Monday, March 9, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"Every one of us as believers in Christ Jesus must understand that we need no self-improvement to attain holiness in our Christian lives because we are already complete in Christ Jesus, instead a renewal of our soul is necessary so that a transformation in our thinking might make the reality of that spiritual completeness in Christ to be seen by others as a testimony to bring glory to God for what Christ could do through our earthly lives. If a glass of water is complete and full, we could do nothing to refill it again. We could do nothing to make ourselves more holy in our Christian lives than what we are already in Christ Jesus, so the positional holiness becomes active holiness once we let ourselves work out what Jesus works in by believing who we are already in Him when ever the need for identity of expression arises to stay in that place of holiness where Christ has already attained on our behalf. If we confess to ourselves, 'I am complete in Christ Jesus,' then our faith becomes our righteousness for sanctification and holiness without which no one can see the activities of God in their lives and through their lives on earth as it is in heaven. Because we are already complete in Jesus, we can stay at rest, peace and satisfaction to know that God is already pleased with us by our faith!" — Abraham Israel

"It is God who has started to do a good work in us and through us from the moment we got saved, He has promised to continue doing it to perfection until the day Jesus comes to raise us up in a new glorious body that is metaphysical, eternal and immortal in nature. If we see until then what is our work to do for God? It is to believe the promises of God and keep believing it which carries a great reward for us now and for eternity! Why worry about your future when God is the one who is in control of it, why worry about your present when all you need to do is to co-operate with God to let Him work His work in and through you, and finally why worry about your past when God has already thrown your past behind His back and wants you to try as much as possible to work in the present with Him in partnership for a future reward that God He has planned as a surprise to give you and amaze you for eternity ahead." — Abraham Israel

"Partnership in the gospel for the giver starts with unconditional Love which is expressed by prayer for the person who is in partnership to them, partnership of the receiver with the giver extends from giving something to the one who ministers and receive something spiritual which God has given them to share with. Then again partnership for the giver to the receiver is based on forgiving people of their mistakes, weaknesses and failures and instead for it give their valuable time and all resources that God has given them for the blessing of their partners in Christ Jesus. Jesus is the perfect example of the One who had everything yet sacrificed Himself altogether for the benefit of those whom He has chosen to be His partners, He gave us all His everything and took nothing but our worthlessness and sins upon Himself to love us unconditionally which we replicate to our partners around the world. Finally why givers love to give more and only few receivers become givers to others, it is because the taste of pure joy of heaven makes the givers more blessed than the receivers spiritually at the end that they keep giving out to experience more of that joy of giving, but the receivers limit themselves from the cost of sacrifice to stay with in their limited blessedness rather than to venture out in to the zone of the blessedness of the givers." — Abraham Israel

"Jesus exchanged the curses of all the sins of our past, present and future by taking upon Himself in his own body on the cross and bearing it to death where He forever made God and us to become one without anything in between to block the sweet relationship, and then loaded us with the power of heaven to separate ourselves from the curses of sins that try to engulf us in this earthly daily life and gave us the power of choice to choose righteous thing to do which God likes and thus cause our lives to be favored by God to inherit His great wealth of blessings now and in the life to come where the reward for our present life lived for God will worth itself in diamonds and all kinds of precious stones to receive glory and honor for eternity ahead! A life lived fully for God to become broken and glued together again by God's grace to carry on is worth more eternally than doing nothing to be dusted and thrown out in to dust in the end." — Abraham Israel

"To those people who have understood that it is not just what comes from God are the greatest blessing for saved humans in their lives, but redeemed humans having God on their side and being with Him is the greatest blessings of all that makes a person to be really blessed on this earth and for eternity ahead, to such people God will come upon them like a mighty shower of rain during the spring time through His Presence and will water their soul with goodness and mercies to make them become like a watered garden and a tree planted by the rivers of water that always stays fresh lush green and that which does not fail in whatever season of life they go through in their lives. O God showers of blessing of your Presence we need, O come upon us and water us with your goodness; O may our small thinking vanish to make way for heavenly, O Holy Father remember we are thirsty for you; Quench our thirst for you by sending your dove in power to water us with Yourself! In Jesus name, Amen!" — Abraham Israel

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