Sunday, November 17, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"God is never surprised with our performance because He could see it all before we could ever perform it all by His grace, but He always marvels at both our faith and unbelief. Because faith could partner with God to fulfill His purposes for our life and unbelief could partner with the Devil to keep us away from fulfilling His purposes for our life. The difference between faith and unbelief is whether we say yes to God in our heart through faith or yes to the Devil in our heart through unbelief. God is pleased with our faith because devil gets defeated the moment we say yes to the voice of God that comes in to us through the Word of God. A weak heart with God becomes the strongest one that conquers the world of sin, self and Satan. A strong heart without God stays as the weakest one that can be easily broken in to by the insidious forces of the dark world. God's perfect plan are fulfilled by imperfect people who believe a perfect God who can never ever fail them no matter what! It is better to believe and die with faith, rather than to die in unbelief because even after we die physically, only faith follows us to reward us in our after life without fail." — Abraham Israel

"Choose faith over fear every time you are tested, you will not only please God but you will be rewarded for your every choice that you have ever made each time to bring glory to God eternally! Every heart that is tuned on to the Word of God can be trained and educated to stand in faith and drive out fear by the power of God day by day in a higher realm of standing before God, which will be visible to us within and without to others around us. Faith is not easy but worthwhile eternally to pay dividend. Stand with faith to see God stand by you!" — Abraham Israel

"It is not just enough to post our praises of God on Facebook, it is more important to post our praises from the Heart-book of heaven within us, which is the new spirit which we inherited from God through Christ Jesus when we were born from above supernaturally, which has also made us to become the children of the Most High God and eternal citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Keep posting your praises to God, until heaven hosts His Presence all around your life! By the way, keep posting on Facebook too!" — Abraham Israel

"When we have trained ourselves to remain joyful in the Lord outside of our circumstances even when we are young while we face all the troubles and sorrows of this world each day, we will become more and more joyful perpetually as we grow old. This is true blessedness of heaven appointed for every child of God!" — Abraham Israel

"To wait to go to heaven after we die is what religion teaches, to make heaven come to earth while we live is what a relationship with God through Jesus Christ brings. Religion can satisfy the curiosity of our mind, but only a relationship with the living and loving God can satisfy our heart as it is made for Him and Him alone ultimately!" — Abraham Israel

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