Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"The day we become the adopted child of God through receiving Jesus as our Lord and Savior, that is the day all our past, present and future sins are all forgiven by God once and for all time, and a new spirit is put by God within us which has no deceit as it is created according to God in true righteousness and holiness. The blessing of all blessings is to be truly forgiven by God of all our sins. If we are grateful to God for the salvation of our soul and require nothing more than that for the rest of our lives to be thankful for, we are truly giving back to God a heart full of praise and thanksgiving which will brings all other blessings in this life and in the life to come with out ever asking God for it specifically. All our lack in life are due to lack of thankful heart for all we have received. Try thanking God always at all times because that is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus who wants you to be blessed in all things through maintaining this attitude of gratitude. When our thanks goes up to reach the throne of God, new blessing are waiting to be released. When our praise goes up as a sacrifice to the throne of God, new power of God is waiting to be released in to the earth through our words and actions. God covered you sins so that you could be able to cover the throne of God with praises for His enthronement and ruler ship over you." — Abraham Israel

"The mighty hands of God that holds the earth in its axis and that which has kept the entire universe intact till now has extended His hand of friendship with humans like you and me in Christ Jesus. Because we have become God's children, let us learn that the only Person who can be with us at all times, at all places and at all situations in our life can be none other than the God who holds us in His loving arms. This is reason we can boldly declare that, 'God is our refuge for us to hide, and strength within us to face trials and a very present help to us in the troubles that we can no longer face with our limited resources any time of our lives.' Glory to God!" — Abraham Israel

"No person on earth is outside of this three state in their lives. Either they are in the midst of trial, or they would have just come out of one or else they have just entered in to one. Jesus foreseeing our lives said, you will have trials and tribulations as long as you are in this world, be of good cheer for I have overcome the world. In other words, Jesus was saying no matter where you are positionally in the three states related to trial in your life, I have conquered the power of the world over you and have put you with in my hand to make you reach my plans and destination for your life. Just remember where ever you are in life and no matter what happens through out your time on earth, the eternal God is now your refuge and underneath you the everlasting arms are holding you up. No matter how severe your trial may be, God's arms are big enough to hold you within it and keep you from falling in to destruction. Make sure to cheer yourself up and rejoice in the Lord always no matter what state you are in your life because God is holding you within His everlasting arms!" — Abraham Israel

"When you know that you know that God has already spoken to you, never again go back to God expecting an answer you like because the answer might come from God as you expected Him to speak, but the sad thing in your spiritual life will be that you have moved from God's perfect will to the permissive will of God in your life because of a unguarded heart that has deceived you through the wrong motives that has entered it. God answers back according to your motives and lets you decide your destiny when you keep coming back to expect an answer from Him that is different from what you have already received. God is a perfect gentleman because He never forces on any one His will, but leads those who willingly submit to Him without fail in to green pastures to feed their soul for eternity. Don't go for a second opinion when you know the first command you received is the perfect will of God. God has no opinions to give you, but has only one will of God in which he expects you to obey Him and receive the infinite blessings that He has in store for you!" — Abraham Israel

"When our focus through our trials and tribulations is not how much of troubles and impossibility we will face, instead how much of grace we are going to receive in the inner man of our spirit to sustain and wade through all of it victoriously by the grace of God, then we will become victorious by keeping our mouth shut up in faith through the greatness of our spirit man which will sustain us supernaturally with heaven's joy through our trials. An unexplainable power of God will hold us intact in the satisfaction of heaven's understanding of what victorious life will be when the bigness of the spirit man inside us makes us focus on heaven's perspective. Hold on to God's word and exercise it to make you spiritual muscles to pump up and become big for victorious living of faith that overcomes the doubtful attitude of complaining. No trials or tribulations can ever be bigger than the grace than will empower you from God to overcome it supernaturally! Through your trials learn to focus on the bigness of your God rather than on your problem, so that your faith will keep you safe through it all to make you stand victoriously without failing for the glory of God." — Abraham Israel

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