Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"You can easily know where your treasure is by self scanning your priority in your life, Do you love God the most?, Do you try your best and give all that is possible in your strength to extend His kingdom?, Do you allow the thoughts about God, His word and His love to dominate you thinking or some material needs and survival on earth is the dominant thought of your mind?, What do you think the most, is it about yourself, others or God?, honest answers to these above question will help you understand where you are collecting your treasures really. If you are collecting your treasures in heaven, you heart can never rest on earth until it reaches the shores of heaven and stand before the throne of God. It is like the dove sent out by Noah which found no resting place for the sole of her foot on earth and therefore returned to Noah in the ark who put out his hand and took her in to the ark to himself. Jesus is the anti-type of the ark that is floating in this worldly waters on earth now, the true believer cannot be able to find a resting place for the sole of their foot on earth and therefore will return back to their God who is within the ark, they will live in constant friendship with God and will therefore look forward to God who has promised a mansion in heaven for them in eternity and a equivalent reward for what they have done for God on earth. Invest your life on God and get repaid with eternal dividends forever and ever!" — Abraham Israel

"The righteous walk of integrity and justice that you are doing may seem hard right now, but actually you are collecting spiritual riches for your children who are going to be rewarded for what you stood for before men and God. Every unseen effort to live righteously may not be noticed by any human, but the God who sees in to every private lives and scrutinizes without fail is watching your every move, in the right time God will reward you publicly for such private acts of righteousness. Not only that, your reward is stored for your children and children's children even up to thousand generation. So watch what you do privately, you never know that it might be the climax of a promotion which is waiting for you supernaturally from God!" — Abraham Israel

"The Church has enough powerless unholy fires caused by the flesh burning here and there to create a lot of noise without any true revival in the hearts of men. But the true tongues of fire with which Jesus baptizes all true passionate seekers of God will burn all unholy attitudes and sin in the first place and will further send the zeal of the Lord to work for Him supernaturally in to every bones and tissues that has life within it. No true apostolic revival can ever be experienced without the rapid spread of the fire of tongues that causes revival in the true first century style of the apostles." — Abraham Israel

"God has called us according to His own purpose and will to work within us according to His own pleasure, therefore it is our duty to love God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind without dividing its desire towards any worldly material, family relationship or even our own life which has the power to make our spiritual lives ineffective and purposeless. But for those of us who love God with our whole heart, the love of God will keep us intact in such a way that we will be able to rejoice knowing that all things whether good or bad have all been worked out by and by, by our good God who is working it all for our own good which will bring the glory of God more and more in to manifestation in our lives!" — Abraham Israel

"Love of God has a beginning in God, but it has no end because it exists as long as God exists and that is for eternity ahead. God's love is everlasting love and it really means that it never ends. Once we are drawn towards God's love in Christ Jesus and come to experience the warmth of the sunshine of His love penetrating in to our darkened hearts, the sunshine never ends! God love never changes based on our performance in our spiritual life, instead it helps us perform better as it never changes no matter what situation we go through in our lives. Love of God is the one constant that have no shadow of turning because the God who is light also is equally the God of love in the other half of his manifestation to all of us!" — Abraham Israel

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