Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"Repentance is not a means to an end to the Children of God in His Kingdom, it is the new way of life where we unlearn the thinking of the world we are in to learn the thinking of the everlasting world we will be living soon. Repentance there is not an option for the Child of God, bur rather is a way of life commanded and decreed by our Heavenly King Jesus Christ! Kingdom thinking is kingly thinking, so only those who learn to live like the King through mastering the commands of God given in the Bible will only be able to live a King sized life on earth for the Glory of God!" — Abraham Israel

"The sure sign of our love for God can be expressed and immortalized before heaven and earth only through our love for God's people and our service towards them in encouraging them all over the world which shall build them up in faith for greater service and reward for us all together. In God's Kingdom fertility of his earthly garden of faith life, together we bloom or together we get doomed. No plant can rise up and live for itself unless the higher one sustains it. Therefore let us love one another as Christ as loved us!" — Abraham Israel

"Our differences are point of note to cherish and learn more about each other than to be jealous and not see eye to eye. God has created each one differently from each other, because God is the God of varieties who would love to see each other love just like Him." — Abraham Israel

"When we are going through darkness and groping for God, that is when God reaches out to us to remind us that He indeed is holding on to our hand from the moment we trusted His promises. God is pleased only through faith in our heart that has come in to us through trusting His promises! God and His Word are one, when we are trusting God's promises, God cannot fail and therefore we cannot fail. God has given a eternal Word of His promises in our hands, that is why He says, heaven and earth may pass away but My words will never pass away. Even if God seems to be far away now, the fact remains that He is closer to us than the air we breathe. Even when it seems like God has failed to catch-hold of us from falling now, His eternal arms are waiting to hold us even when if we die physically. When it seems like God has failed to give us the right address in our life to reach out to Him, the fact remains that every day no matter where we are, God is present already in our address. Trusting God is the paramount gift that we can give to God, everything else is a gift of God that he has already given to us so that we may learn to enjoy the God who provides! It is better to trust God to take His hand and walk in to darkness, than to have a noon day light before us to walk without Him." — Abraham Israel

"No matter how big your problems are, there is a God who is bigger than that to provide you a solution when you are walking with Him. The evidence of your walk with God can be assured within you only when you choose to give God your problems in prayer regularly day by day and instead receive His peace which is the assurance that God gives back to you that He will bring His right solution for your life. So tell all your problems to God, and then free yourself from worrying to try to solve it yourself because God cares for you enough to bring you the right solution in His appointed time, which is God's best for your life according to His foreordained plan in His destiny. Those who know how big their God is, will always not tell how big their problems are, instead they will always say with a smile that they have a bigger God and better solution for every problem they face. Focusing on your problems will make your problems bigger, focusing on your bigger God in spite of the problem makes your problems become smaller and insignificant before Him! May your God always remain as big as He is in reality in your life through seeing God as He is by giving your problems to Him and letting Him solve it all in His time, and never make Him become smaller than He is in reality by letting yourself see your life through your problems. Those who see a big God will enjoy a God-sized life who will be able to solve it all in their life without a problem through their faith, and those who see a small God will suffer from their small-sized powerless god who will not be able to solve their problems because of their own unbelief." — Abraham Israel

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