Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"Because we as God's children are pilgrims and strangers in this world, who are passing through this world through a short stay that God has pre-appointed for us, our heart should not be set on earthly things which passes away soon, but on heavenly things of Christ and His glories that are to follow us. Remember to keep your head in heaven to understand His will, feet on earth to walk and fulfill His will to be in the right place and finally your hands working for God to do the right thing that God has told you to do so at the right time of favor that God has pre-appointed and set for you. You will always be in great spiritual altitude when your head, feet and hands are in the right attitude, place and time doing the right things of God for His Glory!!! Your reward on earth now and in heaven in the time to come is great and immeasurable, if you continue to be a stranger in your heart to this world and its lust, and have set your face like a flint towards fulfilling the heavenly journey in your heart, looking towards heaven for strength, inspiration and joy on earth itself until one day you reach the golden street of heaven where you will finally see God face to face and receive His eternal reward for your amazing journey of heaven on earth." — Abraham Israel

"Love inspires obedience to God, but obedience in itself doesn't inspire love because the difference lies in source of who does what with whose strength. One which is Love that God pours in to us through His Holy Spirit to help us do what He likes, but the others thing which is our obedience is how we try to do to please God with our strength and pour out our love to make Him do what we like. Loving God with obedience in the New Testament way is always better than the sacrifice of obedience in the Old Testament way which tries to love God but fails every time to please God. Love inspiring obedience is fueled by God, obedience trying to love God is fueled by our zeal for God but actually drives us with out the knowledge of God which when continued ends in our abundant life of heaven to perish without gathering treasure for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"As a child of God who meditates on His Word day and night, we get a standing along with God where His anointing will start to saturate our every decision, direction and destination. So that on the way whatever we put our hands on and do will start to prosper because the Presence of God within us which abides in us will start to saturate the atmosphere of our work with all skill, excellence and wisdom of heaven. Within the meditative framework of the Scripture acting within our heart, our physical body will also be saturated with excitement and strength of heaven to do the work that is ahead of us because of faith that activates it, so that at the end of every work we do we can be truly be able to say that it is not I but the grace of God that works within me. Truly it is God's life stream of heaven that feeds a meditative man and a woman of God until they prosper fully, and bear fruit in the time and season that God has appointed for them on earth, thus being very fruitful till their very end of their short stay on earth for the Glory of God. Do you want to be in this blessed category? Meditate upon His Word all the time, and allow God to work through you until you are prosperous on all sides of your life!" — Abraham Israel

"God's hand are so strong, so big, so long that no one in heaven, in earth or below the earth in all of the universe including our self can ever succeed in taking ourselves or all the saved ones out of our salvation destiny and make us lose our prepared place for us in heaven with God. The more we come to realize that Jesus is the one who has given us eternal life and have promised that we will never perish anymore having received it, then we come to understand and believe concretely that no one have ever challenged enough against our Father God and Jesus to have succeeded against them till date, and also none can ever succeed for eternity ahead against them because our God is all knowing, all powerful and present everywhere since the beginning of time. As God's children we are inclined to hear God's voice and follow him within our salvation privilege, rather than hearing the voice of the selfish flesh, world and Satan and his cohorts which are all strangers voice which we can identify if we look to the Holy Spirit who convicts us and teaches us as we are God's dear Children who are being trained to become sons and daughters of God in the making. Salvation once received cannot be lost, because God never loses even the least one which He saves from sin and death. God knows the end from the beginning, he is never taken by surprise by our behavior and knows how to correct us from our wrong behavior and train us with right ones that glorify Him and His great name! So cooperate with the Lord's training to avoid hardship and earn eternal treasure which always glorifies God without fail. Walk worthy of the high call of God which has made you His child and have destined you to inherit all of God's riches, as a sign of your gratefulness to God for having saved you freely and unconditionally." — Abraham Israel

"The realization of God's living and loving Presence with us, and the living Word being heard through the voice of His Spirit within our spirit-man and our mutual conversation with God that develops through our obedience and His constant guidance, makes the invisible God to become our personal God who is not just a imagination of our mind or an impersonal being whom we try to please because of fear that something bad might happen to us if we are in disobedience or being killed because of his dislike, but a living person and a friend to whom we get acquainted with for eternity! We trust only whom we find to be reliable and trustworthy, and God has proven since the beginning of time that He is unchanging with all His promises as He stands on the truth which He speaks, so let us learn to lean on Him by trusting His everlasting promises through which He becomes our refuge in our storm, a strong impenetrable fortress whom no enemy can breakthrough or pierce, and our God who becomes 'My God' personally to each one of us as we continue to put our trust through the trials and tribulations of this world that we go through as they are placed by God before us in His foreknowledge so that we could learn to have God as our closest friend." — Abraham Israel

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