Sunday, June 30, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God will be seriously working in the business of restoration of all lost things that Satan and his demonic tyrants have caused you in the past days, if you believe God's ability to do it and Satan's inability against God's sovereign power and authority over your life. Just believe God's promise and move forward to gain all things and lose nothing anymore because God has promised to stay by your side! Nothing is more powerful than believing the promises of God!" — Abraham Israel

"Apart from Jesus working God's will from within to let us work out, we can achieve nothing of true eternal value to look forward as treasure to rejoice in eternity. The more we let Jesus work within and hear His voice to obey it, the more we will achieve greatness and eternal excellence without in our spiritual lives." — Abraham Israel

"Now we are sanctified wholly in our spirit, soul and body only as we surrender our will to the will of God moment by moment. The life which is sanctified by the Spirit will be preserved by Him in holiness until the day we will rise up in our sinless supernatural eternal body on the day of rapture. So surrender to the will of the Father to enjoy life on earth in liberty as it is in heaven!" — Abraham Israel

"Some say that Jesus was a good man, still others say that He is just a prophet, still some others say that He is a teacher, still more others say that He was just a historical figure, still certain others hate to hear His name because they consider Him as the one who has been cursed by God for His blasphemy not realising that the Scripture itself says that "the LORD has laid on Him the iniquity of us all", but unless you come to understand that He is not just the Savior of the world from sins but the Lord God who is the Creator of the whole wide universe, you haven't yet really come to understand who Jesus was and is and is to come at all. To understand Jesus you need no big brains to think, but a heart to believe what He has already said about Himself!" — Abraham Israel

"When you sense the darkness of hell surround you, do not curse it, instead let the light of the word of God enlighten you and all the darkness with flee away automatically." — Abraham Israel

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Sugar coated preaching is widely accepted by all because it will have neither rebuke nor exhortation, but the dangerous deception that is hidden in it is that instead of turning your soul towards God and grounding you in the truth, it will turn you away from truth and will make you to sit in the shaky ground of sandy lies and fables which may crumble any moment when a storm of life comes your way. The deviation of little proportion is what it takes to mislead you away from your destiny totally. Ground your life by building it not on things that you like, but the thing that will hurt you bluntly with the truth, because at the end of all things, nothing will bless you and make you a blessing for a lifetime and eternity ahead more than the blunt truth of knowing about your sinfully depraved and deceitful self, and the way you truly look like in any particular time in the eyes of God. Face the truth in such a way that it will shape you, because if you do not face the truth to be shaped willingly now, you will have to be chopped by it unwillingly someday then. Always choose to kill sin before it kills you. It is better now than later!" — Abraham Israel

"Finding God's will for your lives is not a mysterious endeavour if you seek God's will regarding whatever you do in your life, as you continually seek for God's mind to be revealed in your focus and attitude, God will show clearly which path you must take as you wait upon Him. God shows himself up to reveal His will only for those who sincerely seek from their heart. God will may be mainly divided into good, acceptable and perfect will of God, the more you wait the better status you get with God. God may delay His answer many times just to see how serious you are to do His will even if it means great sacrifice, once you have waited to find God's perfect will in His perfect timing, He will shower His favour upon you for a lifetime and eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"There are no prayer that are done in God's will that God fails to respond to it, it is up to us to understand whether God is increasing our faith by answering it or He is delaying to increase our patience and build our character or He has something better for us as He has answered not our prayer at all. No matter what, when we pray in the will of God, God wants the best thing for us to receive so that we could continue to grow spiritually and be blessed to become a great blessing continually. So trust God and pray continually!" — Abraham Israel

"When we keep God and His never leaving Presence in our lives as our treasured possession on earth and invest in to His kingdom causes as something to be treasured and invested for eternal dividend, soon we will come in to a content state of mind where we will be free of the love of money and covetousness for the temporal things that we see as a passing pleasures in this world. The antidote for the love of money is to love the Presence of God and be content enough to reject all the covetous attitude that comes in to us consciously through the word of authority in Jesus name. The only treasure that will remain with us to be taken out of this world when we die are all those things which we have committed into God's hands for His disposal!" — Abraham Israel

"The friend who gave His life for us will only stay with us as our friend for life, and that friend is our one and only Jesus without any doubt. Everything else will fade away but Jesus will become brighter and brighter as we live our lives for Him." — Abraham Israel

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"To worship the Lord means to give worth-ship to Him who deserves it because of the purity of His character and benevolence towards us humans in spite of our unworthiness to receive the least of it. Only when we try our best to reflect the lifestyle of His holiness in our lives, we truly give Him the worth that He deserves." — Abraham Israel

"When you are in the midst of all negative situations and sufferings, run not to lonely serene places to find solace and comfort or to destress yourself. Because your burdens which are spiritual is beyond space and time, it will continue to distress you in one way or the other. But instead run in to the Presence of God and unload your burdens through prayer because in God's Presence you will truly experience the fullness of joy as God has already promised in His word." — Abraham Israel

"Can you add or reduce your height to some other level as you wish, you can never make it to happen naturally because the height of a person has been predetermined by the Lord even before we were born. In the same way, when we worry, it is like wishing ourselves to have some other height than what we are and forgetting that it is impossible to achieve it, and instead expecting it to happen seriously because the enemy has deceived us to think that way. Instead thanking to God for the height that God has given and predetermined for us, will fill our mind with peace that passes all understanding which is the cure and antidote for worry. When you know that all that happens in your life cannot happen outside the knowledge of the Lord, then you will give your problems to the Lord and will face all situations with boldness, knowing that no situations can be greater than the grace God gives to face it and wade through it moment by moment. When you have tasted the grace of God for each moment that He gives to those who seek Him, you will bury your worry until it becomes the road on which you walk through to your destination that God has prepared for you to enjoy and experience. So do not let worry rock you to nowhere in life, instead have faith which will knock the right doors and will open it continually until you reach somewhere you never even imagined but has been pre planned by God for you." — Abraham Israel

"To be still needs nothing to be done except to look to God in prayer and expect Him to do what He has promised in His appointed time. When we stop doing, God starts working, so just be still and see what kind of powerful worker God is." — Abraham Israel

"When you are thankful with a heart of gratitude for what the Lord has done in your life and is doing, you will be able to enter into His gates to offer sacrifices of worship which will bless you with the joy of the Lord. But once you start to praise God irrespective of the circumstances you face, then in His holy court you will understand God, His word and be illuminated by His Spirit progressively as He fills you more and more. Still when you persist in praise even when all things happen contrary to your expectations and darkness begins to fill all around you, then you will enter into the Holiest court of God's Presence in which you will begin to experience God face to face as a friend. Then the Lord Himself will become your light and your salvation in all the situation of life that comes against you. Praise that persists will make the enemies of God to flee in seven ways because the Lord will be enthroned within praise to fight personally against all that come against Him and will bring you to reign over all situations of your life for the glory of God! Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Great changes will happen in all the world when a single family chooses to follow and serve the Lord Jesus wholeheartedly, and dares to challenge others to live like themselves. When the husband declares "As for me and my household we will serve the Lord", the wife and the children will follow him with unison in mind, purpose and intent of the heart. The family that centers itself in serving the Lord will always have the Lord's favor over it generation after generation!" — Abraham Israel

"When we know that God who lives in heaven have also chosen to live in the hearts of all Christians, heaven will not be a place to be longed for in our afterlife but rather a joyful experience within us already and more of it to come." — Abraham Israel

"It is one thing to speak about heaven, but it is totally another thing to have heaven in our hearts through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ." — Abraham Israel

"It is totally a waste of time, talent and treasure when we gain the whole world and yet think not for a moment about our soul life which lives for eternity. The moment we die on this earth, we cannot take anything we have gained in this world to be used for the life that is ahead of us. Wise people collect their treasures in heaven and feed their soul on earth by doing the will of God till it gets filled with heaven." — Abraham Israel

"True worship comes out of us only when we constantly meditate upon the word of God, encourage one another through teaching and singing songs and being thankful for all that God has already done for us in Christ Jesus." — Abraham Israel

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God has not just called us to go to the Church, but be the Church. Once we realize that we are the Church of the living God, we will live the life of God on earth as it is in heaven. The life of God is something that always has peace, joy and righteousness all the time and is not affected by external circumstances. The Church works the best when all the members of the Body of Christ use their time, talent and treasure to love people and share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. Do not think that where you work and what you do is a secular work, and that the work done within the literal Church premises are sacred work for the Lord, instead according to God, your life that is lived outside the Church walls, and what you do when no other person is present to watch what you do in your personal life is more important to God. Your life becomes the light to others around you and the light becomes the testimony of God to draw people from darkness. God has called some men and women to be pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets and apostles to empower the Body of Christ, but He has called the whole empowered Church to be a light to the world that is perishing in darkness of lies, deception and immorality. Live the life of God and let the light of heaven shine on all people around you everywhere you go because you are the living stones of the Church that is being built by God supernaturally for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"God keeps you from falling apart when you are broke, so that when you are stable enough, you might be thankful enough to God by encouraging and keeping someone from falling apart around you. The reason God blesses you is for you to become a blessing!" — Abraham Israel

"The greatest revelation we can get in this life from God supernaturally is to know the hopeless sinful depravity of one's heart within and the knowledge that God knows all of it more than we can ever know about it ourselves. The maturity of any spiritual man can only be seen and realized only we see that he has gone hopelessly down in His own sight and strength, and now depends only on God's mercy and grace for elevation and success in his spiritual life." — Abraham Israel

"There is no alternative way to succeed in life except to keep trying until you reach the goal you have set before you to achieve. With God as your partner, you will always reach the goal you have set before you in His set time for you. But don't forget, you need to keep walking with Him in continual partnership and friendship by believing Him for what you do not see until you see the reward of what you have believed!" — Abraham Israel

"God is not interested in receiving any kind of religious work of humanity because it looks spiritually like a filthy rags in His sight, but He is very much interested and is desiring for all humanity to be clothed with the beautiful white and silky royal robe of righteousness that He is providing to everyone who has faith in the work He has achieved on behalf of them through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. Only faith pleases God and that no one can please Him without believing that He is and that He is a rewarder of all those who diligently seek Him. God sends His holy fire to consume your whole being time after time only when you seek earnestly enough by believing His promises and His good character that rewards earnest seekers. Do not try to present your so called useless work of your hands and imaginations to Him, but present yourself as a living sacrifice to Him and your will never come back rewardless or disappointed for having dared to do it for God's sake." — Abraham Israel

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God is more interested in our being than just in our well being." — Abraham Israel

"When we live a life of holiness before our children, automatically like a magnet we will draw them to live like us before the world can draw them to itself." — Abraham Israel

"When people say, where is the devil you speak about, they forget that they see through the devil. They might not see the devil but can find his presence when each thought they think is evaluated by the word of God within them. To see the work of the devil needs humility before God, and if we have it, we will rule over sin and will destroy all demonic works in our lives rather than blindly questioning about demons." — Abraham Israel

"Only what is broken by the Lord will be used by Him, this is why God has promised to be near to all the broken hearted people to show Himself strong on their behalf as they will be trusting in His strength to carry on moment by moment. Brokenness precedes exaltation from the Lord, so ask the Lord to break you, melt you, mould you and fill you so that He can use you fully for His glory. Jesus broke the bread that a unknown little boy gave to Him willingly and He multiplied it to become a blessing to a multitude of more than five thousand people who were hungry, you will never know how Jesus can use you to be a mighty blessing to all the people around you, until you give yourself willingly for Him to break you. God cannot bless you before He can break you, as we know that only broken vessels can become a blessing to all people around them for His glory." — Abraham Israel

"God's love is the only one that will make us understand that God loves us beyond all our faults, and in knowing it deeply within us through personal intimacy with God will makes us to reflect it upon others by loving them beyond all their faults. To continue to love those whom we know are not trustworthy at all and cannot be depended upon makes us vulnerable, but that very vulnerability to become hurt is the channel through which God will start to minister to people and convict them of their selfishness. To love needs sacrifice and the readiness to give to people rather than to expect to get, when God's love fills our heart through our willingness to let God do His work through us, that is when His Presence will also start to fill our whole soul and body, at such times we will cry and yet it will be not be our tears, it will be God's tears selflessly flowing through us. Such tears of God that comes through us are the mighty weapon of prayer that God hears and answers it for our sake towards others. To love others is in itself a battle, but loving others inspite of their enmity or their selfishness within them will be the greatest spiritual battle that can be won or lost based on whether we are trusting that only in God's strength we love others or in our own strength. When we acknowledge God's love is the one that helps us love even our enemies, God will retain His satisfaction through giving us His own grace to sustain us when we are hurt by love. To keep loving even when it hurts is possible only when we constantly receive God's love within us from the secret place of His Presence and win people through it for His Glory! Love hurts, but don't forget it also satisfies you deeply." — Abraham Israel

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Blessed is the man who knows that he is on a pilgrimage on earth and is looking forward to live in the light of the glory of God for eternity, he shall live on earth in joy and satisfaction as it is in heaven. Jesus has promised a palace dwellings for all of God's children, on earth He has not promised a bed of roses all the way but trials and tribulations to make us inherit great imperishable treasures in our future life in heaven. God's ways are mysterious to understand with our human mind. But those of us who believe His word and start to live believing it, will be so blessed to live a supernatural life on earth and will become as light hearted without worries or fear as a bird on the air travelling towards a destination that it knows within its heart where it will enjoy the seasons of refreshing. The happiest people on earth are not those who have everything and still do not have any joy to look forward to enjoy their life beyond the earth which they might leave anytime, but those who knows their exhilarating future beyond the earth and cherish and live for it now by obeying God who has promised it to them!" — Abraham Israel

"When you look to the past, it never brings you profit. When you look to the future, it will only make you worried. When you live in the present, you will enjoy life abundantly because you will come to realize that it has been the gift of God all the way!" — Abraham Israel

"Being thankful towards God is not an obligation that the Lord requires, but it is an attitude of gratitude that the Lord expects for what He has done. We need to command our soul to comply to the word of God and inculcate it to be thankful for all that God has done for us in our past. Many times as we fail to be thankful towards God, we lose our balance and become stagnated in our spiritual growth. Being thankful is a way of life that leads to joyful abundant life. All our lack in our soul is due to being unthankful towards God for what he has already done. If we can't be thankful for what miracles God has already done, what rights we have to expect God to act for what He has promised? The next time you feel something lacking in your life, just start to give thanks to the Lord and proclaim loudly His greatness. Once your soul gets filled with the goodness of God, the whole wide world will come to know what He has done for us automatically as the joy we carry will contagiously spread and cause great thanksgiving wherever we come into contact with people. When God is joyful seeing our thankful attitude for what He has done, immediately He will move Himself to do much more than we expect and will fulfill our hearts desire! Thankfulness opens the floodgates of heaven and will cause the earth to understand God's greatness." — Abraham Israel

"Most Christians just have this wrong idea that they are saved for heaven and that they should wait until death to experience heaven, but little do they realise that the very call from Jesus to deny themselves and carry their own cross was not a call for suffering but a call to experience heaven on earth by living the abundant life of heaven that is full of peace, joy and righteousness. By putting our flesh to death, actually we experience the very supernatural quality of the life of God on earth as He lives and enjoys in heaven. Keep reminding yourself that if ever you live a quality of life less than the call of God for every Christian, you are missing the crux of the package that God has given to enjoy. So live the abundant life of God on earth and supernaturally enjoy it as God enjoys in heaven irrespective of the circumstances you face and go through on earth. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"Your friends will define your life and will drive you to your God-given destiny or drag you away from it. So in all your getting, get understanding to choose godly friends who will fuel your passion to be devoted towards God and his holiness without which no one will see the ways of God." — Abraham Israel

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