Saturday, May 13, 2017

Apostolic Quotes

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"God speaks in countless ways than we can imagine, but the problem with us humans is that we never believe that it can be God who speaks so plainly to us because we are expecting something unusually miraculous and heavenly extravagance when He speaks. Don't miss God by wrong expectations of how He speaks, all we need to know is when God speaks, say 'amen...amen....and AMEN.' Before we can realize what is happening to us, what happens in the heart of God towards us is invaluable, as He will consider us righteous and worthy enough to be His friend. When God calls us His friend that is when He stops just blessing us, to make us become a blessing to others which is the greatest blessing we can inherit from God. Don't stop just being blessed yourself, become a blessing to others to be called a friend of God!" — Abraham Israel

"If we let our sinful nature control our mind, it leads to separation from the goodness of God in the land of the living, and makes us miss the eternal reward which we eagerly expect in the afterlife for the overcoming life we live now. But letting the Spirit of God control our mind leads to life and peace now, and eternal bliss of reward that will stay with us for the rest of our eternity in the afterlife." — Abraham Israel

"The present heaven and earth is just a shadow, but the new heaven and new earth is what we as believers in Christ Jesus are looking for eagerly where God dwells with us." — Abraham Israel

"The person of Jesus Christ, His sinless birth, death and resurrection is the rock on which the Church is built. His names that come out of that name are the keys of authority in which we as the Church operate in all realms of existence. And the one who builds the Church is the Lord God Jesus Christ Himself, against whom no defenses of the power of Hades prison of the unsaved can prevail as Jesus is rescuing all the souls that are seeking God for salvation and friendship with Him now are given eternal life as a gift for eternity ahead! In the miraculous name of Jesus the Christ, all destinies are rewritten, impossibilities made possibilities, sinners are remade as saints, wicked are made righteous in a moment of time, old ugly creatures who deserve hell are made a new creation who deserve heaven, is all made in a moment. Praise God and thank God for His mercy, grace and love shown to us all in Christ Jesus!" — Abraham Israel

"Freedom is not free, it costs you much more than procrastination and lethargy to work out a plan to resist the status quo and break free in to new avenues of free dominion by the empowering grace received through the Spirit of God. Freedom needs sacrifice to attain and also maintain, sacrifice your flesh for the Spirit and you will never be in want of freedom for anything in your spiritual life." — Abraham Israel

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