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Apostolic Quotes

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"The greatest test of a believers faith is whether he waits for God's timing even if it costs him his everything. People who want to run before God's perfect timing end up getting the second best, third best or the tenth best of God's choice. Whether it is marriage, job, ministry or even spiritual growth, it is the same way God operates by having His own pre-set time for your breakthrough. God wants you to wait in order to know for Himself whether you want to value God's way as something higher than yours or you will be pleased to do things your own way. The important thing for us to do before we start to do anything in life is to pray consistently regarding those things to the Lord until we get that divine heavenly peace in our heart that passes all our understanding and assures us that we are in the centre of God's perfect will for our lives. Then God himself will set up a series of circumstances for us to fullfill His will without any of our own self-effort, we who wait for God's timing will definitely fulfill God's purpose faster in His time than we could do it by our own strength in our entire lifetime. When we are patient enough to wait for God's timing, he will be waiting for us to get empowered to plan and execute the blue print of His perfect will for our life. Finally when we do something in His time and strength, we will be able to confess humbly at the end of it that it is God alone who did it in our lives and be thankful for it the rest of our lives which in turn will bring more and more recursive blessings in to our lives." — Abraham Israel

"Do not worry about your past anymore because God will use even your poor choices and failures that you have made, and will definitely turn them to work together for the good purpose of His will for your life in the end. All you need to do now is to be happy with praise and thanksgiving for the present and hopeful for the great future that God has in store for your life. Life is exciting when you believe God's ability to turn the curses which the demonic enemies of our soul throw in to our lives path, in to a channel of blessing to not only us and our family, but ultimately to all people around us when we sincerely love God and know that we are called according to God's purpose. God can use your worst mistake you have made in to the best strength of your entire career!" — Abraham Israel

‎"To put ourselves in others shoes mentally before doing or speaking something will always give us a good understanding of what to speak and do to others that will add positive values to their lives, because such mental exercise will make us grasp how we will respond if we were the one who is receiving those things from others. Only give to others what you would love to receive if it were given to you. When you sow good words and actions in to the lives of people even when they are mean towards you, you are tapping in to the divine unchangeable principle of sowing what you want to reap. In other words, when you do good you do not have to bother how people respond to you immediately [i.e. with good or bad attitude] because the harvest for your good seed of word and action is guranteed by God with a good harvest of something supernaturally good and eternally valuable! When you do not react to people's scorn, you are actually sowing good seed and not re-acting to throw bad seed in to your life. What you choose to deny, cannot control you. When you are reactive, you are allowing others to control your life. When you act with the love of God to someone's action, you are in perfect control of your life and you are also allowing God to intervene in to your situation and bring peace, reconciliation and justice. You cannot stop someone's action, but you have a choice whether to react or let go of it which will decide whether you are under some mean person's control or over them." — Abraham Israel

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Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When you choose to make God the strength of your heart, you need not worry about anything in life because the God who controls all your circumstances has been given the thermostat to control the strength of your heart, which He sets always propotinally equal to the circumstances you face. When you always have strength equal to the intensity of the ordeal you face, you always win at the end because trials are for a season and you will outlast the season to end up as a winner in Christ Jesus." — Abraham Israel

"God is always willing to give you freely His strength equal to that of the magnitude of the problems you face each day, but it does not come in to you automatically unless you choose to pray, thank and praise Him everyday for His supernatural strength to carry you on in His will and way. When you have faith in His promises, you will live by His strength which will humbly make you do and confess all things as done through Him and His anointing which strengthens you! When you are confident about God's strength, you cannot contain but confess its greatness to all. God gives His strength to all those who are strengthless in themselves." — Abraham Israel

"Trying to be good without God is like trying to start a car with no fuel and keep on trying it forever foolishly. Only God is good and in relationship with Him through Jesus, we receive His goodness and grace to walk in it. We cannot be truly good without God!" — Abraham Israel

"The most effective way to share the gospel of Jesus Christ is to live the abundant life of joy, peace and righteousness which Jesus gives and use words only when necessary." — Abraham Israel

"Trying to master the word of God without letting the Master of the Word of God to pastor you will only take you to a place where you will be filled to the full in your head and left to yourself high and dry. But letting the Master and His Word pastor you will in turn pasture your soul with the fullness of God and great satisfaction in your life through your heart connection with Jesus who is the Master of all. He is either your Master of all or not master at all!" — Abraham Israel

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