Saturday, September 12, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"It is not how much we have in this life that matters the most, but who we have with us to uphold us that really matters because we may hold tightly with us all earthly things but without one ounce of joy and peace for holding it. What if we gain the whole world and lose our soul life which really helps us enjoy on earth the things we have? So let our conduct be without covetousness to know that the greatest promise that God has given us personally is, 'I will never leave you, nor forsake you no matter what,' having this promise we shall train our heart to be content and be satisfied in the Lord. The heart which is let loose and untrained to go its own way longing after more and more money and earthly material possession will by no means get satisfied with contentment but will remain always empty spiritually and least heavenly." — Abraham Israel

"The root cause for all discontentment and meaninglessness in our earthly life is because of not being thankful to God for what we have, and coveting for things we do not have which pictures God in the opposite character of who He really is in all benevolence. God is good all the time whether we feel it or not, if we hold this truth in our heart and speak with our mouth the same truth, we will be content in all circumstances!" — Abraham Israel

"If only we could understand where to unload ourselves of all our burdens at each of the seemingly impossible to go through dead ends of our lives journeys, then we will learn to walk by faith up to the dead-end and command it to open up and then see a supernatural way open up before us, thus demonstrating that there are no dead ends before us which can stop us from going forward with the joy of heaven that actually carries us towards our finish line of victory that God has set before us. God doesn't see a dead end at any point of our lives journey where He is taking us, though we might see now and then a dead-end show up before our natural eyes, because God makes a way where there seems to be no way! In other words, God sees through the dead end of our lives because when ever a dead end comes before us, He will make a way through it when we are working with Him in partnership by faith." — Abraham Israel

"Every impossible will say I'm-possible when God is in partnership working with us towards our destination." — Abraham Israel

"Daddy God who is in heaven showered his love unconditional towards us in Christ Jesus not because we are worthy but He is worthy to shower it more and more even for eternity ahead towards us who are His children, as we are His idea and came in to existence by Him, for Him and through Him to enjoy and know Him for now and for eternity as our Father in Heaven! All of our earthly fathers are a pale reflection of our real one in heaven because when our earthly fathers are not able to reach out to us, our Heavenly Father without fail will reveal Himself and fill that space in our heart which was actually made for Him and Him alone!" — Abraham Israel

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