Friday, August 17, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"When you have learned to appreciate the diversities of things that are different from your viewpoint and mindset, you have already developed to think maturely like our Creator God who is the only person who always thinks in such a way. A complete thinking is the one which accepts things as they are and learns to appreciate and admire the beauty of it without trying to change the appearance as they want it to be or judge something as good or bad by what they hear or see." — Abraham Israel

"There are no short cuts to success with God, if you have a right motive and work hard by God's grace, then you do not need to go after success but success will come after you. Every person who lives by faith is aligned for greatness in all areas of their future life. In the sowing period of test and trials in your life, unconditionally give yourself to fulfill God's plan and purpose. Then when God's appointed time of reaping comes, you will be so blessed that you will want to choose no other person's journey of life even if you were given a choice by God to opt for someone else's life. Work hard but not with your own strength but by God's grace to enjoy your journey of life." — Abraham Israel

"Truly marriages are made in heaven, but it must be equally executed on earth by responsible spouses who must believe that God is the one who has brought both of them together to build a abode of God's presence which is the closest thing on earth to heaven and then to bring children in godliness which is a great gain for the whole family and has the potential to bless the whole world with a great heavenly satisfaction. The surreal world of movies do not build marriages but instead break it because of the lack of godly values promoted in it. See godly movies which makes you imbibe godly values that is able to benefit your family life and live prosperously. What you see and take within you will influence you in such a way that you will unknowingly try to live out what you have seen with your eyes and considered in your heart. Guard your heart above all else from ungodly wordly values which can never benefit you neither spiritually nor eternally." — Abraham Israel

"When you have trust in a God who is sovereignly in control of all the trials and temptations, and sends it your way for your future good, you can then willingly choose to release the supernatural joy of the Lord from within your spirit to your soul and to the world outside which has no clue why you can be happy all the time. Life can be lived in joy all the time if the reason for our joy is because of our belief that our God is always good and only does things for our good no matter what may happen in our lives. Each trials lifts us to higher level of faith and delves us in to deeper depth of the love of God and moves us in to wholesomely intimate experience of fellowship with our Lord who is the one and only God of the whole universe." — Abraham Israel

"All the trials that come to us are sent our way by God not just to break us and make us helplessly suffer for nothing, but to learn obedience through suffering. The faster we learn obedience willingly, the easier it will be for God to use us as a true blessing to many who are in need around us. When we are a blessing, people need to trust our integrity and godly motive before they will begin to open up their lives to receive blessing. So godly character makes us to continue to be a blessing. Godly character are built through much suffering, but the reward for it stays with us eternally forever. Brokenness is the greatest place to stand in order to be a blessing. No man can really be blessed with a unusual favor from on high without being broken inside. God takes the broken vessels and uses it always easily because a broken vessel is a willing vessel which allows God to mold to be a mold to others and use it any way He wants." — Abraham Israel

"Of all the promises that God has given to the Church saints, there is nothing greater than the promise of His assurance that He will never leave us nor forsake us. When God is with you, you can be in a palace or in a prison, it doesn't matter. You will prosper because the Spirit of God dwells in you twenty four seven, three sixty five and forever and ever. Of all the generals of faith in the Old Testament, God promised not the same but only gave assurance that He will be with them and yet they believed that promise and did great things for the glory of God. Are you living a life of faith in His promises to glorify God now in your life, if yes praise the Lord. But if not, today turn on to the Lord by trusting His promises and prosper in all areas of your life." — Abraham Israel

"The Bible was never given to be mastered but was really given so that we might find the Master of our life and all His creation through it. You can know all the chapter and verse in the Bible, but to live without having a personal relationship with the Lord and Master Jesus will take you no where near to heaven. To know the Bible really, you have to know the Lord of the Bible who is Jesus Christ. Knowing Jesus will give you satisfaction and make you realize the purpose with which you are created." — Abraham Israel

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