Monday, January 25, 2016

Apostolic Quotes

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"When we receive the good news of Jesus Christ which is the Gospel, we not only realize that we cannot save ourselves by our own effort, but we also lose the hope that we can become better by our own efforts. There the sin of self is slain before God on the Cross with Jesus, then a new life arises within us by us arising with resurrected Jesus. Form that point onward, we know within us that the good news of Jesus Christ is the power of God to not just make bad people to become a good one, but the crux of the message is to raise the dead people with life everlasting. The gospel is the good news that God supplies freely to His children the resurrection power, to the dead areas of our lives when we believe Jesus as our substitute before God. As we keep hearing the gospel, we allow the message to enter in to us with the power of life to penetrate the dead areas of our past within us which are without God, therefore it reaches with in the innermost being of our body to transform us from inside out to make us live a life of victory and power in this life and in the life to come as God's children. Gospel is a good news that God has become our Father, and we are His dear children. Do not make it a bad news by trying to be religious and thus make yourself a victim of your own unbelief!" — Abraham Israel

"We as the righteous disciples of the Lion of the tribe of Judah who is Jesus our Messiah, will be as bold as Him in all our lives and missions to glorify God in all things, because both our Master Jesus and us who follow Him have the same DNA in us which is the bold seed of God that remains within us, that is the Holy Spirit who empowers us with boldness and strength to run with the overcoming faith for the taste and kill of victory over every enemies of God that come against us." — Abraham Israel

"The enemy of our souls doesn't want us to look to the Father God's face daily, because He know that He cannot bear the light and strength that comes in to us out of seeking Him daily and consistently. The best he will try is to make us get distracted, worried and become heavy laden by making us to think that it is no use to reach out to God. But believe me the opposite is true, that is why the devils are trying to make you get convinced of your powerless in seeking God. Devils shudders when you have decided to pray, but when you really pray, they flee in all direction and you will have your face shining being energized by the power of heaven which will make you heart as light and as joyful as a bird in the air. Make sure you pray at least, one hour to three hours in the Presence of God daily by freeing your time from evil and squeezing it out of your routines! To enjoy life in heavenly joy and live a overcoming life of victory, you got to sacrifice your time, treasure and talent for the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"Most of our Lifeless, Pharisaical, Religious and Hypocritical life are like dead bodies with only bones left on the earth, it is unclean in the sight of God. The day we realize that we erred judging our own judgment about others just because they have sinned differently than us, that moment we will stop judging others. The moment we stop judging others and mercifully see them as those under the clutches of the evil one, instead of judging them we then pray for them, from that moment of time onward God will also start to see us in the same way we see other fellow sinners, to forgive us and be compassionate toward our failings towards Him. Judge sin to hate it with all your heart, but do not judge the sinner because God is the one who will do it in His time and place! Do not ever think that you can be smarter than God to judge others, which is the biggest sin of pride which made Satan fall from heaven." — Abraham Israel

"Jesus opened up heaven for us to go to the innermost holy place in heaven through prayer. As we all who have believed in Jesus as our Lord and Savior have become the very children of God, we now have a choice to make Jesus remain as the head of our homes. Once Jesus remains the head of our homes, he brings the same presence of the Father and Himself to abide in the place where we reside, to live and move among us and be our God. Where the Presence of the Lord is, that is where heaven is present. So our homes on earth where we reside as pilgrims becomes heaven on earth, as we give up our will to do the will of God for our lives and families. Heaven can be created at any address, if we choose to pray and give up our will and make Jesus remain as our head and captain of our lives." — Abraham Israel

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