Monday, March 25, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"When we turn to the Bible, God wants us to see the glorious afterworld through it. If we do just read the Bible without seeing though it the intention of God, we will only look to it as a boring religious history book without ever understanding that the great mystery of His-Story is completely revealed through it leading to an eternal life of knowing God our Maker personally and becoming His dearly beloved child through it. Bible is the most printed book in the world till today because it is the basic instruction before leaving earth to all humans alike. We better not be late to realize the importance of the Bible, then it will be too late after become late Mr or Mrs. Better before than ever late!" — Abraham Israel

"Heaven is where God chooses to reveal Himself without restraining, hell is where God chooses to restrain Himself without revealing. It will be a utter shock for some to know after death that God's goodness is intertwined with his personality, in other words we cannot experience the one without the other." — Abraham Israel

"A single day in heaven will be so exhilaratingly satisfying that we will forget all the days of cross-carrying we have done on earth. A single day in hell will be so horrifyingly lonesome, that we will forget all the days of fun, froth and frolic that we chose to enjoy without God in our menu for a lifetime of self-gratification. Choose to repent today and let God enjoy to have pleasure in what you do for Him by allowing Him to work from within, so that when you are done and out of this temporal life, God remembers you eternally to supply His reward with the menu of enjoyment with Him and allow you to let you continue to work for Him the rest of your after-life with Him in His Presence!" — Abraham Israel

"Jesus Christ did not promise a life of material abundance on earth, but rather he promised to give abundant heavenly life of joy, peace, love, strength and satisfaction without limit to everyone who will follow Him to do the will of God by carrying their own cross daily, which God has custom designed and have given it to them personally. Further more the abundant life that Jesus gives destroys the work of Satan who brings nothing but his insidious work of stealing, killing and destroying all the good feelings of God by sowing thought patterns of sin which when entertained without thoughtfulness to take it captive to Christ, will breed the feelings of lack, emptiness, and dissatisfaction, and the such that makes our life meaningless and miserable. So cross is the symbol of sacrifice where our will and God's will cross each other, but we by the grace of Jesus who supplies his abundant life let God's will to prevail over ours that will bring a God-quality of life that can only come out of this world. If this world cannot satisfy us no matter what how much we try, we must realize that we were not made for this world but are only passing through to reach forth to the world that is far away yet has the ability to come as close to us as our heart is. Where your heart is fixed, that is where your treasure will forever remain intact to give joy, peace and love now in this life. In other words, if we are looking to the Kingdom of God, we will always live a meaningful life of peace, joy and righteousness for the Glory of God forever and ever! God provides all of our earthly necessities to fulfill His heavenly plan when we walk in His will, but Satan will try to give abundance of life to pamper us with wealth to destroy our limited time on earth to acquire heavenly wealth and thus bring death to our heavenly calling. What will you choose today, a heavenly eternal one or a earthly temporal one? If you follow Jesus truly, yours will be a heavenly one just like He has shown to us by living it on earth as one among us." — Abraham Israel

"The one sacrifice that God never ever neglects from us is when we give our broken hearts to Him. The unsolvable complexities of life can be used negatively by us to be angry enough to accuse and curse God for allowing it and reject His love for us, or it can be positively taken to him with humility by acknowledging our limitation and thus put it all in His hands of unlimited abilities and completely surrender to have no expectation in us except to receive His comfort and worship Him for who He is to us, that is, a good and a loving Father who knows our limitations and work for our eternal well being. To such people who trust Him, God has promised to use His genius to turn the complexities of this life in to a comforted blessing for the life to come, and keep them victorious at the end even if they have been deceived by Satan the enemy of our soul through people whom he used as a pawn in his hands. Only God can bless the broken, comfort the comfortless, judge righteously the unrighteous, give hope to the hopeless, use the useless, love the unlovable, give value to the valueless, save the unsaved and give eternal life for the lifeless. If we can trust God's love to never give Him up in spite of our changing feelings, we can stay assured that our unchanging God will never give up his trust in us even when we are not worth a dime. God draws near to the broken heart, because only the broken know within that they are worthless enough for anybody else, and choose by their own volition to draw near to God in humility to give a open door of opportunity for Him to prove His genius to the world around, that only believes in human genius as the only genuine and ejects the broken and rejected in heart. Trust God's ways in spite, and He has promised never to fail you no matter what may! Remember, as high as heavens are above the earth, so are God's way than our puny little ways! Trust God's ways which are His genius which makes you a genuine, and you will never have to worry or feel ashamed whether you are a genius or your way a genuine one." — Abraham Israel

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