Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"One of the most important thing we should understand in the spiritual warfare is the truth that Satan and his demons cannot read our thoughts. Only God is omniscient and knows each and everyone of our thoughts. The demons usually build stronghold by putting thoughts in to our mind and watching how we react to it. When we pray to God, even if we do not open our lips, God understand our thoughts and attitude of prayer and is able to answer it. When we have sinned against God by giving in to the temptation of the evil one, the moment we confess to God by our repentant change in attitude, the transaction of it can happen from our heart to God's heart. The effect of it can also happen in return from God's heart to our heart through which our righteousness will be restored. Praise the Lord! When you are not delivered from a evil influence over you, do not immediately blame God for it first or put your blame on Satan or give him credence for his evil hold, the one reason why Satan has not moved away from you is because he cannot read your thoughts and understand the transformation that has instantly happened inside you. So to overcome temptation we need to speak out loud and confess the word of God against the devil and also confess the truth of the cleansing of our heart which has happened to us internally by the blood of Jesus through the testimony of our mouth. Once we do this, Satan and his demons will know the authority of God working in us and will flee out of sight if we have spoken by faith in our heart. Only vocally can we ever resist the devil and his demons if we have to see victory over demonic stronghold in our lives! After a cleansing has happened in your heart, confess it out loud for salvation to come over your life externally." — Abraham Israel

"God knows that we forget His promises, this is the reason He reminds us to remember it so that when it comes to pass we can give Glory to God and God alone for His awesome blessings. When we remember God's promises to us and give praise to God, He remembers to do what He has promised us because in it He sees faith that pleases God." — Abraham Israel

"God has already blessed us with all the spiritual blessings in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, the more we walk patiently in faith with Jesus in our day to day life, the more we will see the spiritual blessings in the heavenly places get downloaded in to our earthly places to bring the prosperity of God and His presence in to every areas of our lives." — Abraham Israel

"While science speaks about a relative truth that changes when more discoveries are made day by day, the Bible speaks about the absolute truth which never changes at all because God has spoken it. So believe the Bible and then see science confirm it day by day. Most importantly do not do it vice-versa and become a fool spiritually. It is better to be a fool to the world rather than to become a fool toward God. It is good to be mocked by men now temporarily in the world and be honored by God for eternity permanently within the kingdom of God for our right belief." — Abraham Israel

"There is nothing that gives God a big surprise than our hypocrisy which fools us to think that God doesn't know what is happening in our lives and to think that even if he does understands, He is not bothered about it. Faith marvels God and gladdens God's heart, at the same time unbelief marvels God and sadden's God's heart. God the omniscient knows more about you than you know more about yourself, it is God who has planned you before you began to grow in your mother's womb. Do not act as though you are busy or be busy enough to have no time for God who is the only reason and purpose for your existence. So give your life to God by surrendering it all to Him, and see what a good and a great God He is who has given us His most precious only begotten Son to forgive our sins and bring us back to Himself. Absolute surrender brings absolute peace and joy of heaven in to our hearts!" — Abraham Israel

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