Thursday, November 14, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Grace is the power of life that is hidden in the small seed that is called as salvation, when it is received within our heart by accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, it starts to grow in such a way that it becomes a tree full of life that starts to cover us under its heavenly shade to make us rest. Grace makes us do what we can never ever even image to do with our highest skill to achieve the output that comes so naturally by our trust in God that makes God work His good pleasure through us. Grace is not a one time impartation but it is a growth that comes out of our spirit man as we start to humble ourselves before God to acknowledge His glorious workings through us. Growth of grace happens only in the atmosphere of humility, so humble yourself always before God by confessing your unprofitability and you will never lack in grace to rule in this life and in the life to come." — Abraham Israel

"If only we know to value the vision that God has given us and realize the power that is hidden in it, there is a amazing potential waiting to get unwrapped for a glorious future to come in to place through our lives. When we walk by faith we will see the end from the beginning and only a matter of time is the only thing that will stand in between our start and the end of our destiny. It is never too late to believe God for a glorious future unless we have come to the conclusion that believing is vain considering the waiting time wrongly as God's denial. Every delays in your life are not denials from God, instead it is a sign of God's approval of your faith, it shows that God has the best thing in His mind to give you than the good thing that you are trying to settle with which can keep you away from the best. It is not the delays that denies us of our destiny, but a failure to believe God that denies us. Keep believing, never give up and you will reach your destiny before even you can even realize it. Jesus sees your end from the beginning and He will never be surprised by the twist and turns in the story of your destiny as He is not only the author of it but also the finisher of your destiny. All endings are also a beginnings because at the end you find the person who is the beginning and the end who orchestrated your destiny for His Glory! Though you might not know the exact end so clearly in the beginning, just walk with Jesus and focus on Him alone, then you can never miss your destiny because all things consist in Him who holds both the beginning and the end of everything in your life and is waiting to reward you in the life to come." — Abraham Israel

"If only we can wait for God to fulfill His promises in His time indefinitely without any precondition, God can do in a single day what we could never be able to fulfill even if we would live hundred lives of hundred years each full of striving and restless labor. When we wait for God, no time is lost, yes not even a second can be wasted as God is not ruled by time but instead He rules time sitting in the eternity of rest. In other words, God is not bound by time as we are bound and therefore all things are possible with the God who rules the time and timeline of all people who live in this material universe which runs by time. Learn to trust God's timing and walk with Him without worrying about the time that passes-on by staying conscious of His beautiful Presence. If something worries you and starts to bother you, do not keep the garbage of worries in your mind to waste your time. Instead immediately recognize that it is the enemies plan to fill your mind with worries and therefore keep you away distracted from His promises and the resultant faith that is able to keep you intact in the way of God that reaches your destination safely. Then give all your worries to God by constantly talking to Him all about it, after this believe His promises to trust His ability to lead you in to His absolute best that He has planned for your life and have promised to give you. I promise you that nothing will be lost except the unbelief that usually makes people ineffective and useless regarding the purpose of God that leads to one's destiny. When finally God is all you have, in Him you will have all you need." — Abraham Israel

"While Man's way with all its comfort and broadness only leads to hopeless end, God's way though it is only narrow and hard to walk without doubt, it leads to an endless hope. What are you after? Are you willing to be doped and duped choosing your own way, or else you are going to experience endless hope choosing God's way that leads to life? Choose God's way because that is the only one that is rationally sound choice for your life now and for the life to come." — Abraham Israel

"God's way of success is failure turned inside out." — Abraham Israel

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God has given us individually a choice to speak. Every word that we speak either brings life or else death to our lives. God wants us to first confess Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior of our life, after which He wants us to speak out the positive words of life that Jesus Christ teaches daily through His living Word which is the Bible, through which also He makes us experience abundant life of heaven on earth. But words which come out of negative attitude that gets settled in our life because of foolishly walking in our own will and way which is totally apart from God's will and way is like a flat tyre that will take us nowhere but will only bring death and more destruction. Be careful with what you speak, life and blessing will follow you all the ways of your life!" — Abraham Israel

"When you know what is happening in your life is not inline with what you believe it should be, hold on, be thankful because God is making your faith grown and at the same time He is working behind the scene to show Himself strong on your behalf in His appointed time. Those who miss most of the miracles are those who have made it get aborted because of giving in to unbelief being unthankful for the promises of God that has been given to them through His Word. If you are patient and bold enough to hold on, God will be having time and opportunity enough to bless you on and on." — Abraham Israel

"God has already revealed His unchanging and unconditional love towards us in Christ Jesus once and for all time, it is up to us not to trust in our feelings but believe what God has already revealed in His word and keep His commandments to keep ourselves in the love of God. God could not love any more than what He has already shown by revealing that He loves us all just as much as He loves His only begotten Son Jesus. Remember not to trust you changing feelings but in the unchanging promises of God which will keep you safe in His love for you! You can let yourself feel your worst by letting yourself be overcome by unbelief, but God cannot change His everlasting love for you because His love for you is not based on your response to His goodness but because of His unchanging goodness. Keep yourself in the Love of God because it is your responsibility that only you can fulfill by faith!" — Abraham Israel

"You cannot go spiritually up with God beyond what you constantly think within your heart, so to keep your heart from bad, negative, depressive and distressing thoughts, you need to replace it with good thoughts of the Word of God through dwelling on it and brooding over it intentionally. Overcome evil thoughts by replacing it with good thoughts of God and His word, by doing it you will always end up having a smile on your face with a ever swelling heart full of joy unspeakable." — Abraham Israel

"Only as long as you have breath in your nostrils on this planet earth you will have a choice to freely praise the Lord voluntarily, things after that is in God's control. If you are not ready to reject your feelings now and by faith trust the goodness of God to praise Him now, your reward in the afterlife will not have a weighty glory of liberty to freely express your rulership before all of what the Lord has done for you. When you confess Christ in all your situation on earth, you will be confessed before the whole heaven and its angels of what the Lord has done for you. Praise as a lifestyle not only open doors and brings God's power in to manifestation in all areas of your life, but also it gives you a eternal honor and power to rule in the days to come. Praise God now and see God work now, and get your bonus to reap eternal dividends in your afterlife forever. There is no better eternal investment than to praise God now by our lifestyle and collect our riches to enjoy it for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"There is a supernatural life style of righteousness that if we desire by faith shall make us hunger and thirst after God, when God fill our lives with Himself we shall not only live life supernaturally in God's righteousness that He gives to us freely but also we will be satisfied in Him who is the source of all satisfaction." — Abraham Israel

"Most of our desires in our lives are for material things, but the deep satisfying things of life are not physical and material, but the spiritual things of God that comes from heaven. This is the reason God gives our needs and make us to desire for satisfaction in His love, joy and laughter in this life after which we become satisfied with all the desires of His heart which are the best desires that satisfies us in this life and in the life to come immensely and timelessly for eternity." — Abraham Israel

"True faith cannot exist without working itself out to be in the likeness of the image of God for which it is given within. Any so called faith that does not change you within is a dead faith and has no value of a salvation security and adoption in to God's family irrespective of one's work. Get the faith of God before it is too late, which will make it unavailable in one's after life. Demons know God in their head but do not know Him in their heart, because one decision to do their own will and way set their eternity away from God forever. In the same way, one positive decision of your life now to do God's will in the ordained way of God in Christ Jesus will set your heart in place with God in faith for eternity of a continuing relationship of friendship with God within your heart. Faith works for eternity, dead faith works nothing. A spiritually dead man with dead faith needs to realize that he is dead before God can really give a living faith to save Him from sin and hell fire that awaits the dead in spirit. To be born again in one's spirit is a supernatural act of God from above that is given freely apart from one's work of righteousness to all those who choose to believe in Christ Jesus!" — Abraham Israel

"It is not wrong to proactively do anything and everything, but it is wrong to do even something before revealing such plans to the Lord and committing it for His Glory. The most important question that we should ask ourselves before taking any decision to do anything or while doing it each day is, 'Have I consulted the Lord before I have started to work? Have I prayed for God to bless my endeavor and guide through it? Have I told Him to stop if it is not in His will and even cause confusion to derail it so that the perfect will of God could be done? Am I ready to rejoice even in what seems to me like a defeat and disaster? Am I doing whatever I do for the Glory of God or for myself?' The best life that could be lived right now in this life without even a slightest trace of any regret for anything that happens to us can only be lived when we come to understand and believe that all things whether good or bad that happens in our life is constantly and perfectly worked out by our loving God who is arranging the puzzles of our life in place for a good and glorious end that He has planned to fulfill through us. Entrust your efforts to the LORD, and your plans will succeed." — Abraham Israel

"If you believe that God is the one who has created us through the Word of His mouth, then we ought to fear God and obey Him more than any other authority that exists on this planet earth. If any one disputes over God's indispensable authority over their lives, it is better for them to fear the Lord and revere Him now than to one day find themselves in a place where they will have no choice but to kneel before the sovereign throne of God where each human who has ever lived on this planet earth should give an account of their own works done in their lives, where as only those who have trusted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior now will be the only people who will stand before the Throne of God on that day because now in their heart they have knelt before God and have received His authority to rule over their lives. Are you living a life fearing God and are revering Him in your lifestyle through hating sin and loving righteousness? It is better to kneel down in liberty before God now, than to be forced to kneel before Him indefinitely in the future without hope." — Abraham Israel

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Every time our heart breaks knowing our inability to love God and others unconditionally like the way Jesus loved us, He replaces the broken heart with His very own Love to heal and bind up our wounds. Life is all about learning to love God and others unconditionally, just like the way Jesus loved our Father in heaven and all of us! Every time our heart breaks, a new heart is given as a replacement by God. Life is not lived to fulfillment just by living, but by living the way Jesus did by loving. Every opportunity that arises for our ego to be destroyed by our failure to love, it is a renewed opportunity to solve it by acknowledging to God and others honestly our failure, and then appropriate His love to soothe our hearts and build ourselves in His image." — Abraham Israel

"Until something is proven over time, it cannot be guaranteed as genuine especially anything related to spirituality. God always tests before He trusts anyone." — Abraham Israel

"You did not have the power to choose the family in which you were born, yet God chose it and smiled at you when you were born on this earth. The same God again jumped with joy unspeakable when you believed and was born-again in to His own family as His child, by His very own choice which He made in Christ Jesus before time began. So you were not born accidentally as a child of God, but you were born loaded with God's purpose to fulfill as He chose you before you were born-again, so know all you have and all you are is a gift of God, and use it to fully glorify God and fulfill His purpose for your life!" — Abraham Israel

"Every ministering saints of God should enjoy their ministry in such a way that they should get addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints." — Abraham Israel

"We must be proud that we are a warrior in God's army and are called as more than conquerors. We are called like this because only conquerors fight to win, those who are more than conquerors stand upright in the fact that they have already been declared as those who have won the fight against all the devils and demons in Christ Jesus, who defeated them all and have stripped them openly before the whole world on the Cross before two thousand years itself. By standing firm in this truth of the won battle before someone even comes to fight, the believers act as those who are more than conquerors and act as kings under the King of Kings in great authority and power against all the spirits in all the realm of this world! The spirits are subject to you because they know who you are in Christ Jesus, but do you act as the one who is more than a conqueror? Know who you belong to and you will be proud enough to act the way you are called to walk!" — Abraham Israel

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The blessedness of being truthful to acknowledge our sinfulness in the inner most being of our spirit man before God where no one knows our motive except God is nothing less than the ability to see the work of God in us and through all around us which imparts faith for a overcoming life instead of the natural seeing that always focuses on the negatives that keeps us bound in sin without hope. Keeping our heart pure makes us see God in a new dimension in all the world where His works are displayed through the good and even the bad, through the beautiful and even the ugly, through the rich and even the poor, through the comfort and even the suffering, through the peace and even the disaster and through the health and even the sickness. Like the angels in heaven being filled with God in the understanding of their mind, they see the earth and cry out, "Holy, Holy, Holy, the whole earth is filled with His glory!" Such filling of our body by God, wholly owned by Him in purity will display the knowledge of His glory with in our mind and will keep bringing heaven on earth through a paradigm shift in the way we see things, and make us see how God is working all things for our good and how beautifully His glory is filling the earth all around us. So be blessed to see God until you see nothing but His glory in all things!!!" — Abraham Israel

"Grace is not just a five letter word that means unmerited favor, it is the very empowerment of God from heaven that makes us do what we cannot even imagine to do with our own strength even if it is done for all our lifetime in striving and perpetual effort. Grace of God not only helps us make the right choices, regain the wasted years and cleanses the mistakes we have made as though we have never done it at all, it makes us achieve greatness like we have never done before, as we acknowledge and give glory to God for His grace in all humility! God resists the proud but gives grace freely to the humble in mind. So in what state your mind is now? Introspect..." — Abraham Israel

"Jesus often used seeds as a picture of the kingdom of heaven. The seed is the smallest tangible reality that we need to see in order to experience the great future blessing that will come out of it. All that we get out of the kingdom of heaven is given to us as a faith-seed. It is the smallest spiritual material that grows in to a tangible physical manifestation when we take the pain to plant it in the soil of our heart and nurture it with dew of having a relationship with God that revives the seed like when water is poured upon the planted seed. The seed faith sprouts out and someday the tree of life comes out of it so strongly with beautiful flowers all over it. From that point the blessing of the kingdom of heaven will begin to fill you to fulfillment. So all a person needs for such blessing to be received is to wait patiently until the seed faith grows in to reality, to make us see what we have believed which is the reward for nurturing the seed faith of heaven within us. Plant the seed of faith and nurture it until you see the tree of life start to bless you with heaven on earth and make you a channel of the blessing of heaven on this earth!" — Abraham Israel

"As long as we know and understand that the work we do is a calling to fulfill the purpose of God for our life, we will take the time to find what makes us work full of joy and passion, rather than search and settle for something that would suit us to prolong in this life. We will find great satisfaction in this life only as we do the thing which we are called to do. What are you called for...have you been doing what you are designed by God to do? God says that a person who finds boredom in doing a work should not eat until he finds the work which he enjoys so that he may live life purposefully according to the plan of God for his life. Find the work you enjoy in life, and you will work to enjoy your life." — Abraham Israel

"God's says that His ways and thoughts are higher than ours infinitely because He expects us to think and act like the way He is and not the way we are. Our thoughts binds us on earth while God's thoughts frees us to lift us in to heaven on earth. Our ways takes us to a dead end often while God's ways never end. Choose to think God's thoughts and choose to walk in His ways and you will not wait for heaven when you die, but will experience heaven on earth while you live!" — Abraham Israel

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