Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Apostolic Inspiration

"To the law and to the testimony [of the Bible] that acts as God's light to all humans, if they do not speak according to this word of truth, it is because there is no light in them." (Isa 8:20, Abi's Translation).

Every half truth is a half lie that can lead you to malnutrition in your spiritual life to cause spiritual disease and sickness that will affect you severely later if you do not take it seriously. Full truth is the balance of whole counsel of God kept in perspective as well as in context, that brings the right power to live a overcoming life over sin, self and Satan. Truth without reason soon becomes a half truth, that is why a sound reasoning mind does not work against the truth but rather for the truth to make us be rooted and grounded in it as we willingly submit to it. No parent will want a child to suffer malnutrition and to stay in the size of a child in wisdom and stature, instead they would like to see them grow day by day and experience maturity in all areas of their lives and living to multiply and prosper.

So does our Heavenly Father wants us to move from spiritual childhood to become a grown up adult who are sensitive enough to the moving of the Spirit to live increasingly in greater capacity of being led by Him personally within them day by day. Believing the Word of God does not stop you from working out your faith for God, instead it sets your spiritual engine ablaze with a holy fire to keep pushing your forward with a heavenly thrust to continue believing the promises until you see the fulfillment of it in your lives. To believe, and see nothing more to it, is a unbelief syndrome of religious hype that has a assembly religion of Churchianity and not a personal relationship with God, which is of no value to our spiritual life. A child of God who is serious about his faith and spirituality, will have an perpetual attitude of repentance which will lead him to confession of his sins regularly to Jesus Christ, and will look forward to overcome those sins which causes them to stumble and stay humble before God and men when God allows it for a certain reason and time. They will be cross-carriers who will willingly lose their self will to give in to God's will for its fulfillment even at at a personal cost that costs much more they can bear on their own, but by the grace of God will be able to face the ordeals which causes suffering to their flesh through which God allows it all to teach them to learn obedience for the glorious reward that is ahead to inherit.

Only going through this process of obedience day by day in spite of the personal cost, will only cause each saint to become sanctified and be conformed to the image of Christ. When people do not know about hell and judgment, they can neither be thankful for their salvation nor can fear God for the judgment that is coming ahead for reward for the righteous acts by saints done after salvation for the Glory of God, and condemnation for the unbelievers for their unrepentant attitude towards sins. May we be true seeker of truth and nothing but truth from the Bible which is the living Word of God, and let us never compromise ourselves in anything related to it, but rather grow in the whole counsel of God and also declare it to people for the Glory of God so that all of us together in the unity of the Spirit might live a healthy spiritual life and be rewarded and rejoicing for eternity ahead along with our friends in Christ!

Much Blessings....

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