Monday, December 17, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"Worrying is like scratching yourself of a demonic insect bite, it does not give you a solution for tomorrow but only wastes today of its time. When you worry you are actually wasting your time for something that does not bring a solution, but when you give all your worries to God in prayer, you are allowing God to bring His best solution and make Him prove what kind of worker He is. God loves to prove Himself only to those who dare to give their worries to Him and by faith wait for Him to move and solve their worries in His time and make them victorious. Worrier cannot be a faith warrior, but a faith walker will be a winner, because God solves his worries and substitutes with a solution that satisfies." — Abraham Israel

"Love is not just a good feeling we feel towards others but it a demonstration of that good feeling in action towards others. In the beginning before all things came in to existence, there was nothing except the God who is love who was present in the eternity past. The God of Christianity is the only one who can say that He is love because they are three persons who were loving one another and were perfectly satisfied in sharing the love within them. Other monotheistic God cannot claim that they are love as they themselves are one person who must have been all alone in the eternity past, like a man alone in a island who claim to have love but is not because without sharing it he could not claim to be love or have seen love. In other words, you can give without loving but you cannot love without giving. All other monotheistic religions in the world cannot even come near to this true triune God of Christianity who had no need of love or fellowship because of having perfect love and fellowship between them, but because He is the true love, God the Father chose to give His only begotten Son for the salvation of humanity which had fallen in to sin and executed it through the Holy Spirit. Thereby those who believed in His unconditional love and responded to His promise of salvation through believing Jesus Christ His Son were given eternal life as a gift of love for fellowship with Him. So no other gifts from God whether spiritual, physical or material can be of greater value than the love and fellowship that we have with God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, and the reflection of His love and fellowship among our fellow brethren and collectively towards all humanity because that was the only thing that was the source of all other gifts from God in the eternity past and the same will be true in the eternity future where only love and fellowship will prevail when all other gifts will cease. True Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship with the one true God who is love and the sharing of it among one another!" — Abraham Israel

"Jesus is not a part time solution giver but a full time salvation giver, apart from Him there can be no Savior in all the world. If you have not yet experienced the saving power of Jesus from sin, sickness and death, invite Him today in to your life by asking Him to come in to your heart and save you from sin, and see what kind of perfect Savior He is!" — Abraham Israel

"To easiest way to be joyful in God is to start to count our blessings that God has given to us in our past. The one who says that I have not been blessed is the one who has forgotten to be thankful and grateful to God for all He has done in his life. Unthankfulness toward God brings more restlessness and chaos in to one's life because God cannot bless a heart that chooses to remain in darkness of ingratitude. Have you ever thought that God sustains your very breath in your nostrils and gives you life to enjoy, without it you will die and be forgotten in a moment from the land of the living. These are all the blessings that we all take for granted from God. To enjoy more blessings of God, you must do one thing, after you have counted the blessings of God that you have received in your life, begin to see what great things God has done collectively for you and yours, then start to thank God for it one by one and it will surprise you of how much God has been benevolent towards you not because you have done something great for Him but because of His goodness. Soon the light of heaven will shine upon your heart and will bring a serene, tranquil and peaceful blessings of Divine heavenly origin that will carry you in to your destiny of God that He has for you tomorrow. When you are thankful and joyful for today and yesterday, sure your tomorrow will be bright because more blessings from God are coming your way!" — Abraham Israel

"The easiest thing to lose from our body without bothering for it is when we sit in a saloon shop for the barber to cut off our hair and trim our look in a positive and an attractive way, but you know one important thing, we might not be so concerned about it, but our Lord is so concerned about our hair that He knows the details of how many hairs we have at present in our head. Why should He know that? If you want to know the answer for this, just look some other day on the head of those who do not have any hair because of being gone bald. Then you will know how much graciously God sustains and keeps your hair intact in your head. For some people it might be some few hairs left because of age, hereditary or other factors, but it OK as long as you know that God is in control of your life. Then the other message God wants to convey to you is, he knows even minute details of your life that you yourself do not know about you. So it is better you trust Him with your life because He know what is best for you in all situation of your life. Ask Him to direct you to take the right choice every time a choice comes up before you. God is also saying that when the devil wants to harm you and your family through his evil sadistic mindset and works strongly against you, do not worry about it because the God who is so concerned about your hair to know how many you have, is much more concerned about you and your families well being, safety and prosperity. God is encouraging you today to speak the truth of His word always and not be afraid what might happen to you because you have spoken or stood for truth, God is saying I who knows the number of the hairs that you have on your head, is the one who is protecting you and will protect you. Be a bold and a loud speaker of the truth of Jesus. Glorify me in all things and you will be blessed by me in all things!" — Abraham Israel

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