Saturday, February 21, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God created all things including humans and the earth for Himself, you take God out of the vocabulary and the life of everyone, and then try to find meaning in this life, it will become purposeless and without meaning as all things will have its demise sooner or later without God as the center of its existence. Keep God as the central focus of your existence, soon you will not only find the purpose of your existence but also the very plans for your life individually that has been preplanned and kept before time in the blue print of heaven for prosperous execution by you on earth for now and the reward for fulfilling it in the life to come." — Abraham Israel

"The fear of God in us does not make us to fear God about His punishment but rather it makes us fear sin and all evils that when allowed in our lives will make us displease Him. The fear of God when received from God to let it stay within us, makes us to avail God's mercy endlessly and makes us stay in the satisfaction of God's Presence through which we start to enjoy God as a friend, and therefore as a result of such intimacy with God we start to fear God by having respect, reverence, awe and a passion to please Him for all His benefits that He has given to us freely because of His unconditional Love towards us." — Abraham Israel

"Prayer is the supernatural means through which we transfer all our worries to God and remind God about our needs. When we realize that we are yoked with Jesus and that the burden of doing God's will is easy and light for us to carry because Jesus carries it all along with us in our every day life of ours, then we come to understand that it not us who actually can pray the right prayer for God to accept, but every prayer that we pray is actually the prayer that Jesus prays and sends it to God through us by making the Holy Spirit pray through us by His empowerment for the glory of God. There are no right prayers and wrong prayers as long as we know that our prayer is done in Jesus name by the help of the Holy Spirit who lives to help us in our human weakness which is the lack of words and ways to express ourselves to God. Depend on the Holy Spirit to pray your burdens out to God and then thank God for His answers in advance because thanking to God always closes the door of our mind and fences it with the heavenly supernatural angelic guards of heaven around us to deny the enemy from bringing those loads of spiritual garbage of worries that we have unburdened through our prayer to God. Once your mind is guarded by heaven's forces, God's supernatural peace which is far more wonderful than your human mind can understand will descend and keep your mind and thoughts fixed on Jesus Christ who will give you rest and assurance that your destiny will be just as God has planned beforehand for His Glory. Keep praying, keep thanking and above all keep that peace to know that you are on your way to fulfilling God's destiny for your life!" — Abraham Israel

"God has done all He can in Christ Jesus for each of us personally to make an eternal impact through our earthly lives on earth for His Glory, but it is up each one of us to hold the baton of the Spirit that has come to us tightly and run till the end of our lives to let the world see and know that living life for the Glory of God is worth living for now and for eternity ahead! The greatest impact you can ever do on this side of eternity is to work out [i.e. to win souls, inspire the doubtful with faith, encourage and strengthen the weak hearted, love the hated who is full of hatred with God's unconditional love, forgive the unforgivable by God's supernatural strength, rejoice over the testings that are continually putting you in undependable circumstances, etc...] by what God has been working within you by the power of the Kingdom of God which rules over the entire universe. You will always make an impact in this earthly life when it is focused towards making an impact in the heavenly life which is to come where we will live with God as our friend by our side forever and ever! Our positive influence over others are the baton we have passed to see the rewards of it accumulate in heaven even after our death. When you live full for God and die empty for the grave, you are a spiritual billionaire whose wealth is infinitely worth more than when you die because your heavenly treasure will keeping increasing as the baton you have passed on continues to make an eternal impact for the Glory of God for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"Today's latest DNA science research has established the fact that all humans are 99.9 per cent identical and, of that tiny 0.1 per cent difference, 94 per cent of the variation is among individuals from the same populations and only six per cent between individuals from different populations. God has clearly told in the Bible long ago that all nations are made of one blood of their Forefather Adam, and that He has separated the nations, peoples, cultures and all differences that creates confusion, because this very atmosphere of discomfort might cause each one of them to grope and search within this darkness of the world for their true Creator God who loves them and finally find Him to become saved from sin to live with Him forever in the great celestial bliss of God's original intention of companionship and comfort that He gives. In others words, in each of us there is a lot of all of us because we were created for companionship and fellowship with each other through God as the central focus of all of us. If the world is divided, it is because it is in darkness, if the people of God are gathered together it is because of the light of God that unites us to see a lot of all of us in each of us. The world divides while God unites the divided world! May God through His Spirit cause all the saints in all the world to stay united and make a eternal impact for Jesus in our lifetime." — Abraham Israel

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