Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"The one message of this Good Friday that God wants us to understand is, when people say you are defeated because you chose God's will and way, do not believe it. God turned what seemed like a defeat in to a eternal victory for our Lord Jesus Christ. So in the same way our Heavenly Father will also turn all our seeming defeat in to eternal victory for all of us who will believe in His good plan and stay in faith until the time comes for Him to reveal the hidden significance of his wisdom in our lives, just as He did through revealing the victorious significance of the death of Christ Jesus for us which has become our Victory Anthem on which we stand. Have faith in God, God will make you understand your eternal victory in all the seeming defeats of your life." — Abraham Israel

"Just when it seemed that all was lost and justice was defeated in the darkest day of the history of universe when the Savior of humankind was accused, abused and arrested to be executed for a crime of telling the truth that He was the Son of God which is the truth, suddenly all hope for mankind was lost, but God had a surprise for all the evil to overcome with His goodness. God declared after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ that every sinless drop of blood that was shed by the Son of God will forever be the One sacrifice for the forgiveness of all sins of humanity to whoever believes, that is when the whole host of hellish demons and Satan realized that the bad friday of death of justice and victory for evil had been turned in to a Good Friday for all humanity to rejoice forever and ever by believing the death of Jesus Christ as their personal victory over all evil of sin, sickness and death. Just as Jesus cried out, ''It is all over...', the price for doing sin is death, now that it is over and done by the price that I paid to the Father through My own sinless death, there is only life ahead with the Lord of heaven and earth to enjoy forever and ever!' Good Friday in advance!" — Abraham Israel

"When we have believed that Jesus died for our sins and that we have died in Him to the old way of sin and its nature, we are already on the way to heaven. But when we have confessed with our mouth and have believed that Jesus rose from the dead, and go one step even higher to believe that we have risen with Him in to a new way of heavenly resurrection life, suddenly heaven comes down to us now to make us live the heaven life on earth itself. Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"The King of the greatest comebacks of all time is God whose work started during the re-creation of the earth, and will end with us who are the new-creation of this earth. This process will only end when we all of us who are His children, at the end of our earthly lives come up alive with a new sinless metaphysical body and enter the New Heaven and New Earth with God. May we continue to proclaim the ambassadorial knighthood we have received from God through our service with the gifts He has given and exalt the captain of all comebacks who is our Lord Jesus Christ, whose life death could not hold in the grave, whose power Satan could not resist, and whose life had the greatest comeback of all time with His resurrection, and therefore our hope of comeback resurrection very soon on earth and in every area of our lives which will echo in to all eternity again and again for the Glory of God.You are a comeback success, because of your Captain Jesus Christ who is the master of all comebacks who helps you to succeed now and for eternity! Amen." — Abraham Israel

"For those who love the world, the love of the Father is not in them, why be double minded, either you are saved and are in the Kingdom of God, or unsaved loving the world and living in sin. There are no way for the east and west to meet, even if it turns in the same direction in the same speed. Likewise for those who are born again by the the Easter morning star of Jesus Christ rising in their heart, and those who are living in the world of darkness with their own light emitted by them that decides which is right or wrong religiously, the two never meets now and for eternity even to infinity. So either follow the Lord if He is your God and Savior, or follow the world if the god of the world Satan is your Master. These two never get together, choose the one and leave the other. Or else you can remain in the world believing and deceiving yourself that you are in the kingdom of God, but seeing yourself in your own light reveals nothing about you but everything about you only in comparison to others around you which shows nothing about you, but when you see your true self in the light of God in Christ Jesus, His Word and His Spirit, you see everything about yourself as God is seeing you! What God sees in you and thinks about you is everything you need to know, what others think about you and what you think about what others who think about you is nothing more than what is to be thrown in to garbage in the light of the eternity before us! Wake up and follow the Lord zealously before it is too late to ever wake up in reality. You are just one step before you step in to eternity, and that one step is the present time you live alive which God has given as a gift for you to know Him intimately!" — Abraham Israel

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