Monday, November 19, 2018

Apostolic Inspiration

"With joy you will drink deeply from the fountain of salvation!" (Isa 12:3, NLT).

We often look for temporal solutions to bandage all our problems, when the infection of sin in all its ugliness lies deep in the heart of humans including us. What happens is that when we think something has got healed within us because it seems like the skin has almost covered the wounds caused by others and ourselves because of our weaknesses within us, there lies a pus that comes out oozing, revealing to us that we still need some more treatment to remove the pus in a hard painful way and re-bandage ourselves through the help of others. O what a pity! It keeps reoccurring again and again to cause more frustration in life. May the Lord help us all to deal with the root of sin which is like bacterial and viral infections that runs in our blood stream that need to be dealt with, God has got a master vaccination that he provides for all kinds of spiritual bacterial and viral infections that attacks our immunity against sin and make us peace less and joyless in our lives, and that is, faith in the blood of Jesus that has forgiven all our past, present and future sins.

All we need to do to create permanent solution to overcome all of our difficult and depressive attacks from the evil one is to, confess all our sins to God and release our faith in the all forgiving blood of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, and then calm our soul to be thankful and content in both wants and needs, and also in plenteous and abundant times of having all things in our spirit, soul and body and in all areas of our lives. Quieting all the distractions of fear, insecurity, longings, etc in our soul by speaking to the name of Jesus and thus experiencing the calm assurance which Jesus gives us in our soul, is what we need to experience permanent solution for all our needs and wants in all areas of life and living.

Remember, you need to speak to God and give your burdens often, speak to the devil sometimes, to rebuke and make him flee. Speak to yourself and to your soul many times to encourage yourself to stand in faith after the attacks of the evil one to make amends for the hardship he has given , and instead provide an oasis of refreshment to sustain you in the joy, peace and righteousness of heaven. Life without the permanent solution that Jesus provides, is a longing after a mirage in a desert land of life that makes you die of thirst both spiritually and in all areas of life. Drink the living water Jesus provides before you die, and you will never die of thirst for eternity because a foundation and a ever refreshing river stream of heaven will feed your soul from within permanently and supernaturally, it will come out of you to keep you and others around you become content in this life and in the life to come permanently. Hallelujah!

Much Blessings....

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