Friday, March 15, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"God sees every part of our lives and knows us personally. He knows about us and our things which we ourselves do not know. When God has designed us with such a intricate details for His purposes to be fulfilled, can He fail us because of some unexpected events happening in our lives? He who knows us from the day of our birth to the day we will die which He has pre-determined, has His hand got shortened that He is not able to fulfill that which He has promised? No, no, no....Our God has promised never to change like man changes. When our prayers doesn't get answered like the way we expected, it means God believes in our ability to stay intact in faith until His appointed time of His breakthrough for our lives comes. Waiting time is never wasted time because it is this very testing time that brings reward and eternal honor now and for eternity ahead when we pass it in flying colors. You can never waste your time when your life time is spent trusting God and His promises which will bring back more dividend now and for eternity. Trust Him and you will succeed!" — Abraham Israel

"We are commanded by God to love others as we love our self because we are made with a purpose to interact with one another in love and know each other more and more each day. Man was not made for technology but technology was made for man. When technology destroys the very purpose for which God has made humans which is to fellowship in love, the purposelessness of idiotism descends in to the mind of all humans to make them live in brazen ice cold lovelessness and lifelessness. Man in our generation will have every technology but without real life within because of thinking that fellowship with fellow humans are not necessary at all. So, remember to love others as yourself!" — Abraham Israel

"It doesn't matter what others think about us, but it does matter what God thinks about us. Because at the end of the day, we achieve nothing of eternal value if God has not been pleased with us. Each day of the calender of our lives will be ticked off without its purpose fulfilled, unless it has been spent for God. People who try to please people more than God are those who will feel so insecure about their own identity in this world because humans can find their identity only within the image of God as we are all made for Him. When we are men pleasers, we can never please God in a million years. People can never be pleased easily unless they find the grace of God working powerfully through our life, in that case they will automatically be humbled and influenced by the grace of God and will want it for themselves from us for their own benefits too. When God is pleased with our life, He will make even our enemies to be at peace with us. When all that matters to us in this life is God and God alone, all the matters of life will be empowered by a divine touch of God in this life and in the one to come. When you please God, the people around you might also line up themselves with God's ways seeing the grace of God over you and value you as you become a blessing to them. But when you try to please people, you will not only lose you identity in this life but also will miss the great reward of a eternal blessing that God has prepared for them that love Him with their whole heart." — Abraham Israel

"We are not called to be bold to do that which we like, but be filled enough by God's Spirit that will bring supernatural boldness to do and fulfill that which is impossible to do in the natural, but will make all things possible through the power of God working inside-out through us. Such boldness that comes from His Spirit will only please God because His will gets accomplished supernaturally. There is a boldness of a lion that comes within us when we are in the will of God. A righteous man will be bold because of knowing that God is on his side, working for him and not against him as he believes the promises of God which He has given to all those who have believed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Supernatural boldness is the need of the hour. A super spirit of faith which is a different spirit of adventure comes upon us to see things differently with all possibilities even when things does seem impossible to the natural eyes. With this walk of faith God will be so pleased to do things for us so that where ever we walk, He will give it to us as a inheritance for eternity. Be bold enough to wake up the Champion in you!" — Abraham Israel

"Waiting time is never a wasted time, if only we know within us that we love the Lord with our whole heart and that He is in complete control of our life. We never know how much God has shaped us for fulfilling His eternal purpose until we become what He has intended us to be. So patiently wait until His appointed time. What can take a hundred years of hard work, can easily be superseded and achieved by the Holy Spirit in a few years in the appointed time of God. Never worry about the numbers, when God is concerned about the quality of the number. We are in the good company of the saints who have waited and waited until God showed powerfully in their lives and made them a blessing and a testimony to the whole humanity! So take heart and be joyful during the time of your waiting. Your time of waiting will be over once His appointed time comes and you will spend the rest of your eternity in satisfaction." — Abraham Israel

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