Monday, February 19, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"There is no better place for us to be broken, than to be humbled and be humble at the feet of Jesus." — Abraham Israel

"Silence is God's way of telling us to stay calm, and wait in faith until He finishes the work that which He is presently doing for our good and prosperous end." — Abraham Israel

"God's test of faith has a definite end that rewards us when we are faithful, He has a reason for our every struggle that will amaze us for eternity ahead as it will fill us with God Himself as our strength, and He has a purpose for every pain which shall make us gain His likeness to be more and more like Jesus until the very end of our lives. The only thing we need to remember and execute to the end is to never give up our faith, until faith rewards us for now and for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"Of course Heaven is a place where we all are going soon and very soon when our earthly pilgrimage will get over, but now it comes to us whenever and where ever God chooses to reveal Himself in us, with us, upon us and around us through an atmosphere where we feel we are wrapped around by the Holy Presence of the Almighty suddenly, those are the times we feel like heaven has come to us now rather than us going to heaven then." — Abraham Israel

"When you hold the Word of God close and tight within your heart, the Word of God is able to supernaturally hold you above the power of sin, sickness and death of fellowship with God." — Abraham Israel

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