Thursday, June 27, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"To worship the Lord means to give worth-ship to Him who deserves it because of the purity of His character and benevolence towards us humans in spite of our unworthiness to receive the least of it. Only when we try our best to reflect the lifestyle of His holiness in our lives, we truly give Him the worth that He deserves." — Abraham Israel

"When you are in the midst of all negative situations and sufferings, run not to lonely serene places to find solace and comfort or to destress yourself. Because your burdens which are spiritual is beyond space and time, it will continue to distress you in one way or the other. But instead run in to the Presence of God and unload your burdens through prayer because in God's Presence you will truly experience the fullness of joy as God has already promised in His word." — Abraham Israel

"Can you add or reduce your height to some other level as you wish, you can never make it to happen naturally because the height of a person has been predetermined by the Lord even before we were born. In the same way, when we worry, it is like wishing ourselves to have some other height than what we are and forgetting that it is impossible to achieve it, and instead expecting it to happen seriously because the enemy has deceived us to think that way. Instead thanking to God for the height that God has given and predetermined for us, will fill our mind with peace that passes all understanding which is the cure and antidote for worry. When you know that all that happens in your life cannot happen outside the knowledge of the Lord, then you will give your problems to the Lord and will face all situations with boldness, knowing that no situations can be greater than the grace God gives to face it and wade through it moment by moment. When you have tasted the grace of God for each moment that He gives to those who seek Him, you will bury your worry until it becomes the road on which you walk through to your destination that God has prepared for you to enjoy and experience. So do not let worry rock you to nowhere in life, instead have faith which will knock the right doors and will open it continually until you reach somewhere you never even imagined but has been pre planned by God for you." — Abraham Israel

"To be still needs nothing to be done except to look to God in prayer and expect Him to do what He has promised in His appointed time. When we stop doing, God starts working, so just be still and see what kind of powerful worker God is." — Abraham Israel

"When you are thankful with a heart of gratitude for what the Lord has done in your life and is doing, you will be able to enter into His gates to offer sacrifices of worship which will bless you with the joy of the Lord. But once you start to praise God irrespective of the circumstances you face, then in His holy court you will understand God, His word and be illuminated by His Spirit progressively as He fills you more and more. Still when you persist in praise even when all things happen contrary to your expectations and darkness begins to fill all around you, then you will enter into the Holiest court of God's Presence in which you will begin to experience God face to face as a friend. Then the Lord Himself will become your light and your salvation in all the situation of life that comes against you. Praise that persists will make the enemies of God to flee in seven ways because the Lord will be enthroned within praise to fight personally against all that come against Him and will bring you to reign over all situations of your life for the glory of God! Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

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