Sunday, April 28, 2019

Manna For The Day

God Is One Call Away From Your Solution!

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Call to Me, and I will answer you (Jer.33:3, NKJV).

One of the greatest promise in the entire Bible to humans that God has given as a blank cheque without limit is the promise to answer us when we call Him. As we are born sinners who by nature are enemies to God's nature of purity and holiness, we do not deserve the least of the goodness of God that God has been showing to us in our life.

Why should God love us? Is it because that we are disciplined and sacrifice for God? The Bible reveals that all humans have fallen short of the Glory of God, which means, we have missed the mark of righteousness that is required to be in friendship with Him. God's expectation of righteousness is one hundred percentage, even a 99.99 will not be accepted by God as He cannot tolerate sin and even the smell of it. As this hundred percentage righteousness is required by God, no humans by good deeds were able to achieve it by their works which God considered as filthy rags, as they were not able to cover their shame that comes through sin. So out of His love for us to be saved and for the friendship with Him to be restored which was actually lost by our first parent Adam and Even when they sinned and rebelled against God after they were created and put to test in which they failed hopelessly, only then God sent the first sinless beloved only begotten Son of God Jesus Christ in a avatar as a human to become the son of man to save us from sin and death.

Thus even though Jesus Christ was God, he walked as a full human in submission to God without ever committing sin which was a pact he made with God that got fulfilled by Him to free us from sin nature to be adopted back with his very own nature which makes us His children. God accepted Jesus as a perfect sacrificial substitute for all humanity. Now as we by faith call unto God, He has promised to answer us and solve all of our humans problems we face. O what a wonderful, gracious, benevolent, kind, compassionate and sinless God our Creator is. He is concerned about our every need and wants to bring a eternal change in every areas of our temporal life we live on earth, which He receives at the end to exchange it with eternal rewards for us. Nothing can be wasted in our lives if we choose Jesus Christ our restorer to rebuild our broken lives back to make it become a useful life to be used for God and His purpose for which we are all created.


Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you and praise for your love which has brought me back to you in Christ Jesus. I ask forgiveness for all my sins, I want to follow you and be your loving child to live in righteousness for the rest of my eternity. Thank you for releasing solutions to all the problems I face today, solve it in your time for your glory. Thank you for hearing my prayer. I bless you in Jesus name, Amen!

"God is one call away from your solution, even your call need not be words but thoughts of faith directed towards Him which He understand perfectly and accepts it to answer you in His time. Those who wait for God patiently need not wait for anyone else because He has never failed even once to respond." — Abraham Israel


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