Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The best way to go through trials and disappointments and come out of it successfully in life is through encouraging ourselves in God by speaking to our self and muttering the word of His promise to remind our self of the reality of the God who is in partnership with us and who has promised never to fail us until we succeed for His Glory. Be your best encouragement!" — Abraham Israel

"No matter how much Satan and his demonic tyrants furiously let loose their evil insidious plan to oppose God's purpose to stop it through injecting all their evil thoughts and ideas in to all human minds perpetually, no matter how much evil men hate God and try to destroy His name and laws which should be upheld for their own benefits, God has already decided the outcome of this earth and have purposed it for the good of all those who trust Him in spite of all the evil that surrounds them in their day to day lives. Those who have read the last chapters of His love letter named Bible written to all humans, they have reason to rejoice because of His decided outcome in it that shouts and proclaims only one thing, 'GOD WINS and those who have trusted Him and His outcome also win at the end of it all along with Him.' This must be our reason to rejoice today and everyday!!!" — Abraham Israel

"God allows moments of life where weeping endures till that season of night gets over because unless we have gone through the endeavor we will never know the value of the season of heavenly joy, nor we will have a thankful, grateful and a content heart towards the Lord for bringing us out of sorrow in to His marvelous heavenly joy. So when you go through the season of night in your spiritual life, learn to say, "You devil, my season of joy is coming ahead, but you will not have one and you will be miserable during the time.' Learn to rejoice even before the season of joy arrives in your life because this is the will of God for all of us! If you cannot learn to rejoice in your misery, it will be very hard for you to again experience joy in its season because you will be more bothered and cringing in to your past that will still try to haunt and hurt you, than in your joyful present that wants to hug you. That is why enjoying the journey of life is more important than reaching the destination." — Abraham Israel

"God has a set time for all the things we have ever prayed for in our life, He waits for the set time and sees if we would wait for Him to act in His time. We disappoint God when we act before his appointed time. Dis-appointment means to make ourselves move away from God's will not having patience to wait for Him to act in His time. In other words, because of our self will we move away from God and then we feel self pity for ourselves for missing His appointment. Some even blame God for their disappointments in life not realizing that all disappointments in life are our own mistakes that has actually disappointed God more than ourselves. True faith waits for God even if the appointment comes to them only in their after life with more glorious reward than a temporal earthly one. God cannot fail and have not failed because He is a eternal being, even if we miss in this life we cannot miss God's appointment and His set time for us in our after life. Wait for God even if you die on the way, your reward will be no match for your waiting time because the dividend will come in eternally invaluable riches forever." — Abraham Israel

"Faith is a action word that people can only understand when they start to believe what God has said about Himself, about His creation, about themselves and their situations. So be courageous to believe God's word in all situations and face the opposite and contrary feelings that comes to convince you that God is not true in what He says by putting fear within you. Fear is something natural but becomes a deadly satanic weapon when we allow it to paralyze our faith by believing in the lies of the devil and his minions which is actually unbelief. Fear sees no faith and faith sees no fear because fear will exist only when faith is not present. Have faith in God's good plans ahead for your life and face each day with courage and excitement that God is working to bring all His good plans to come to pass in your life as you trust God and live for His Glory." — Abraham Israel

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