Thursday, October 24, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"Be bold to stand alone with God, by doing it you will know that you have a unique identity in Him. When you know your unique identity in God, you will stand apart because you will realize the power of being uniquely set apart by God for a purpose that you only can fulfill. When you continue to stand apart to live purposefully in God, you will realize that God has put you in a sphere of influence through which you only can bring people together to the Lord and make them stand together with you for the cause of Christ. When you finally realize that Christ is all in all, tough there be a diversity yet in the Spirit there will be a supernatural unity present deep with in the group you have touched, which will make people gel together as one in Christ for eternity. Making friends for eternity starts with knowing who you are in Christ, then knowing who Christ is in you and finally knowing how Christ can bring all to be as one in Him." — Abraham Israel

"Sin is a bondage-maker, Christ has set us free from sin so that we can not only rule over sin humbly but also become a bondage-breaker to set others free from sin and its evil effects. If you are still playing with sin after you have come to know Him, you have not yet understood what it means to live in the liberty of heaven. Because the Spirit of liberty who is the Holy Spirit lives in you who believe Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you will experience liberty as you surrender more and more areas of your thought life to the Lord. Live to please the Lord and you will never be under the dominion of any sinful habits. Fight until you have no strength left against sin in your life, then when you have come to realize that you have no more strength left to fight, then the Lord will fight for you with His mighty power and will set your spirit in ecstatic liberty with in your thought life. Those who are not fighting against sin, will end up bound by the power of sin even after becoming a believer in Christ Jesus. It is like a slave after having been declared by the government to be free, because of his own foolishness of his choice to stay with the old tyrant ruler, lives in bondage of slavery under his meager provision because of the lack of will to fight it and be free from the fear of its tyranny. God will not without your cooperation, you cannot without His operation within you!" — Abraham Israel

"Perfect peace of God have all those whose eyes are set on God always in all circumstances. Have you taken your eyes of all the problems surrounding you, worries wrecking you and mountains of impossibilities standing before you, and have taken a positive step to focus on God and God alone? The sign that you have peace is a acknowledgement from God that He is working out what you have entrusted for God to solve in His time. Patiently wait and see how your life becomes a blessing because of letting God do the work of mending what is broken!" — Abraham Israel

"Are you a true seekers of holiness and are you ready to wage war against all uncleanness? If yes, then it is not external holiness that can keep you spiritually intact and bubbling with the joy of heaven, it is the internal holiness of thought that can bring heaven in to your heart constantly and make you a terror bringing general of God against all demons and its unclean character. Humans are affected by the fleshly thinking of the first Adam naturally, but the last Adam Jesus Christ have restored our authority and power as the result of making us a new creation in our own deepest existence in such a way that now we can by our own will we can exercise holy positive thinking by replacing evil negative thinking with the positive ones. When we are tempted by the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes, we are very vulnerable to fall in to uncleanness in our thought life. Here is how we can overcome such vulnerability to fall and keep ourselves in the holy positive state of thought, replace negative evil with positive holy intentional thinking of seeing within yourself the younger men as brothers, older women as mother and younger women as Sisters with absolute purity in those thoughts. Also see older men as Fathers and treat them with respect. Such positive holy thinking are the only thing that can terrorize all demons in all the world through your holiness. Seek Holiness in your thought life, and that is the only one that can please the Lord consistently." — Abraham Israel

"Seek for yourself not highness, but lowliness of mind and thought because that is where the true greatness lies. God lifts up the lowly mind and honors it everywhere it goes because that is the only place from which He can work and bring honor to His great and awesome name!!! Do not think less of yourself, think yourself less!" — Abraham Israel

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