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Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God's will can only be fulfilled perfectly in our lives through two keys used consistently even when our mind cries out saying no to it, one is to trust God at His word and the other is to obey implicitly without any delay. Both these attributes can only be inculcated in us only through a consistent relationship with God." — Abraham Israel

"God has set His own season for you to bloom and prosper before all the world, until then you need to keep your self in the sunshine of faith to reach your effective time of purpose. In God's timetable of heaven, waiting time is never wasted time, rather that is considered as a growing time for every purpose of your life to be effectively fulfilled supernaturally by God's favor and grace. Don't try to open yourself up before God's time for your bloom comes, or else you might not come to fulfill all His purposes for your life." — Abraham Israel

"When you freely appreciate others for the least of something good you see, it shows that you are someone unique who has so much of good in you to do it. A good person sees God's beauty in everything to be appreciated freely, while a self centered person sees only his own faults in others which he hides from by criticizing them. Christ centered person freely appreciate others, self centered people appreciate only when some does what they want. You gain by appreciating others and lose nothing in doing it. Learn to appreciate other's even when you don't feel like doing it!" — Abraham Israel

"Nearness to God can be cultivated not just by reading the Bible and praying everyday systematically, but by realizing the love of God more and more each passing day. We were forgiven because of His love towards us and because He first loved us we are actually saved. If He had not loved us first, we would have never loved God and therefore would have never got saved. Only when we are loved, we could learn to love others. Only when we are shown mercy, we could learn to show mercy. Only to those who love some one will want to be with the one whom they love. The more we love Jesus, the more we will want to be with Him. The more we spend our time with Jesus, the more we will become in to the likeness of God. The more we will become in to likeness of God, the more people will be come to know God and become like Him through us.

God loved us and have shown mercy to us freely in Christ Jesus, so that we who come to Him might know that He is always near to us who have become His children in the likeness of His character. Whom we worship, adore and revere, we become like Him. Because God as a Spiritual Father has revealed Himself in our consciousness through His Presence, the more nearer we are in our mind to Him, the more we become in His likeness. The God whom we worship is the one who will make us to be like Him. As we see God influence us in every actions and decisions we make, others will come to see God through us in every area of our lives for the glory of God." — Abraham Israel

"When you face the problems of life with the grace of God, you are destined to succeed and solve it. When you run away from problems, the solution will get distanced from you, which will make life unnecessarily more complicated and chaotic. The grace of God will never be given by God less or more than the problems that come against you, instead exactly according to your need grace will be dispersed from the heavenly throne of God. But it is up to you to trust God and face the problems in order to reach for solutions that brings the wisdom of heaven and peace that follows it in to your home, private and public life. Remember God has a solution for all your problems even before it happens, so God is never surprised about the problems that comes against His children as He knows everything even before it comes, but He is surprised to see His children not submit their problems when He has all the solutions to all their problems." — Abraham Israel

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Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When we have no one but only God, all we can do is quietly wait and look towards God because He becomes our only hope. Waiting for God is the greatest act of faith, looking towards God to act when nothing happens in the natural is when we start to learn to delight in God alone. When we delight ourselves in the Lord, the Lord will fulfill the desires of our heart in His time." — Abraham Israel

"Christianity in itself is a oxymoron where we give in order to receive, we become a servant to others to be a leader over them, we humble ourselves to raise ourselves, we die to ourselves in order to live, we make ourselves to be nothing in order to be something, we become weak to be strong, we lose our lives in order to gain it, we become fools to the world in order to be wise, we count ourselves a sinner in order to become the righteousness of God and we forgive others in order to be forgiven of our faults before God. How can these be possible when we can't even understand with our mind? Every christian is not told to think whether these thing are possible to achieve, the answer is that we can never make it possible with our own strength but it is possible with God supernaturally who makes things happens for those who are humble before him. The world is upside down to God naturally, but God makes the Christian's downside up for His glory to be revealed through helping them live His heavenly kingdom life style. If you really want to grow spiritually and build a big spirit-man house for the Lord to live within you, humility is the key to achieving it. At any stage of your spiritual lives journey no matter how much big you have become spiritually or have grown humbly, if you begin to think that you are a humble person in yourself, know that you have already lost it. Those who are truly humble will never realize that they are so and that is the mystery of it. To the humble God has promised to give his grace without any limit, may we stay humbly before our God and bring Him glory all the days of our lives on earth." — Abraham Israel

"Religionists wants God to be dead so that they could do obeisance in the way they want according to their own whims and fancies. The first message the angelic messengers of God declared to the honest seekers of Jesus after He had risen from the dead was, "Why do you look for the living among the dead?" Jesus is risen so that He could be the Lord of both the living and the dead. In other words, God was conveying the honest seekers that He requires them to search for a deeper living relationship with Him while being alive on earth, than to pay obeisance to God as though He is dead and that He cannot answer for Himself. God hates religion because it tries to give God what He never asked for and perverts His image with in a theoretical explanation and strict adherence to it. Because Jesus is risen, He expects you not to play a religion with Him as though He is still dead, but He clearly expects you to be intimate with Him which is a sign of God's life working with you. Seek for a loving and a living relationship with God, you will be transformed in to His image more and more before you can even realize it." — Abraham Israel

"Jesus died for our sins and rose again for our justification because He has looked and still looks to us with compassion which brings peace, grace and all blessings in to our lives and changes our lives from inside-out to live abundantly on earth as it is in heaven. The eyes of Jesus is full of compassion and His heart is ever mindful of us who are spiritually always in a lowly state because of the inherent weakness of our sin nature and is always ready to help us as we come to Him just as we are." — Abraham Israel

"The greatest challenge for any Christian is to realize that they have been freed from the power of sin, and that the devil has no power over their lives. Many times in our journey of faith we will be tested whether we will believe that we have been freed by Jesus already, or when we experience the power of evil coming against us to afflict us, will we deny the truth of our freedom and stay in unbelief. When we stay in unbelief, the Devils will have a heyday in our lives even though we are born again believers in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To speak and live by faith, pleases God and brings all the blessings of God more and more in to our lives. So if Jesus has set you free, know that He has also promised that sin shall not have dominion anymore over your life. You are no more under the Law to be judged by the Law, but you are under a grace that will empower you to destroy all evil works in your life when you believe the word of the Lord Jesus and speak against it in Jesus name. Jesus cursed fruitlessness and made it die by the power of God and He said that the same will happen in your lives when you believe and speak a word of command against evil forces working against you. Even when you do not see immediately a tangible difference in your situation even after you have commanded and cursed fruitlessness in Jesus name, do not allow unbelief and fear to overcome you, instead praise God for His victory that always comes in time even when we do not see it in the time we expected. Before you can realize, all the fruitless things in your life will be made to die and things full of life will fill you in a more abundant way of heaven. Thus freedom will be yours in Christ Jesus, if you are the one who fights for spiritual freedom and not meekly give in to unbelief. Truly if you are a born again believer in Christ Jesus, you are already set free from sin and sickness which leads to death. Believe the already given freedom and live the abundant life more and more. When we are facing a test of faith, we are running for a reward in heaven, so never give up until you achieve it for the glory of God." — Abraham Israel

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