Sunday, June 30, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"Human nature wants to grab everything even when it cannot be useful to them or anyone else around them, but God's nature within us wants to give everything everywhere there is a genuine need. Do you want to be a grabber or a giver? Giving glorifies God, grabbing glorifies self. Whom do you want to glorify? It is more blessed to learn giving than receiving, because receiving makes us human, but giving makes us become more Divine." — Abraham Israel

"God loves us and that is why He chastises us to bring the best out of us. If the God you believe does not correct you at all personally, your god is yourself, and not the God who created you for His very own purpose. Those who go under the severity of God also experience the true goodness of God without fail. God loves the whole world generally that is why He provides physically, but He corrects and disciplines specifically only His children who believe and follow him spiritually. So willingly submit and follow God joyfully because He is your eternal Father no matter what life brings, when you do that He brings His best through it all for your own eternal good. You cannot miss out with God, even when you have messed up with everything else in life." — Abraham Israel

"To say we know God is one thing, but it is totally another thing to be known by God. Rejoice O child of God, though you might now not be know to anyone on earth, you are know by the King of Kings and God your Father who resides in Heaven. So praise Him and thank Him for all the privileges God has given you through adopting in to His very own family by His Word and the Spirit. Jesus Christ knows every child of God present in all the world, they all know Him as their Lord and Savior when they first believed Him. Now that you are child of God, do not try to please men but only God and God alone who has sent His very begotten Son of God Jesus Christ freely to save us without any precondition to make us His very own child for eternity ahead! If ever you try to please men or yourself, you cannot please God. Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, your future is sealed, your past has been forgotten by God and your present is ever before His watchful eyes to help you, as you look to do great things for Him and His Glory. Glorify our Father in Heaven! Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"Every child of God is set apart by God to live a supernatural life of holiness that makes them grow up spiritually from being a child to a son of God fully loaded and guided by the Spirit of God to rule and reign in the earth. Never forget that God has set you apart by adoption for you to become more and more like Him in character, likeness and fullness of life, so that you and I may become a replica of His greatness and glory working in and through us for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"To say I am free in one thing, but it is totally another thing altogether to become truly free. A human becomes truly free only when he becomes free from the self that limits his relationship with God and fellow beings, thus to believe in Jesus Christ and be free from all our sins not only frees our soul from death but also puts us on a path to master over the tyranny of self that promotes sin to keep us in bondage to its delusion of eternal reality to cheat us from what we deserve in Christ Jesus for free. To be born free is not a reality, until be get born again to be really free." — Abraham Israel

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