Saturday, October 17, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"Mary the mother of Jesus confessed that she was just human like everyone of the sons and daughters of Adam who need salvation from sin nature within (Luke 1:47; Rom 3:23), so a sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God in flesh Jesus Christ who is the one and only begotten Son of God and only God-Man Mediator between God and Man pierced through her fleshly soul to save her from sin and death (Luke 2:25; Eph 6:17; John 1:1-3, 14, 17-18). Mary the Mother of Jesus should never be deified or prayed to as it will be idolatry to do that as she is neither God nor a Mediator to God, but only Jesus who is God in flesh is fully worthy of our worship, prayer and adoration! In other words, any one who says I am praying to Mary is actually not praying to Mary the mother of Jesus who is actually in heaven rejoicing for her salvation and blessedness to bring Jesus on earth as a Savior for herself and the whole world, but they are actually praying to a demon spirit who sits as idol instead of Mary the mother of Jesus Christ and receives the worship, prayer and adoration that actually belong to the only God of heaven and earth who is Jesus Christ and who only has the ability to truly answer our needs and prayers (1 Cor 8:4-6; 10:20-21, 22; Lev 17:7; Deut 32:16-17). DO NOT HAVE FELLOWSHIP WITH DEMONS AND PROVOKE THE LORD JESUS TO ANGER! Say Amen if you believe, 'AMEN.'"

"Nothing can stop God's plan for your life because God doesn't need your help to fulfill it, but all He needs is that you trust Him even when everything within you and without says it is impossible. Remember, when we have come to the point of all impossibilities, that is when we will come to see the grandest of all possibilities through God's mighty power working for us and through us!" — Abraham Israel

"If our mind stays on God and is peacefully staying at rest within in spite of the turbulent circumstances around us, we know for sure that we are trusting the Lord and his promises to take us through our circumstances by faith, then the confidence that will come to our heart and overflow will be a supernatural positive attitude and confidence of joy of heaven that all will go well because God is not only holding us but also our future in His hand." — Abraham Israel

"Prayers are the closest thing to God, because it comes directly from heart of people to touch the heart of God. The loudest prayers are that which is done by faith that God hears, which actually goes from earth to reach heaven, their sincere prayers whether it is a sob or loudest shout God definitely hears and gets pleased to answer His children and fill their heart with joy." — Abraham Israel

"Beauty without, without real beauty within, is only worth temporally to behold, and not for a lifetime and eternity to invest in friendship and intimacy to continue. But rather it goes well the other way around." — Abraham Israel

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