Thursday, November 26, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"Your prayer may have been done within your heart as a breath prayer like Nehemiah before he went before the king, or prayer and partial fasting done like Daniel regularly over a period of days, or might be a consistent prayer like Jesus who did it day after day, night after night which brought Him to the state where He knew God always hears him, one thing you need to understand is this, the answer may be yes, no or may be later, until you know that God has answered your prayer, do not ever stop it because that will only cause unbelief. But once you know within your heart that God has heard your prayers done towards Him, praise Him because of knowing that God is working out all things around you together for your good. Sooner than you realize, your inner life will bloom within you to make your external life come inline with what you believe it should be. Through it all, God has got a man or a woman of character and faith in you, you have also got from God what you need at the end of every ordeal when you use the trial positively through prayer and faith to make God turn it all in to good for your life. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"The inability to enjoy, appreciate and be thankful for the simple things of life, is the root cause of all dissatisfaction and depression in our lives." — Abraham Israel

"When God breaks a person in to pieces, he draws near to them to take back and glue together all the broken pieces of their lives to make it stay supernaturally together by His power and embodies Himself in to that person to make Himself know to all through their life which will stay intact together because of Him. That is why God is very close to those who are broken hearted people because without Him those broken pieces of their life will fall apart naturally to bring a total end to their lives and will make their life meaningless without Him. So if you have come to that place of brokenness perpetually, congrats, if not ask God to break you first in to pieces because only that which He breaks first, He will build by putting His favor over them for a lifetime to make them a continual channel of His great blessing to the whole world around them!" — Abraham Israel

"God doesn't love us because we change, but rather we change because of His love for us which is unfathomable in depth and breath. Religious legalism always says, God will love you if you change. But a saved relationship with God assures us, we will change because God loves us too much to leave us the way we are." — Abraham Israel

"God needs to be trusted, we need to be tested. We need to rely on His promises, to learn patience through which we inherit the promises. We need to wait for His answers, until we know that the test of His trials are over. We can believe in His miracles at the end of all madness, because the mountains that stands before us gets thrown in to the sea by the very words of our lips spoken against it as our faith gets perfected at the end of all trials. Rejoice in His goodness to receive His joy more and more at all times, because God always finds our desire for joy less, not more. We can relax in His Presence only when we choose to stay and enjoy His friendship through the trials of our life, so choose it wisely so that God might get most glorified in us when we are more joyful in Him, so that God might lavish more and more of His love to us and rejoice over us when we choose to stay still in His Presence to cherish it more and more. May God help us in all these things and glorify Him through our lives. Amen!" — Abraham Israel

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