Saturday, September 22, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"No matter how greatly spiritual a man or a woman of God is, when God says through his word to pray without ceasing, how can we pray like that when as a normal human being we have to cease from praying to sleep daily for at least a few hours, or as medical people say for a minimum of six to seven hours daily? So in context to the above, when we live in the attitude of prayer in the unceasing prayer of the heart, in fact we pray always by becoming conscious of the prayer partner the Holy Spirit praying unceasingly through us, as He never slumbers nor sleep. Even when it is time for us to sleep, we start to sleep but through our spirit-man the Holy Spirit will supernaturally pray and unceasingly rejoice over us with songs, hymns and laughter of faith over us just like a mother watches over her baby and thus keeps guard over our heart. So this attitude of prayer becomes the air we breathe rather than the sound and syllables we make. God wants us to do such unceasing prayers by voluntarily opening up our mind consciously to give way to the attitude of the Spirit of prayer done through the Spirit of God which then brings powerful results in our lives. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"While we draw near to God lifting our hearts to the Lord, the Lord draws near to us with His Presence. There is a safe place under the wings of the Almighty where our hearts and His Presence can dwell continually in fellowship with each other, which makes us pray unceasingly to Him and hear His voice back. While God is always available to communicate and fellowship with, are we communicating with Him by looking to heaven beyond our earthly needs and wants?" — Abraham Israel

"Faith is the small lamp we carry in this world of darkness that does not know God. Through our pilgrim journey, sometimes we face the mountains and as overcomers through faith we climb over it by the grace of God that empowers us. Still at other times we face mountains that make us move no further and makes us pray to God to know what to do when we do not know what to do, at such times faith arises within us to make us boldly declare and command the mountains of problems to get out of our way. Lo and behold God who becomes pleased with our faith, steps in and removes the mountain in our path to make us move forward as overcomers in faith. We should be ready to take the hand of God in darkness and step in to the unknown, rather than to see the known world in brightness and become so dull minded and dark within our soul. It would be a million times more effective and safe eternally to wade through our life taking the hand of God and see just a step forward to climb on to our destiny, rather than see a illusion of a whole picture that we think is real but in fact so unreal to a dull mind ruled by doubt and unbelief and fears. Could God be trusted through? Billions have found and still many more are finding their way through to eternal life and comfort of rest within their soul. How could we say no when God says yes and have made us as His children through faith and promised us His graceful hand to guide to empower us to be overcomers in this world? GLORY!!!" — Abraham Israel

"Noah's time is a preliminary example and a clarion call of God for the end time generation, to open their inner eyes and repent. Because it was in his day that the saved and the unsaved were not able to be differentiated by their behavior because of increase in lawlessness in mammoth and gigantic proportion in the lives of everyone living in the planet earth. The light of the love of God in the hearts of the children of God became cold and frozen to the point, only Noah and his family were found just and righteous in the sight of God because he walked with God daily. So will it be in our times, only as we walk with God day in and day out, we and our family will be saved from the terrible judgment of God's Worldwide Tribulation that is coming upon the whole planet earth in an unprecedented way since creation of all things. God has placed us in this world as a light to the nations for the Glory of God and His goodness to be revealed. If we do not take opportunity now to arise and shine for the Glory of God, when will we ever, and who will ever, how will they ever hear and see the goodness of God in the land of the living, and not the wrath of God which all sinners deserve? O Saints of the Most High God, arise and shine! Remember, we as the ambassadors and messengers of the Lord and His eternal Kingdom, to those who are perishing, we are a dreadful smell of death and doom. But to those who are being saved, we are a life-giving perfume." — Abraham Israel

"When it comes to God, you get only what you believe. Nothing more, nothing less as He is no respecter of persons. The Bible which comprises of 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament, together they are 66 books full of promises from God to be believed and experienced through living it. How many have you believed? Believe great things of God and do great things for God!" — Abraham Israel

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