Monday, August 6, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"Faith may not be seen, but it can be experienced within us just like as electricity flows through a conductor and lights up a electric bulb. Heavenly things are spiritual which means it ascends to a reality that is beyond our natural senses and transcends in to a reality that is eternal. So we must measure eternity by what is felt at heart, not just with what we feel in our head. The heart that knows eternity is as far away from the head, as like the highest heaven is from this earth. Only faith has the power to connect heaven to earth and bring that reality of heaven to become downloaded in to our heart in the earth realm in a moment of time! So live by your heart, but use your head to help you live by your heart effectively." — Abraham Israel

"Nobody is BORN as a Christian, but anyone can be BORN AGAIN as a CHRISTIAN! God has no grandchildren, but only children who are all born again. As all humans are born in sin, sin separates man from God. So the only way of getting united with God again is to be born again and become HIS CHILDREN. In Jesus Christ, God expressed his love for humans, and gave them a way out of sin to become his beloved children through making Him as a sacrifice to forgive the sins of those who believe Him. In other words, if you are born once, you die twice, but when you are born again once, you die only once and live forever with God ever after. Praise God for all His goodness and grace!" — Abraham Israel

"God gives all things for humans to enjoy, but when somethings are mysterious and impossible for humans to solve, God has left it as a puzzle to look for the Creator to give back gratefulness in thankfulness for the things enjoyed out of His hand, so that they can never become satisfied in themselves but can only choose to positively become satisfied in the One who is the source of all satisfaction in whom we find our ultimate purpose, (i.e.) God alone. God doesn't need us, but we need Him without which our life becomes as empty as a uninhabited palace in a lonely island paradise on earth. When we look for joy to share in heaven we will find God, but when a person looks to express it in hell, he will find but himself to share within his mind and have none to express. God is the center, around which the universe exists, we can orbit around Him and find our purpose in life, or a person can have all the things rotate around himself when on earth and find none but himself in hell fire! Heaven is a place where God chooses to reveal Himself more and more, hell is a place where God restrain Himself from a person to allow them their wishes to leave them alone. Hell is the most loneliest place in the entire universe because there will not be a trace of God in it, heaven is the most joyful place in the entire universe because it is a place where you find everything tangibly soaked full of God and people who love Him. While the state of consciousness in hell will be self, but the state of consciousness in heaven will be God! Live for God, and you will not make a hell out of your-self, but rather bring heaven down to your Self!" — Abraham Israel

"When trials come, and we go through hardships and great suffering, let us not think, that we are doing God a favor through it all. Actually the reason we go through all the trials and tribulations, is to make ourselves a fit vessel which can bear the blessings of God when God's favor comes upon us for a lifetime at the end of all our sufferings which echoes in to eternity overwhelmingly. When God is preparing us for His favor, the joy of overcoming suffering will always be infinitely more than the sadness of suffering we go through temporally in our life. We can lose nothing but gain all things back when our faith in God is intact, and the knowledge of the goodness of God that suffering brings in our life continues until we receive our reward at the end of it all. Never give up through the trials of suffering, instead rejoice until you receive the joy of suffering that comes to you at the end of your trials, which will become a reward from God and a badge of honor for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"People of the world want to labor for profit and in turn become heavy laden with all the troubles and evil that comes along with it, and they choose to take rest only when they die physically because to them death is the end of the world. But God wants His children not to labor for the things that are temporal which moth eats and thief break in to steal, but things eternal. God also does not want His children to work and labor by their strength but by the strength of His Presence working within them that actually causes rest, refreshing of soul and eternal reward that comes as a dividend for the investment they do through their service in the Kingdom of God now. Until death we profit by the bonus that God gives to us for sustaining us in our path to succeed and fulfill His purpose for our lives, but unlike others who are unbelievers who consider death as the end, for the children of God, death is just a beginning of the payback time for the service rendered in the Kingdom of God where spiritual millionaires and billionaires are truly felicitated in a once in a lifetime ceremony of joy, honor and eternal status! God wants His children to enter His rest from labor and enjoy heaven within their heart and life now itself, and not after their death. Heaven is not something we experience after our death, the foretaste of it starts now and will continually increase to reach its zenith after our death. What a wonder!" — Abraham Israel

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