Monday, June 4, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the supernatural which we cannot see becomes a natural event of reality, and the natural event that is a mundane becomes a supernatural event by the revelation of the Glory of God. Every supernatural thing that we look forward to like the real material heaven will be more real than the present earth, a real eternal glorious metaphysical body that is more super dynamic than the present one, a God whom we can see and talk face to face, a comfort from God which wipes away all our tears and sorrows which will soothe our heart, etc.. it all becomes supernaturally natural now when we look forward to heaven and the new life which we are going to live in the brand new world of supernatural reality. If you want to know your future of how you will be, just look on to our resurrected Jesus with real flesh and bones. When He comes, you will be just like as Jesus, but in the varying capacity of glory according to the works you have done in Jesus Christ, in the brand new world!" — Abraham Israel

"In all our circumstances, like the highs and the lows, the joyful and the depressive, the beautiful and the ugly, in the storms and the calms, etc...God always asks us one important question to test us so that we can be trusted for honor and promotion, 'What ye think of all my promises?'. The answer of yes and amen keeps all the power of heaven to be active upon our lives to bring God's favor in unusual circumstances because the promises of God has life in it that causes these blessings to come upon us in a supernatural way. The answer of no brings unusual troubles in your life which prove that you have rather trusted your feelings and logic to bring the curses of the natural labor, sweat and the finite to work upon your mind and to weigh you in your limitations, to make you fear and worry about your inability rather than focus on His ability to transform your lives. Make sure you believe the promises of God all the time, because God is looking for His beloved children who believe all His promises, because all are active and will bring the faithfulness of God in to visibility before the angels and the world at large bringing Him glory! Never give up believing the promises of God, no matter what circumstances you face in your life. God is in the great business of rewarding all those who believe in His promises. So don't miss out God's heavenly bonanza in our times!" — Abraham Israel

"I am convinced that every dreaded trials and tests we go through in life, refine us, define us and makes us finally superfine glory holding material of eternal worth which makes us reach the destiny that God has predestined for us, and from that place of elevation of high altitude spiritually we become ready to receive the great glory God has for us in this world and in the world to come for His Glory." — Abraham Israel

"Any American dream or to say a worldwide dream of prosperity and safety that does not include God, His righteousness and living a life that is pleasing to Him as the main course and main focus of the life lived on earth, for sure it will end up to be a horrible dream in the end. It is not worth pursing a material dream that will get all burned up to be as a thin air in the end, but remember we as eternal souls do not get vaporized as nothing when we die, but live forever and ever after that. If we live forever, where we will live for eternity matters the most? God has promised a bliss of eternity with Him, self hides the grim future of hell without God but only shows us all the temporal promises of fleeting pleasures which we see now. Which does appeal to you now? The eternal life of heaven or temporal pleasures of earth. Your answer will lead your heart in the direction which you have chosen. Choose life and not death! That is God calling you to reconsider your direction for eternal excellence and fulfillment in the time to come. When we die, we leave everything material and can carry out of it only things that pleased God which are all immaterial and eternal. Many of us can end up empty without a dream run on earth, but never without the promise of a future dream life in heaven which is the actual life God has promised to fulfill for all those who love Him now. Live for God, your dreams will come true, if not in this world then in the world to come for sure!" — Abraham Israel

"God is faithful even when we are faithless, He loved us when we were His enemies living in sin, He speaks to us even when we have denied Him and as a result have become lonely and depressed about ourselves and our inability as a lost sheep, He gives us beauty for ashes, He takes our pain and give His healing, He anoints us afresh with oil of gladness for a spirit of depression that has made us mad and hopeless, He takes all our problems and takes care of our present needs, He gives His perfect and beautiful heavenly suit of righteousness for all the unclean robe of sin we give to Him, He gives His peace for our chaos, He sanctifies us from our uncleaness which makes us loathe about our own self, etc...To the God who gives and gives and gives, what better thing we can give than our self as a living sacrifice all the days of our lives on earth. He is the one whom we need all the time in this hopeless world because even when we are faithless He is faithful as our dear Heavenly Daddy and Father and King of the whole Universe to hold unlimited resources for all our needs. We can never outgive God, because in reality we can only give to God that which He has given us first, yes that which He has given we have maligned by our selfishness and made it to become the broken pieces which He receives and exchanges it for His wholeness because of His love for us as His beloved children. Give to God what you cannot give to any other, He will give you what others cannot give to you in exchange!" — Abraham Israel

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