could hold you firm even when your hand slips out of His hand. God has all His details for your life already planned out, and as a loving Father, He wants you to give you surprises newly every day of your walk with Him. As you walk ahead knowing that God's purposes for you never ever fails, remember to praise Him and thank Him for He knows and understand you that you are His master piece in progress, He is willing to wait enough to enjoy your failings, mistakes, rebellion, until one day you will be perfected when you stand before Him in which He would love to declare, "My good and faithful are my son in whom I am fully pleased!" God believes in you more than you can ever believe in yourself because He is your loving Father! Remember, the long-suffering of the Lord is Salvation." — Abraham Israel

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