Saturday, July 7, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God doesn't need us to make himself complete as He is already perfect, yet He sought for us and chose to send His only begotten Son to save us from our sin to have fellowship and intimacy with us freely. We need God without which we cannot continue to exist, yet we choose to seek God only when emergency arises which we cannot handle with out His help. God is so loving with us that He says, 'Even though you forget to think about me, atleast in emergency call me up and I will help you and deliver you so that you can glorify me.' When we forget to think that we are made to glorify our Creator, we choose to become non-existent to the reality of God's purpose for our lives. Never forget, GOD DOESN'T NEED US BUT WE NEED HIM ALL THE TIME." — Abraham Israel

"When you 'rejoice', which means release the joy from within you which the Lord has put, to your body and to the outside world by taking a good choice, you are actually releasing the mightiest weapon of heavenly supernatural order which will destroy all the demonic gloominess that tries to make you sullen through circumstances of the earthly natural order. When you rejoice during the journey, definitely you will rejoice in the end having no regret for a single moment of what happened to you because you will understand at that time with the perfect eternal understanding of God. REJOICE AND AGAIN I SAY REJOICE!" — Abraham Israel

"Storms come and go in this fallen natural world of sin, but your choice to believe God and His unchanging promises or let go of your faith and sulk in to fear will decide whether the storms that have come your way has done a good work or bad work in your life. God who is in control of your life is in perfect control of all your stroms too. You cannot experience the strength of God in quietness but only through a rumbling storm. Each storm in your life is a new opportunity to experience God in a new dimension of His grace. As a human being, you are either in a storm or out of it or about to enter in to it. So be calm, and never forget to rejoicingly thank God and praise Him through the storm, and thus come out of it stronger and blessed than ever before!" — Abraham Israel

"If faith is all you have got and nothing more, keep it safe because that is all you will ever need to see your situations turn around and get your expectancy fulfilled." — Abraham Israel

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Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Grace is not just a prayer that we say before every meal we eat, it is very power of God over sin, sickness and death which God supernaturally imparts in to us when we choose to fight with faith and valor all the works of the demonic enemies of God which are working against us. Grace touches us when we are strengthless in ourselves and makes us empowered in God's strength against our problems we face. When God rises through us with His grace, all our enemies will flee because they are no more fighting against us but against the God who works in and through us for His Glory!" — Abraham Israel

"When we are seeking the Presence of God continually, actually we are seeking the very face of God whose character of purity and His marvelous ways are only revealed to finite humans like us though having a passionate seeking heart, thus shifting our altitude of foresight from earthly to heavenly, our emotional attitude from negative to positive and our mental aptitude from finite to infinite possibilities." — Abraham Israel

"Religion is something man made to fill the God-shaped eternity in his heart, while God has given only principles of faith to connect to Him in His own way through relationship and intimacy. No man can understand eternity if he is playing religion which is nothing but an organised system or institution of belief based upon traditions of men instead of the pursuit of friendship with God. Religion is a poor and a worthless substitute for relationship with God because instead of taking humans towards God, it takes them away from God. God hates religiosity and doesn't even want the smell of it to contaminate His people whom he loves with His whole heart. Those who are in advanced stage of religious life by playing Church, who knowingly exchange internal truths for external performances, and substitute spiritual realities with carnal results will not find the satisfaction and intimacy of the Presence of God even if they live on earth for a million years. So beware of religion because it can subtly deceive you by keeping you busy working to please God, when God is already pleased with you in Christ Jesus and wants you to believe what He says and thus enjoy your relationship with Him. Stop working and start enjoying the life of God within you, which you can keep receiving abundantly through Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ is the end of all religion and the beginning of a new life of God in us which satisfies us immensely and increases day by day forever." — Abraham Israel

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