Friday, January 25, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"You can follow God by letting him rule you, or you can allow mammon of money and comfort to rule you and deny God a place to save you from sin and eternal death. You cannot follow both, only one can become your Master. To whom you obey, you become its slave. God wants you to be saved from sin and live for eternity with Him in the goodness of His friendship and always under the shadow of His wings as His dear child. Satan wants to appeal to your temporal passing pleasure of sin to keep you as his slave forever. Are you willing to let go of yourself and let God take control of your life as your Father in Heaven whose purpose you are willing to fulfill by obeying Him in all things? If yes, say amen!" — Abraham Israel

"Baptism of the Holy Spirit is not just uttering some gibberish nonsensical words to boast as a supernatural phenomenon that occurred to us, because even the devils can counterfeit it all. But when a believer starts to get filled by the Holy Spirit with the external evidence of speaking in tongues, there comes a new power to be a witness for Jesus which was not there before. A Peter who denied Jesus three times just as He foretold, suddenly gets filled with power to speak like Jesus and act boldly like Jesus from the day of Pentecost. The apostles who were in the hiding even after seeing the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ with their eyes and having even touched Him with their hands, suddenly after they were filled with the Holy Spirit, they all came out in full force to witness Him before scoundrels, religious nuts, political tyrants, rich and poor, etc. If we search for the secret to this sudden transformation in their lives, there is no other secret to their lives except the one thing that made a difference in their lives, that is, all of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to utter thanks and praise to God in other tongues. The more they continued to speak, the more they began to stay full of power, because it was not just gibberish words, but prayers designed by the Holy Spirit and prayed through them that opened the heavens above to fill them with boldness as lions against devilish spirits which were working against them that kept the gates of hell at bay, and made them live as the true ambassadors of heaven on earth for the Glory of God! Do you want to be an ambassador of heaven, be filled with the Holy Spirit and be being filled with Him as long as your live, and for sure, God promises to keep you to be an effective agent of heaven on earth for the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ!" — Abraham Israel

"The greatest revelation to come to a person who believes in Christ Jesus, is the fact that they are irrational, illogical and senseless towards their own spiritual life because of the disease of sin that spreads like leprosy in their soul, it makes them to run to God for refuge day after day to make them alive with the heavenly life that kills sin so that this soul disease cannot spread more to cause devastation in their life and in others lives. Jesus the Master healer is constantly in search of one repentant sinner than all the ninety nine selfish pious religious nuts who need no repentance or breaking of themselves to be a blessing to others. God only can bless those whom He breaks, so when you get broken in life, repent and look to the Lord so that He can transform you from being a broken vessel to be a vessel of blessing to many many around you to bring Glory to God! The greatest blessing we can receive from God is to be a blessing." — Abraham Israel

"The difference between fasting and dieting can be as wide as eternity which has no end and a earthly life of 70 or 80 years which comes to an abrupt end when we die. But the riches of our heavenly life depends on how we use our earthly life in the amount of percentages for the Glory of God. So which is more valuable, definitely the life to come, but earthly works which are preordained by God should be lived in full throttle to gain glory for the Lord now, and riches of His Glory for ourselves in the life to come. So earthly life is as important as the heavenly life in this present time to show to the world that we are ambassadors of Jesus Christ our Lord who rules us from heaven. It is better to wear out for the Lord than to get rust out by the world and live eternally poor in the life to come. So fasting once in a while is very necessary according to the leading of the Spirit, as there is no set rules anywhere in the New Testament laid on us regarding this. But it is wise to humble ourselves through fasting at least once a week and also keep ourselves young and vibrant to be active enough to fulfill the plans and purposes of God for us in this generation for the Glory of God! In other words, if you keep yourself fit spiritually through fasting and keeping your soul stably humble and loyal before God, automatically you will be fit before men for the Glory of God." — Abraham Israel

"The real courage and holy boldness of a man or a woman of God is not just to fight for anything and everything, but to fight for things that matters the most for eternity even when the enemy cannot be traced with our natural human eyes and senses but only by our heart." — Abraham Israel

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