Friday, December 5, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"While the world in darkness is starting to sleep in a lull of safety and peace, God is mightily going to send the spirit-capacity of Elijah once again upon the Church to stir and remove the divided heart, and thus unite it in faith through the demonstration of His power in signs, wonders and miracles of unprecedented proportion which will bring deep repentance to turn His People towards Himself and prepare them for Jesus the Messiah who is standing at the door of heaven to open it and invite His Bride in to His chamber. After the rapture of the Church the startling thing that also awaits the nation of Israel is the good news that God has His literal and original Elijah of the Old Testament standing behind Jesus to come to this present earth and do His Work of turning the heart of the people of faith in Israel to turn towards their Messiah Jesus who is going to come and rule in this earth for a thousand years along with us the Church and the Martyrs His saints of all time." — Abraham Israel

"There is a religion of 21st century in our generation that boasts that it knows about everything of God, yet it does not know Him personally. To know about God is not enough to save us from sin, we have to know Him personally as our Savior and Lord. We can never be able to win souls for Christ, until we come to know personally Christ in our soul. The love of God should draw our souls closer to Christ so much that we must come to a point where we will draw a line and see clearly the limited boundary of religion to experience a limitless relationship with Jesus. Religion without Holy Spirit Life within is like a lifeless body in a casket that doesn't move but is ready to be buried to avoid bad stinky stench. Christianity without Christ as its center is like a bus without wheels, though people sit in it for a while it never takes them to their destination. Forgiveness without repentance is like a thief who is caught in the act says sorry and goes on to loot more and more houses until one day he is caught up to stand before the judge to be throw in to prison forever. Salvation without regeneration is like a man who is about to board the flight without a valid ticket being denied an entry at the last moment in to it. Heaven without hell is like a joker who plays in circus with the wild lion to come to a point where he begins to say that lions cannot hurt me anymore because they are tame until one day it eats him up to be no more. May God open our spiritual eyes to keep us on track in a closer relationship to Himself through our Lord Jesus Christ and keep us from all the 21st century deception of the end time. Stay close to Jesus and you will never have to worry about anything." — Abraham Israel

"I have been in drought hit times of great distress where the owner of the house in which we rented and stayed literally said that we can get gold but cannot get a pot of water this day. That day I realized that if God has not placed earth on water but rather vice-verse, all of our existence in this earth would not have been possible to prolong. To this day when ever I use a bucket of water, now I have understood the value of it so much and therefore do not take it for granted, but rather thank God for providing water enough for me to take bath and use toilets to relieve myself and bring refreshment for my body each day, wash vessels, clean the floor, drink enough to quench my thirst and use it for cooking, etc....without which I possibly cannot think of a life to live joyfully. In our spiritual life God drenches us in the Holy Spirit after we come to receive Baptism in the Holy Spirit from Jesus after which rivers of Heavenly Life giving water start to flow through our lives, to not only feed us and keep us in satisfaction but all others around us so that God can be glorified through our lives. We get both physical water and spiritual water without limit because God's love towards our life on earth and our continual existence for eternity matters much more than His comfort in heaven, so He sent His only begotten Son from heaven to experience this life on earth and through him cause His spiritual water from heaven to reach our hearts to make us never thirst again as it starts to flow out of us as a spring that never ceases to quench our spiritual thirst and also increase in us like a river that never runs dry as we seek God more and more. Let us thank our God now and forever for His love through which He placed earth [i.e. dust man] among waters [i.e the Holy Spirit] and established it for our continual existence both physically and spiritually! When you thank God for the earthly blessings, then you will be positioned by God to receive the heavenly blessings." — Abraham Israel

"Trinity in unity of the Godhead is the only perfect tri-unity that connects heaven to earth and makes man to be in the likeness of God which is actually becoming one in God, with and for God! The next time you want to ponder the mystery of God, thank God for His triune nature of the expression of His being that makes Him express His love for you from far afar as though He is nearer than the nearest person present with you." — Abraham Israel

"No matter how strong and reputed a man or woman of God is or will be, they are still fallible humans with a sin nature that could trip them anytime if they do not keep themselves humble and hide themselves in God all the time. So in our lives we who follow the ministers of God through their teachings, preachings and inspirations should always evaluate it based on the Word of God, and then should take in to our heart only that which conforms itself to the Word of God and thus receive only the pure blessings of heaven without any curse of spiritual blindness within it. If we are not careful in this regard, we will only stay as illumined or as blind in regard to God, to the level of the revelation of the man or woman of God whom we follow rather than the level of the mature man and woman of God that the Lord expects us to be in our lives. Even God Himself first has honored His Word even above His Great and Glorious name because He Himself abides by His Word, how much more we as His children need to abide by His Word through the illumination of His Spirit. Beware of those Christians whose faith is based on their own ideas and feelings that they think is right, because though they speak and try to boast up a image that they are so near to God and are blessed, they are far from the God who abides by HIS WORD in that particular area of their lives where scriptural blindness have taken root in their lives. To become a man or woman of the Word will keep us closer to the God of the Word." — Abraham Israel

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