Saturday, May 25, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"We can have all the right doctrine without having the Character of God that it should have created within us if we have really given it the right space by believing it in our heart. Seeds can be stored in a bag, but until it falls to the ground and dies to itself, new life cannot be seen at all. In the same way, unless a sinner falls before the holiness of God and finds God's new heavenly life coming out of him, he can know all the doctrines of the Bible and yet might go on to hell fire at the end of his life on earth. So in simple terms for our understanding, repentance is the process that makes the seed of the Word of God fall in to our heart and bear fruit for the Glory of God. Repentance moves a man to clean up the soil of his heart from the stones of sin and hardness of heart to loosen it to make the seed of the Word of God grow and be watered to bear fruit, and also prevent the weeds of the world and the deceitfulness of riches from affecting the growth of the new life coming out of it vigorously. A repentant heart is healthy sign of a vibrant child of God who in the process of pleasing God and on the way to bring great Glory to His mighty name! A saved man cannot but become more like the God whom he believes. Are you saved? Even if you are, repent of every know sin and never delay to waste the spiritual riches that God has in store for you, because we can never say when will be the last day of our life on earth." — Abraham Israel

"Trinity's unity is something that comes out of oneness of purpose and not sameness of persons. 'Tri' is three, 'nity' is 'togetherness', so the word trinity does mean the three in togetherness forms a one God in whom there is no trace of change of one from the other. Jesus said, if you have seen me, you have seen the Father. Further Jesus said, I will send you a comforter just like Myself in Character. When Jesus was baptized in water, Father God from heaven said, 'This person on earth is My Son who is of the same essence in Character just like me, and that is why I am well pleased in His perfect obedience.' So looking for the one God in Trinity leads us to the one essence of the one God who reveal themselves to us as three in person and not four, five or more to cause us to consider pantheism. What can we learn from this? God made humans in His own likeness, which means humans are privileged among all His creation to partake of His own nature just like the Trinity share their intimacy and love among themselves before anything was ever created by God. Will we choose to grow in this nature of God by denying our sinful nature to bring glory to God? If not we are wasting the once in a lifetime chance to change and get transformed that God has given to us His children which many in this world are not privileged to experience. For the joy God has set before us, we need to carry and endure the Cross of dying to our own Adamic life of independence and thus letting the new life of God given to us to take control of us to keep us in dependence of God always, which will make us reflect the reality of the love within the Trinity and His beautiful Character to be revealed to the world around us for the Glory of God." — Abraham Israel

"Never underestimate the power of volition, you can set God as the president in your heart to make him rule every area of your life under His perfect guidance or just keep him as a resident in your heart because of inviting him to be the Lord and Savior of your life when you got saved. The power to define who you are and what you become is not in the hands of the devil anymore, because you have been transferred from the kingdom of darkness which Satan rules over in which we were living to the Kingdom of light of his dearly beloved begotten Son Jesus Christ who has paid with his very own life to make us become the children of God for ever and ever for all eternity. If you take your thoughts captive constantly to the obedience of Christ, you can keep Satan under your feet and let God loose in your life to unravel the plans and purpose He wants to achieve to fulfill His perfect will and establish His destiny for your life on earth which will decide what kind of position you will inherit in God for the rest of your eternity! Every time a soulish, evil and selfish thought is taken captive to Christ, He replaces it with His very own heavenly thoughts by releasing it in to your soul from your spirit. That is the way hell in denied and heaven rules over your earthly life in Christ Jesus! Hallelujah! If Jesus remain the President from your spirit, the Holy Spirit will rule over your soul, but if Jesus remains just a resident" — Abraham Israel

"Every sinful thought that we do not take captive to Christ, wil only captivate us to look away from Him." — Abraham Israel

"To think in the line of faith needs a radical shift of thinking opposite to everyone else and to remain walking in it for God." — Abraham Israel

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