Sunday, November 11, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"God says in His Word,"sin is lawlessness", then He further explains it as "the mystery of lawlessness", which makes us understand that sin in itself is a mystery to humans, until they choose to accept themselves as sinners in need of God's solution, the Savior of the world in need, who is Jesus Christ. Knowing what is sin is in itself is a revelation of God to a human heart only after a person get saved, until that happens humans will sin and yet take it lightly not knowing the seriousness of its consequence towards their eternal future which can either be heaven or hell based on whether they take sin as sin in its ghastly evilness or as lightly as a cream puff that can be eaten and still enjoyed until it bursts the heart to death one day soon without their knowledge. God has said that sin will find you out, meaning, sin when entertained will look for weaknesses and loopholes to exploit us with its curses and will soon one day shows its true kiss of hiss to make us die with its poison if we continue in it without repentance towards God. God's last word to the Church is, no matter what sin you have been stuck with, repent and LOOK TO ME, THE LORD OF ALL UNIVERSE for help TO OVERCOME SIN NO MATTER HOW SMALL OR BIG IT IS, because the dosage of the poison of sin injected in to you by the enemy of your soul may have given you a temporary high, but a eternal low of destruction of blessed life on earth is awaiting for you if you do not take it seriously to lay aside every weight of it which so easily ensnares you to kill you slowly but steadily with its slow poison and thus slow death. Wake up before sin make you sleep in Delilah's lap of lust to make you regret to death later with the vileness of sin. REPENT! REPENT!... Sin should be as much evil to you, as much as it is to God. Hate sin before it hates you to its death grip of vice! You who love God, hate sin!" — Abraham Israel

"Jesus Christ did not come to give us another religion among all the already existing one which had no use at all except teach self-discipline through commandments without giving us the power to fulfill it, but rather He has come so that we may see the light of God's revelation in Him and thus receive the life of God in us by believing His Words of Life that Jesus speaks by which we learn to lose our life and let God's life live out His life through us to make us enjoy and experience this heaven's life for the Glory of God. Jesus does not give us a rule to live by, but rather life to live out instead of the irreparable fallen imperfect sinful life of Adam that we have inherited by birth. Jesus life works out best, when our self life is kept at death and lifeless by our godly choice of carrying our cross daily and following the path of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. Light shines the best in darkness, Jesus shines the greatest through us when we allow Him to let out His light shine by walking the God-life on earth to dispel the darkness of sin, self and Satan in and around us daily day by day as it is in heaven with God. Remember, the life of Jesus is the light of God's revelation of Himself to all humans in human form forever and ever!!! Amen." — Abraham Israel

"Whenever we find ourselves in discontent, immediately we should realize that nothing is wrong with us except we have started focusing on wrong priorities of earth, rather than the right things of God and His Kingdom of heaven. When we wrongly focus our mind on earthly things, we lose godliness which leads to contentment, and thus lose the thankful heart and praising lips that brings heavenly contentment and its Presence. Count your blessings and name them one by one, and it will make you content to know what the Lord has done and has been doing for you until now for His Glory in your life. Understand your past in the light of God's faithfulness to be thankful for it, and your present from God as a gift supplied to you moment by moment and keep praising God for it, and you will never worry about your future because of discontentment of unbelief. The greater gain in the great gain of godliness with contentment, is the unceasing rain of blessing after blessing that comes from heaven through Jesus Christ, who gives us our thankful heart and a praising spirit that God blesses and quickens in us for His Glorious name to be magnified through our lives by heaven's continuous open heaven release over our lives!" — Abraham Israel

"Beautiful days are not given by God as a present as He has made everyday to become beautiful to us in Christ Jesus, in other words, we create a beautiful day the moment we think it as one to feel blessed to face it with the awe and wonder of a child, thanking and praising God for it. If you change the way you think by acting like life in itself is a blessing, soon you will feel that indeed it is a great blessing. Beautiful day are created by beautiful minds, that thinks the way God thinks as revealed by His Word and His Spirit!" — Abraham Israel

"What more we can give to God more than our trust in Him? How can we truly praise and give thanks unless we first trust Him with all our heart? Have we understood that the God who is in control of the ends of the earth and who orders the entire universe, does know us individually that we are trusting in Him, and gets heartened to know it and rejoices over us because of our child like trust? Trust cannot be developed in a day or two, rather it is developed through a serious relationship with a person whose integrity and character is found to be trustworthy, and as a result we lean on Him for our needs and wants and love. Truly blessed is the human who trust in the God of Israel at all times, and that one who trusts Him with all his heart, he will never be put to shame because of God's Great and Glorious name!" — Abraham Israel

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