Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Apostolic Quotes

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"God has not just given His Scriptures to inform our mind, but to keep it within our heart always so that by thinking it over and over again we could be transformed in to the image of His Son Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord. Nothing more than what we store in our heart can electrically and magnetically transmit the message to our whole body and make it work in tandem to what we believe, so keep your heart with all diligence so that your life will be worth the investment to God who created it for His Glory." — Abraham Israel

"God's Word is not just given for information to our mind, but for transformation of heart, so use it wisely to know yourself and let your need be made know to God. God hears all our prayers that come from our heart, then He sees our soul in need and causes our mind be filled with His peace that passes all our understanding to keep our spiritual lives safe and vibrant for more growth. Peaceful and serene thinking is the basis of a abundant life well lived on earth as it is going to be in heaven for us in our future life in heaven. Heaven invades our earth when our thinking changes and God becomes our focus!" — Abraham Israel

"The LORD is INFINITELY MERCIFUL and COMPASSIONATE, but you can come to know that He is all in all only when you choose to trust Him positively through your ups and downs of your life, which in fact He will turn in to something eternally good for you when by faith you choose to trust not your feelings but the God of all goodness to train your soul to submit to your spirit, which works under the direction of the Holy Spirit of God from the time when you chose to receive the Lord Jesus in to your life as your Lord and Savior to become the child and the son of God for eternity ahead." — Abraham Israel

"When you have become spiritual, there is no place for you to boast about your face, grace, place or race, because you must have come to the place where you should begin to realize that if it were not for Jesus Christ I am nothing, but in Him I am everything and have everything that I will boast about for the rest of my life to bring Glory to God!" — Abraham Israel

"God is preparing you and will continue to prepare you further to fulfill His high calling, but you need to continue to take a step of faith to reach the high places of destiny that is waiting for you where God has already spilled forth His grace to give you all the provisions that you need to fulfill that high calling! If it takes more time for you to see His provision in unexpected ways, then you are destined for still greater heights in God than others, so do not compare yourself with others instead learn to appreciate others because they are not competitors but rather companions whom God is bringing to you as you are unique in God's sight with a high calling of God over your life. Remember, the man who knows God and is know by Him, will give Him time and more time to fulfill that destiny that He has for his life. What takes half a decade to fulfill, God through His Holy Spirit can fulfill it in half an hour time, so keep fasting and praying with faith in partnership with God to see the miraculous operate in your life." — Abraham Israel

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