Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"We do not die our own death by our strength, but thank God when we keep our-self in death by faith in the death of our Lord Jesus Christ who has become our substitute before God, at that moment a supernatural strength of heaven comes over us to separate us from our self and keeps us united with God and His infinite power to please Him through it. As we die daily by faith, God's will become fulfilled continually through us which will please God immensely! In other words, God is not pleased with us unless we place ourselves in Christ to show to God that we are what we are by Christ whom He has given for us to appropriate. When our Heavenly Father sees that we are using our resource that He has provided, He is immensely pleased with us. Say it out loud, 'I am dead to sin and self, because Christ died for me to bring it to an end and put a full stop to both of it forever.' This faith is victory, so die daily!" — Abraham Israel

"Great philosophical, religious and devout men of this world never really understood that we cannot do anything without God, God will not do anything without us. As the Lord Jesus Himself died so that we could always connect to Him through the Spirit 24/7/365, now we do not need to know Him in the flesh which will again limit Him even if He chooses to show Himself in it. Let us all learn to be in touch with Him always in the Spirit and not reveal a fleshly desire to know which actually shows that we haven't yet understood the uniqueness of Christianity which is the supernatural connection we have with Jesus in the now realm of time that can be phrased as, 'to Him our Lord Jesus Christ, through our spirit, by His Spirit all things are possible.'" — Abraham Israel

"If salvation that comes through Jesus Christ is not all-inclusive, then it is not at all all-exclusive because God has limited Himself to a boundary. But the truth of the Bible is, salvation is both all inclusive and exclusive because God has already given a blank cheque for us to fill as much as we need in Christ Jesus, but we need to fill it by faith to withdraw and utilize all the privileges of heaven in our day to day life. Remember that we are blessed with all the spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus in the heavenly places, so that we can utilize it in the earthly places for the Glory of God. All that we will ever need for the empowerment and enrichment of our soul, spirit, body, financial and social blessings of all the five realms of human existence is available in the salvation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, remember to move by faith and appropriate as much as possible to reveal the glory of God to this world that needs to see it to believe it." — Abraham Israel

"God supplies our needs and never spoils us by giving us in to our greed, because He loves us too much to make us falter by making us to take our eyes off Jesus from where all the riches of His glory is supplied from heaven. When God meets our needs, we cultivate a thankful heart, experience His joy and come to understand the source of our fulfillment in life. When God gives in to our greed by our own foolishness to pursue it, we become unthankful and discontent, experience restlessness because of lack of God's presence and only come to desire for more miserable experience in spite of knowing that it leads only to dead end road of doom and gloom. May God supply your needs and never your greed's!" — Abraham Israel

"The physical Church universal is a place where God equips His children to grow in Him and stay strong, but the real Church of God's children consist of both the saints in heaven and on earth who are all born from above spiritually by receiving Jesus as their Lord and Savior through confession of their mouth. People might have enrolled themselves in the Church on earth for a better religious or social life, but one must make sure to enroll themselves in the Church register in heaven by faith in Jesus Christ before they get deceived enough to stay that way on earth to miss the real Church in heaven. We must all check ourselves whether we have real faith that is transforming our lives, or dead faith that only leads to death and damnation. If there is real faith in us, Praise the Lord! We are on the way to New Jerusalem!!!! One of these days we are going to hear God say, 'Welcome Home to the Real Church!'" — Abraham Israel

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