Saturday, September 9, 2017

Apostolic Quotes

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"Death will be the last enemy of all of us and our God, which will be destroyed by Him at the end. But God with His wisdom has used it wisely to make it as an appointment time to meet with Him personally face to face. So for every Christian who dies, a new life of blessing and honor of meeting with God, and receiving from Him the true experience of a new heavenly eternal life without the old earthly life starts." — Abraham Israel

"Our conscience is the heavenly window to our soul." — Abraham Israel

"Every purpose under heaven may start differently at different point of time and space, but all has to end with the purposeful God for whose purpose everything exists. If you exist today you are existing because of God's purpose, but if you are one with Him by becoming His child of destiny through trusting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you don't just exist, but you are part of His purpose for which all things exist." — Abraham Israel

"Even though Christ has won over death when He resurrected from death, even though He now has the keys to death and Hades which were formerly with Satan, even though death still has a poisonous sting which brings sorrow to earth dwellers, yet our commander who is the Lord of Hosts wants us all to demonstrate before the world now, how we as the soldiers and generals of His heavenly army, can have absolute power over death through His resurrection power working in and through us which nullifies the power of death over us and others. Jesus thunders that death is still a enemy but a defeated enemy before all of God's children. That is why Jesus has chosen to destroy death as the last enemy, therefore all the people in the world can know that Jesus reigns over the entire earth now and will reign forever." — Abraham Israel

"Only when we believe God's Word the Bible, we can dare to pull the thin veil of darkness of this present world, and peep in to things eternal." — Abraham Israel

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