Monday, May 20, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"All our bodily sensors which sees, speaks and hears to finally process and conceive in the mind is not enough to understand the glorious future God has for us ahead. God's preparation to give us a new supernatural metaphysical body which bypasses both space and time, a place of residence in heaven which will be better than the best architectural beauty made by any human ever, the responsibility of designation and the power to exhibit His authority through serving Him in our future life is greater than we can understand with out puny little human brain. But God has given us His Spirit who gives a foretaste of our future greatness here on earth itself when we walk in the perfect will of God. When we love Jesus with all our heart, actually we are embracing the mighty plan of God which He has prepared for us to excel and enjoy for eternity along with Him who loves us infinitely. Walk with God and you will never have a dull moment, but you will be filled with kingdom joy, peace and righteousness on earth now as it is in heaven then!" — Abraham Israel

"God has created you to be beautiful just the way you are. The world's system of thinking makes you think that you are inferior to others because of its strong influence through media advertisement, road side bill boards and people around you who think that way. But the truth is, if you were not beautiful in God's eyes, He would not have created you to suffer being inferior to others. God shows no partiality and therefore all humans are created in God's image which is His ability to connect spiritually back to Him and reflect His character to all people around us, as we are all beautifully equal in His sight. To think otherwise is to tell God that He has made a mistake in creating us the way we are, then to put ourselves down the way we are is to insult God's handiwork which He has custom designed to excel and find fullness in Himself. Never forget that if you try to find your identity outside of God, you will never find it because God has designed you to find fulfillment and satisfaction in the way you are in Himself only. The more you grow closer to God, the more you will come to like yourself just the way you are. The more you are conscious of God, the less you will be conscious of yourself, and therefore will come to accept God's image in which you are created as the ultimate joy and the purpose for your existence by being consumed in Him. Reject the world's way of thinking and be renewed in your mind by God's way of kingdom thinking that comes when we do think the way God has revealed about us in His Word. There is no greater joy in knowing that we are beautiful just the way we are created by God and that it needs no improvement except to keep ourselves fit for His Glory!" — Abraham Israel

"Either the Word of God will keep Satan's lies out of our mind or the lies of Satan will keep the Word of God out of our mind. Our mind is the the spiritual battle field in which we either win the greatest victories of our lives by God's strength when we fight the battle with the sword of the Word of God which the Spirit of God will use to give us victory when we have stored it within our mind or else the biggest defeat happen in our lives because of being deceived in to thinking contrary to the Word of God. The Word of God is the seed in which the power to cultivate prosperity in our spiritual lives lies within, but if we do not take strenuous effort to continually sow it in the field of our heart, then we cannot expect to prosper at the harvest time of our life later. Satan's as a sadist doesn't want any human to proper in life because of the Word of God which will make him powerless and ineffective in his work which is to steal, kill and destroy all humanity spiritually and in every area of their lives. What are you going to do against the strategies of the devil? The answer is, if you learn to eat, breathe, play, sleep and live in the Word of God, soon you will experience a beautiful mind that will have heaven contained within it. More the Word of God within, less the lies of the devil will stay within your mind." — Abraham Israel

"There can be no greater joy to God than to receive back the gift of children given in to His hands willingly by parents, for God to use them for His Glory and the extension of His Kingdom. God has great plans like an arrow in the hands of a warrior for all those children who are brought up in His way by godly parents who have sold themselves as bond servants to do the will of God. The anointing over your life will double over your children if they are completely surrendered in to His hands and belong to God as His own property, who has called them to do greater things for Him in their generation. It is the will of God for every Elijah to raise up sons and daughters who will crave for a double portion and do double the miracles of what God has done in the previous generation. Raise your children under the mighty hands of God and God will grace them supernaturally and will lift them up to be a blessing to a entire generation in their lifetime! There can be no greater satisfaction at the end of our life to see the Elisha's rise up and do greater works for His Glory." — Abraham Israel

"There is a spiritual goal that God has set for all believers who run in their spiritual journey towards heaven, it is not to be just a church-goers, law-keepers, tongue speaking warriors, spiritual helpers, disciple makers, fisher of men and miracle doers, but it is to be conformed to the image of Jesus spiritually. If this is not our spiritual goal, then all our activities are useless at the end of our earthly lives when we enter in to eternity to be with God. God considers character to be more precious in His sight than to be just a user of His gifts and be His servant. When we enter in to eternity God will honor us with His glory and power according to the likeness of Christ which we have attained on our earthly journey. So in our spiritual lives, it is no use to compare ourselves with anybody except with Christ who is the ultimate person whom God has set for all of us to follow in our spiritual lives. The glorious light of Christ will radiate and increase in our lives as we walk closer and closer to the way Jesus walked on earth. Many times if we just walk hand in hand with all people who seems spiritual to our eyes, we will miss Jesus who will walk in the eternal timings of God. Instead if we press on and keep pressing on in to the likeness of Christ through a perpetual walk with Christ by living in Him, soon we will be blessed enough to be a source of blessing to multitudes around us. Be blessed and be a blessing!" — Abraham Israel

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