Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Apostolic Interpretation & Today's Bible Verse To Ponder Over

✞◎∂αƴ❝ṧ ฿їßℓε Ṽℯґṧℯ ✞ℴ ℙøηḓℯґ ϴṽ℮я :

"[God's] winnowing-fan is in the hand of Jesus, and he will thoroughly purge his threshing-floor of your heart, and will gather the pure wheat of heaven's sanctified soul into his garner [which is the listed names of heaven to be rewarded], but the chaff of the flesh present in the soul he will burn with fire." (Luke 3:17, Abi's Translation).

When the world says you can do what you want with your mind, but regarding your behavior to others you should act well and good, that is enough to be a good humans. It is like saying, be a fish but choose not to swim in the water for too long, be a cow but don't eat grass or any plant, you can be a prostitute but should never have sex with a married man, play with fire but make sure you do not burn yourself up completely, play with a snake but make sure you are not bitten by its poisonous fang, etc...

It is a devil's lie who promotes unclean mind of fantasies and lust which he tells that God is not seriously concerned about it because no human can live without sin and He understand it. Do not believe the lies of the devil who promotes such wrong ideas because he is the father of all lies. Your mind is a reflection of what your are going to be, and not what you are. So when you allow the lies of the devil to control your mind today, you can be sure what you will become tomorrow. In other words, when God says repent, his clarion call is to ask his children not to compromise and let the evil thoughts of their own deceptive heart in which the devil sows his thoughts of evil to be allowed to sprout and take root to become big enough to control their lives action to be influenced for bad fruits (Gen 4:7). When God speaks through his apostle Paul saying, "But fornication, and all uncleanness...Let it not be named once among you, as you are called to be saints." (Eph 5:3), God speaks and exhorts us to flee from the external sin of adultery and fornication, as well as the internal sin of mind that gets fulfilled secretly in pornography, masturbation, fantasy, fetish lust, others around us do not know these uncleanness of heart but God knows it inside out as he sees us everyday and every minute to care for the well being of our spirit, soul and body as we have become his children.

God wants you to clean up your mind after you are saved and wants you to live like his children. To flee away from fornication is also to flee away from the thoughts of the fleshly lust which promotes lustful feeling that come in to our heart now and then. If you have not realized why we should not trust in our own heart, but always need to trust in the Lord and humble our self to correct our thoughts and reject it when God prompts us, we have not yet learned from Jesus what it is to have a victorious life as a Christian. So today think about it, if lustful evil thoughts have dominated your life, and your actions were restrained for long from evil, understand that it is purely by the grace of God that you were kept from sin and the destruction's that comes out of it. Listen and Understand, only Jesus has the fire with him to purify your soul thinking to become sanctified in the sight of God and resist it victoriously. If you are convicted today by God and want to take the help of Jesus to overcome the problem we have discussed, pray this prayer with me:

DELIVERANCE PRAYER: "Dear Jesus my Lord, I praise you for saving my soul from sin. I thank you and praise again for all the protection that you have thus far given to me as your child. Even though I have been deceived by the enemy for too long who has made me not to take my unclean thoughts of lust seriously, thank you for convicting me now to take it seriously and overcome it from now on for your glory. I release your fire on every evil thinking in my soul that has bound me and enslaved me for long, now I command the evil spirit of ____sexual lust, fantasy, gluttony, etc...say whatever sinful thought that has bound you____to go out of my body and my soul mind BY THE FIRE OF JESUS, ...CONSUME MY UNCLEAN THOUGHTS. I COMMAND IN JESUS NAME TO THE SPIRITS TO GO, GO...IN JESUS VICTORIOUS NAME! Fire.. fire.. AMEN! Now begin to thank the Lord and praise the Lord for your present and future victory over unclean thoughts and for establishing a sanctified mind of Christ.



Much Blessings....

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