Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"You could see various exemplary and inspiring multidimensional character of the spiritual perfection of God in men and women of God who exhibited it uniquely right throughout the Old Testament, but we can see all of it in only one person who individually faced all of the temptations like all of them but overcame and excelled in all of it through the power of the Holy Spirit, which is worthy of our emulation and admiration, His name as we know and revere for its love, power and sacrifice is none other than our Lord and Savior Jesus!" — Abraham Israel

"Many people speaks about how to be happy and want to make a big business of selling their books and tapes which are filled with philosophical ideas, but miss the most essential ingredient of happiness which is God, who is the one and only source of all real unchanging happiness in life. To speak about happiness without having God is like blind men trying to describe the shape of the elephant by hearing, smelling, feeling and tasting without ever seeing it. What a joke! As you live by faith in God and free your heart from hatred by hating it, you can easily be empowered to choose and transfer all your worries to God in prayer and receive His supernatural peace to live by in your time of need. Then just live simply content with what you have and expect less or nothing from fallible humans, but do not fail to expect great things from God. Then have a deep relationship with God through Jesus Christ, I promise you that when you do the above, your life will not just be happy which is based on externally favorable circumstances only, but your life will be joyful in God which will continue unhindered apart from any of your external circumstances which may be good or bad at a particular time. When you are living by knowing that God is working behind the scenes of your life to bring something only good out of everything that happens in your life, you will live only happily all the days of your life. There is every reason to be joyful in God because He is the only happiness you will ever need to live in satisfaction in this earthly life and in the life to come." — Abraham Israel

"Obeying your feelings makes you useless, faithless, rewardless and a carnal Christian, but obeying God keeps your spiritual fitness in the best shape possible for much usefulness in the service of the King of kings and the extension of His kingdom. So always be full of faith, wisdom and the Holy Spirit, as a obedient man of God, always hearing His voice through His word and walking in it, if you do these basics then know for sure you are a spiritual Christian collecting a eternal reward in this life for the life to come. You feelings are earthly and temporal which passes away, but God's voice is heavenly and eternal which never ends to reward those who obey Him now for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"When a Christian says that by luck he has got something, the mind of a heathen is still ruling strong inside him. A good spiritual Christian is the one who allows himself to be ruled greatly by the mind of Christ which is already within him. There is no luck for a Christian because all that happens in his life is by Divine providence and there is not a single thing that happens just by itself or by chance. So when circumstances are good, praise God for it. When circumstances are bad, praise God that He is working something good out of it. Whether everything is going bad or good, no matter what, the favor of God and the power of His grace is working on your behalf. So always give glory to the one to whom it is due, it is God and God alone who is making things possible in your life so that you can continue to live a purpose driven life that is pleasing to Him." — Abraham Israel

"No matter how many years we have walked with God or worked for God, when it comes to ask the Lord God for divine favors, we can come to Him only in Jesus name and His righteousness that gives an equal footing to the new believer who has just been born again, with us who have walked with God for many years. Our righteousness will one day be evaluated to fetch us much eternal reward but it is of no use when it comes to having a standing with God which we get only through Jesus' righteousness. We must consider this as a privilege and not as an act of restraint. None of us have the ability to work perfect righteousness which God expects us, so we must be always grateful to Jesus for this wonderful life of royal priesthood which is given to us as a calling and not earned as a reward! Because we have believed Jesus, apart from our behavior and actions, God has seated us already with Christ in the heavenlies above all spirits, powers and authorities of the world. When we use the name of Jesus as God's ambassodor, we are actually representing Jesus in person and therefore we must look to Him as the source of our power and not within us. As we ourselves get lost in divine mysteries filling our soul and awesomeness of eternal satisfaction being unveiled in Jesus, we come to know that it is not about us but all about Jesus whom we love, serve and live for in this life and in the life to come." — Abraham Israel